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Throughout our experience, we’ve seen our fair share of successful marketing ideas as well as those that fail.

We’ve learned the hard truth that it’s impossible to know what will or won’t work in marketing and that the path to repeatable, recurring, predictable revenue sourced by marketing is found in creating a process for continuous rapid improvement. By operating with excellence within the four areas below, you will shift from chaos to confidence in your marketing efforts.


Plan 01.


Take stock of where you are, where you should be, and call your shot to bridge the gap.

  • Understand Audience Problems and Solutions
  • Identify, Document, and Set Up KPI Reporting
  • Begin Conversion Rate Data Collection

Attract 02.


Garner new website visitors with highly personalized and intent-based content, optimized for search engines.

  • Technical SEO Audit
  • Content Marketing Plan
  • Content Marketing Execution Training

Convert 03.


Entice website visitors to do what you want them to do with rapid conversion experience testing.

  • Conversion Rate Experience Audit
  • Conversion Rate Testing Plan
  • Conversion Rate Execution Training

Evaluate 04.


Review how well your plan did or didn’t work, then cycle insights into your next plan.

  • Monthly Reporting Insights and Strategy Calls
  • Unlimited Email Support
  • Access to Video Training Vault

Our mission is simple:

We help others grow.

When we consider the success of others, how often do we find ourselves in awe of the “self-made” man or woman—the individual we look up to who’s made a tremendous amount of wealth and achieved so much seemingly all by themselves. This is a lie.

Every single one of those individuals was consistently assisted by a network of support all along the way. As humans, we cannot achieve anything alone, we must have help in our journey.

That’s why DemandWell exists. We’ve experienced an abundance of support in our journey and we want to return the favor by being the next addition to your list of guides, assistants, and mentors that have already helped you so far.

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By working together, we believe we can help you grow as an individual, as a professional, and as a company if you meet the criteria below.

Need more traffic
The digital marketing funnel begins with having more people visit your site each month. Let’s create a content plan that will grow users.

Need more conversions
The most impactful lever we have in marketing today is our conversion rate. Let’s A/B test our way to more successful conversions.

Need better insights
Measurement is key in modern marketing. Let’s create a streamlined, prioritized view into what matters for driving revenue.

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Automated SEO Software Tools

If you have a small business that you are looking to grow effectively, then it is critical to be online and to be using digital tools effectively. Even though brick-and-mortar storefronts and traditional advertising strategies still have their place, the vast majority of both sales and marketing now take place online, since millions of customers use the internet to shop and purchase on a daily basis. Therefore, being online is the fastest – and often, the best – way to reach as many people as possible. At the same time, though, the internet is also highly competitive. Therefore, it is important to think about search engine optimization, or SEO. Luckily, automated search tools can be helpful here.

Any serious business owner will know that time is your most valuable resource, especially because it is the one thing you can’t just make more of. Given this, it is important for business owners to spend their time as efficiently as possible, and any repetitive clerical tasks should be up for automation – including certain parts of marketing. For example, business leaders can use automated SEO software to expedite certain processes related to the analysis of digital marketing campaigns, which will tell them what’s working, what’s not, and where to improve. When you use automated SEO testing here, then you’ll receive the information and analysis you need in order to make decisions in a shorter period of time.

On the other hand, it is also worth noting that there are many search automation tools out there. So, when you’re looking for an automatic SEO tool, you need to make sure that the tool you select will provide you with accurate information that you can use to make good decisions quickly. Moreover, even when expediting certain SEO processes, you still want to make sure that your decisions are accurate. So this need for accuracy is something to balance with the ability to move quickly during decision-making.You’ll also need to make sure that the information gathered is actionable – or, in other words, it can be used to actually make decisions. 

With all of this in mind, there are a few key points on automated search tools that everyone should note.


For those who are wondering “can SEO be automated” in the first place, then it may be a good idea to take a look at SEMrush automation software. SEMrush has a reputation as  one of the most powerful examples of SEO software available today, in part because of the way it lets users conduct intensive keyword research. In addition, this tool is known for providing users with a thorough, comprehensive analysis of a wide variety of keywords and phrases. From this variety, users can then select the best keywords for their companies and their particular needs. 

However, there are also a few drawbacks. For example, the interface is not friendly to beginners and users often require a lot of digital marketing experience before they will be able to quickly and efficiently interpret the information SEMrush provides. Furthermore, SEMrush also  allows only one user to be logged in at a time. Businesses that require access for more users at once can upgrade their accounts to enterprise pricing, but this will cost more than SEMrush’s more reasonable single-user pricing.

On the other hand, this tool can also be used to automate several important parts of digital marketing. For example, it can be used to automate position tracking with an option that keeps track of all important keywords, letting you see if your ranking slips in a certain area. You can also use SEMrush to automate website audits, which gives you options for reviewing what your website is doing well. SEMrush also offers a brand monitoring plug-in that you can use to monitor your links, track mentions, and overall ensure that your brand maintains a positive reputation. Finally, SEMrush even offers an automated tool that you can use to audit backlinks. With this tool, you can compare your website against a wide variety of quality metrics. This way, you can keep your efforts focused on specific areas instead of trying to conduct such analyses by hand every few days.

SEO Tools

Ultimately, it will be crucial for your business to make sure that you find high-quality SEO tools that you can use to improve the quality of your digital marketing campaigns. For the most part, these tools will fall into two separate categories: free and premium. 

Understandably, many businesses start out by looking for the best free SEO tools. And there are some good options out there – for example, there are plenty of free SEO tools that can be used to locate keywords relevant to a specific industry, and business leaders who use these tools can then design their SEO strategies around these insights. 

On the other hand, though, such free tools can only get your business so far. Instead, if you’re looking for the best SEO tools, then you should be willing to really invest in your digital marketing campaign. There are outstanding tools that can help you keep track of your links, suggest related keywords, monitor your brand authority, and assist you in conducting a thorough website audit on a regular basis. There are even SEO tools that will help you keep an eye on the competition (so that if you see a competitor doing well, then you can identify and mimic their winning strategies). However, many of these options come mainly with premium tools that you’ll need to pay to use. So, make sure that you are willing to invest in your digital marketing campaign as you begin locating the best SEO tools for your business. 

SEO Site Checkup

Unfortunately, too many businesses – and even business leaders – seem to believe that websites are something you can simply set up and then forget about. In reality, though, you should be monitoring your website closely. This is how you’ll be able to spot bugs, outdated keywords, negative reviews, and more. 

When doing this, an SEO site checkup can be very helpful. By using an SEO site checkup, you will be able to take a closer look at your website, either the whole structure or even just certain areas that you might be worried about. This way, if there is anything that’s gone wrong or isn’t working well with your website, then you’ll be able to find it and address it quickly. 

For example, there might be links on your website that are broken, which can diminish your credibility among customers looking for the latest information and also hurt your backlink campaign. In this case, you need to make sure that you address these broken links quickly before they start to hurt your website ranking too.

On the other hand, it would take a long time for most business leaders to check everything on their websites manually, especially larger ones. Luckily, this is where SEO automation tools can be helpful. For those who are wondering “what is automated SEO,” remember that this is the process of reviewing your website and its search engine optimization (SEO) efforts automatically. Following this kind of automated scan, most automated SEO tools will provide you with a list of suggestions. It is also possible for you to automate the scheduling of this SEO site checkup, which will allow you to focus your efforts on ways you can improve your website without having to uncover these problems manually.

Google SEO Checker

There are also tools that come specifically from Google that you can use to check your SEO rankings on a regular basis. Because Google is still the largest and most-used search engine in the world, it is worth taking advantage of the data they provide. For instance, using a Google SEO checker will enable you to take a look at where your website ranks for relevant keywords and phrases. Furthermore, you can also use automated tools from Google to audit your own website, and then use these insights to improve weak points and duplicate strong ones

SEO Audit Checklist

As mentioned earlier, if you want to make sure that your SEO efforts are succeeding, then you’ll need to complete an audit of your website on a regular basis. This means creating a checklist of technical updates that should be checked and may be required on a regular basis. This is where an SEO audit checklist can be helpful – this kind of tool will tell you what to look at, plus where to look for it. For instance, if you are looking for some of the points that should be included on a website audit checklist, make sure to check on your keyword positions, review the content you’re posting on a regular basis, ensure that all links are working, and verify that videos and images are tagged correctly and appropriately.

Despite its importance, an audit can take a long time to complete by hand. So SEO automation tools, SEO audit checklist, and website audit tools – even free ones – are all great places to start working on this important project. Then, once you’ve figured out the features that you truly need, you can look for the best SEO audit tool for your website and invest in a premium version with even more powerful options. 

When you take the time to audit your website on a regular basis, you are also placing your digital marketing campaigns in the best position to be successful. With all of these excellent effects, this is all the more reason to optimize your website by auditing it on a regular basis.