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B2B Copywriting

Having a strong, active online presence is key to building a successful business in today’s competitive environment, particularly for B2B companies. Think about it this way: what’s your first move when looking for something you need or want to buy? You probably open your  internet browser, type up what you’re looking for in a search engine, and take a look at the top results. Well, because your potential clients are probably doing the same thing, you have to make sure that your website shows up there when they are looking for the kinds of products and services you offer.

This is where we can help you. Here at Demandwell, we offer a variety of B2B SEO and digital marketing services through our software platform, which ranges from SEO planning to B2B copywriting and much more.

At Demandwell, we offer some of the top B2B copywriter services in the industry. We can provide you with greater B2B writing success by taking care of your B2B SEO copywriting needs. For instance, we offer a unique feature called a Brief Builder that helps your marketing team produce content that has been optimized for SEO purposes quickly and easily. To begin with, this tool and our B2B SEO experts can help you figure out which keywords are most important to your industry, and from there, we can strategize how to target your ideal customer persona. This is just the start of what sets us apart from other providers in the field.

While some may think that they can handle SEO content optimization all on their own, this process will actually take a long time when done correctly. Furthermore, not all businesses already have access to the best tools in the industry – and this makes sense, because it usually isn’t cost-effective for them to do so. At Demandwell, though, we can provide you with the best B2B copywriting services and the most effective software in the industry. Our main goal here is to help you drive quality traffic to your website. That way, you can optimize your lead conversion ratio and drive organic growth.

B2B Copywriting Meaning

If you are going through this process for the first time, you may be wondering: what is copywriting? When taking a look at a standard B2B copywriting meaning, it becomes apparent that this is the process of producing content for the purposes of targeting other businesses as prospective customers. (And of course, if you run a business that targets other businesses as customers this way, then you operate in the B2B space.) Because businesses are not the same as typical individual consumers, it is important for you to customize your website and other online content to meet a different set of needs. That way, you can prepare yourself for a longer purchase cycle and sales funnel, converting new customers at the end. These are just some of the reasons why it is important to take a closer look at a copywriter job description.

So, why does it matter to hire this specific type of writer? Well, for one thing, a B2B copywriter will then be responsible for producing content that is published across your online channels, including your website and social media. For example, there are plenty of copywriters who can handle producing blog posts. On the other hand, others may specialize in preparing the kind of standard web pages you may have on your website. Plus, do you have a web page that describes the various services that you offer? If so, there is a good chance that a copywriter was responsible for producing this content for you.

With all of these options in mind, it is important for you to think carefully about the writer you hire to produce these different but essential types of content.

B2B Copywriting Niches

While it may seem like you could hire just about any writer to produce this type of content for you, this is not really the case. For one thing, B2B writing has certain structures and expectations to follow; for another, there is a lot of industry jargon that doesn’t necessarily carry over. B2B SEO is also its own beast, and you need to make sure that you use it correctly if you want to reach the right prospects and also make a good impression on the ones who do visit your website.

So, if you can show that you’re familiar with the expectations and acronyms in B2B copy, this will also show potential customers that you understand what you are writing about.

Therefore, when you are looking for a professional who can produce this type of content for your website, it is important to take a closer look at B2B copywriting niches. There are plenty of industry niches and creative niches out there, and some of these may apply to your business. Showing this knowledge can demonstrate your expertise as well, so it is important to find someone with experience in this area. That way, you can hire the right professional to help you produce the best content for your website and other online channels. If you are able to produce strong content, then you can place your business in the best position possible to be successful, and this is why it is important to focus on top-quality B2B writing for your website.

B2C Copywriting

While B2B copywriting may be the most relevant option for your business, there are also plenty of other types of copywriting as well. For example, if you have a particular product, service, or business arm that targets individual consumers, then in that one case you are probably looking for B2C copywriting. (The B2C meaning, of course, refers to businesses that target individual customers.)

For example, if you run a retail establishment where customers come in and purchase goods from your business, then your website, flyers, and ads may be more of B2C copywriting content. While it is still important to market in this scenario, that will entail a different type of writing to meet different target audience expectations.

This differs from B2B writing in some important ways. For example, if you are producing content for traditional consumers, then you can probably use a more casual tone: that way, your business is easier for people to relate to. In addition, you will probably benefit by using a persuasive tone, attempting to appeal to customers’ impulses or emotional side. Because the vast majority of consumers use their emotions while making purchasing decisions, it is important for you to appeal to this.

All things considered, this B2C copywriting process is very different from producing B2B marketing content, which will target more logically-minded, strategic-thinking decision-makers. So, whichever route you take, you need to make sure that you are customizing your content to meet the needs of your potential audience. Otherwise, you will have trouble converting them because you are not writing in the way that they expect to be approached.

B2B Copywriting Jobs

If you are trying to find someone who can help you produce B2B writing, it is important to take a look at B2B copywriting jobs. There are lots of copywriter jobs out there, and you can certainly consider working with a freelance B2B copywriter as well. However, when you are looking at freelance copywriting jobs, including a B2B technology copywriter, you also need to make sure you find someone who understands the kind of content you are trying to produce. One major benefit of working with a freelance writer is that you will be building a professional partnership with someone whose entire business is preparing content that’s personalized to meet the needs of your business. In this way, you will probably have an easier time attracting the attention of potential customers and clients.

So, what do you need to think about when you are looking for a writer who can produce this type of content? For starters, you need to find someone with plenty of industry expertise – i.e., someone who understands what they are writing about and how they can write about it. If you hire a writer with the right industry expertise, then you should get that quality content on a consistent basis. Furthermore, freelance writers often tend to turn around their assignments faster than an in-house writer who may be juggling multiple priorities from different departments. By getting content faster, though, you can also build your website and online standing more quickly.

Finally, you also need to find someone who is able to communicate well and reliably. For example, if you find that there is a problem with a copywriting assignment, you need to be able to communicate with a writer who will respond to and address that issue quickly. That way, you can get all questions and concerns addressed as fast as possible, so that they don’t affect your online channels. This speed can also help you stay one step ahead of your competitors.

So, if you find these qualities of expertise, speed, and reliability in your B2B copywriters, then you should have an easier time producing the right B2B writing to reach your target market. This way, you can maximize your chances of setting yourself apart from the competition in your industry.

B2B Copywriting Services

Ultimately, there are plenty of B2B writers out there, but this doesn’t mean they all offer the same quality. You need to ensure you have quality B2B writing, so this is why you need to find the right B2B copywriting services to help you.

In some cases, if you are looking for an experienced long-term B2B website copywriter, then you may want to consider working with a B2B copywriting agency. If you work with a B2B content writing agency, then you should be able to access quality B2B article writing. At the same time, you also need to make sure those assignments are personalized to meet the needs of your business. You do not want to have completely cookie-cutter content, because otherwise, you may have a hard time separating yourself from others in the industry.

If you are considering working with an agency that can help you produce quality content for your website, you may want to consider Demandwell as an alternative. Here at Demandwell, we can provide you with access to quality B2B writing through the tools on our software platform. Or, Demandwell can create top quality for you ourselves. That way, you can rest assured that you will always have quality content ready for posting online, particularly on your company website. Furthermore, we also communicate regularly with both you and our writers. In this way, we can have all of your questions and concerns addressed as quickly as possible before they impact your online presence.

Today more than ever, it is important for you to think carefully about the quality of your company’s online presence. Because so many prospective consumers are going online to look for the products and services they require, it is important for you to be present there – which means having a strong website and producing high-quality content on a regular basis. By doing this, you can drive quality traffic to your website in turn, particularly for B2B offerings where you’re trying to target business decision-makers. Here, it’s worth turning to the Demandwell team and services to assist you.

B2B Copywriting Continued…

Effective B2B copywriting works slightly differently than copywriting geared towards customers (B2C). Beyond the customer’s transactional act as a consumer, there is no substantial business relationship between the customer and the provider of the product or service. Copywriting for customers is about how a product or service can enhance someone’s life, whether personally or professionally. The focus is on the individual. How does this product or service bring fulfillment to the customer? What need is the product satisfying that the customer did not have otherwise? What hole in their heart does the product fill?

B2B copywriting, on the other hand, must approach copywriting by answering the question of “how will this product or service enhance your business?” This makes the copywriting message much more collective, serving the interests of the business owner personally, of course, but also serving the long-term interests of the company as well. That intent must be conveyed in the copywriting. Brief examples include slogans and taglines attached to either a product or service. More successful B2B copy tends to emphasize how the product or service increases productivity, boosts efficiency, and decreases overhead costs to a business or organization. Business owners and managers are always looking for ways to more effectively streamline their workflow. That type of messaging is what will most attrach business-oriented customers who have their own bottom line to monitor.

Both types involve SEO copywriting, but how they spin the narrative and the sales pitch will be tailored to suit the target audience. Sometimes the lines can become blurred with contractors and freelancers who work solely for themselves, but ultimately B2B copywriting caters to selling products and services to fellow businesses, which shall require its own approach to make the copy as attractive as it can possibly be.

In this article we shall review what is copywriting, B2B content writing, modern B2B copywriting, best B2B copywriting examples, and B2B copywriting tips.

What Is Copywriting?

In essence, copywriting is the skill of writing with the intention of advertising or marketing. The word “copy” refers to the product or service (sometimes also known as “sales copy”) that the writing focuses on. The purpose of copywriting is for the writer to persuade and inspire a reader to take a particular action, whether that is directly buying a product or engaging with the brand in some other capacity. When it comes to B2B copywriting, meaning the copywriting meant to initiate business-to-business engagement, companies would benefit from evaluating what brand of copywriting can achieve the sales that they want.

Copywriting varies dramatically from other genres of writing. It is not fiction or prose, telling a long-winded story. It is a form of persuasive writing, but copywriters normally have a limited amount of words and space to get their message across. They do not have any time to waste with purple prose. That was true in traditional print advertising and now it is even more true in the digital age where attention spans are getting smaller and smaller. A copywriter must grab the reader’s attention at once.

Some businesses and agencies will have their own copywriters in-house as part of their marketing departments. Whether they are actually employees or freelancers, companies use these copywriting teams to create compelling copy for their brands and products. Not all businesses have a dedicated copywriting team, however, and it may become necessary to outsource website copywriting services to a third party. Demandwell is such a third-party where they assign a consultant to each client to oversee the SEO content. Demandwell consultants not only use their platform to perform SEO content writing services, but they also educate clients on how best to write and monitor SEO content writing and SEO copywriting for themselves.

B2B Content Writing

Simple copywriting examples include short and sweet messaging to solicit business to buy their products or services. B2B content writing, on the other hand, is slightly different, though that does not mean there cannot be overlap. To briefly define them, copywriting is any writing that is done for the sake of advertising. Content writing, however, is a more niche form of writing that serves a greater purpose in a content marketing strategy.

To break it down even more simply, copywriting’s primary goal is to elicit a direct response from a reader in the form of action, usually a sale. Content writing is more subtle in its aims. It is intended to strengthen a business’s overall brand, build positive rapport with customers, and establish the business as a knowledgeable, credible source of information within their industry. In the context of B2B, that would take the form of creating a reputation with other businesses as reliable partners and procurers of goods and services.

Content writers tend to write longer pieces of work (like articles) that are intended to educate the reader.  However, instead of being purely informational, some subtle nods to the brand and what role the brand plays in the article’s topic will be weaved into the writing as well. This can take the form of a blog on a company’s website where content writers write a variety of pieces about the industry in question. By doing so, they mark the business as an expert in the field, which inspires more trust in potential customers.

Best B2B Copywriting Examples

We are constantly bombarded by advertisements every day. So every day we are exposed to copywriting examples for products. It is important to take note of B2B content marketing examples that have been successful for others to see if the same or a similar strategy would work for your brand. Here is a list of great marketing copy examples.

  1. Highlight the benefits of how the product or service increases business value
  2. Have the copywriting address and solve a specific problem
  3. Use play on words and other puns to stay in customer’s minds
  4. Use Humor to create a positive connection between the the customer and the product
  5. Use a direct call to action

You don’t have to go far to see some of the best B2B copywriting examples online. You can take a look for yourself. There are many angles from which to approach your copy. Sometimes it is better to emphasize the benefit of the product like Jotform. Sometimes it is appropriate to use humor. And sometimes it is useful to puns and other plays on words to ensure that your customers can easily remember you. All approaches have their merits; it depends on what is the messaging that the brand wants to convey.

Modern B2B Copywriting

Modern B2B copywriting comprises a great deal of web copywriting. Technology is booming and it will only become more and more intricately connected to marketing. No business can survive on traditional print advertising alone anymore. The world has changed too much, even within the last twenty years. Digital marketing is the way to the future and that is where SEO blog writing services can be a godsend to businesses.

SEO blog writing services are essential for any major company, but they may not have the personnel to handle their content marketing and SEO strategies. The benefits of B2B copywriting cannot be ignored, and thus it is not an option for any business to forgo copywriting just because they do not have a copywriter on their staff.

That is where platforms like Demandwell can step in and provide consultants and experts to shepherd a client through every phase of B2B copywriting, from ideation, execution, and performance evaluation. Demandwell can assist in creating content that adheres to the technical format that bots can easily read. By having the bots clearly understand a page’s content, it can appropriately score the page against others for certain keywords. That can only help the website’s SEO.

B2B Copywriting Tips

There is a science to B2B SEO strategy. It requires a balance between quality content and performance content. In general, writing is not like mathematics where something is directly right or wrong. Writing is substantially more subjective. What may be a pleasant writing style to one individual may seem horrid to another. That is why there are such strong opinions and vicious controversy about what constitutes “good writing.” It is all dependent on which elements of writing you prioritize in relation to the other factors.


Copywriting and content writing, on the other hand, can be judged by various metrics, mainly those of SEO and other content marketing goals. How many people visited that particular page ont the website? What was the quality and quantity of that web’s pages engagement via comments or sharing on social media? How many people clicked both the internal and external links within the web page’s content? This cold data alone may not be able to tell a direct story, but with the help of some data analysis with Demandwell consultants, these metrics can paint a picture of what is going well with SEO, what is not, and how best to proceed. These are the steps you can follow to glean better results with your B2B copywriting.

If you’re committed to SEO success through content production, the Content Production Suite makes it possible for anyone to drive impact with SEO. Let’s talk.

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