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B2B Lead Generation Funnel

B2B lead generation refers to a marketing strategy of stimulating and capturing the attention of target prospects or potential customers, or B2B leads, and using that interest to generate sales. Marketers should be able to easily sift through a busy media landscape and compete against other marketing strategies to reach their target audience. Companies may need to put emphasis on nurturing strong and effective customer relationships to help convert their leads into paying customers.

Leads are often generated using digital channels like site content, social media, email marketing, blogs, online advertising and mobile applications. Businesses should understand the importance of lead generation in digital marketing to increase their visibility, build their brand, and drive traffic from high-quality prospects, which could turn into high-value customers.

Creating a B2B lead generation funnel can help businesses drive leads into their sales pipeline and help influence their prospects’ buying process. A B2B lead generation funnel can serve as a road map to filter out leads and take them into the lead nurturing funnel, or developing relationships with potential buyers.

To support their lead generation strategies, companies can use organic SEO. Organic SEO refers to the use of keywords to attract free traffic in order to increase site visibility and organic search ranking. For an effective SEO lead generation, a website’s content should be keyword-optimized to increase organic traffic for a specific search term.

Demandwell can help companies develop organic SEO strategies to make their websites more visible and attract organic traffic from potential leads. Through its Content Plan, Demandwell can help enterprises organize the workflow of their content creation process, manage their current and future content, and track each stage of content development. Demandwell clients can also use its data management platform tool to create sites that can scale organic growth.

Types Of Lead Generation

Lead generation in digital marketing is important to help attract target prospects, identify trends and analyze customer behavior using digital channels. Nowadays, businesses can easily capture quality leads using lead generation tools. For example, lead generation tools for LinkedIn can help marketers narrow down their list of potential targets who might be interested in their business and find quality lead recommendations. Enterprises may also choose to work with a lead generation specialist who can help them get more and better leads and can walk them through the lead generation process.

There are several types of lead generation tactics that companies may consider to attract prospects more effectively, and leads can be generated both offline and online. Offline lead generation does not involve the use of the internet, but rather, face-to-face events marketing, published ads, direct mails and outbound calls. Online lead generation is used to attract customers via the internet through blogs, video content, social media platforms, online advertising, content marketing or search engine optimization.

While offline brand recognition could potentially drive online sales and increase conversions, online lead generation might be more effective and yield faster results in terms of attracting target customers and turning them into loyal patrons.

As opposed to B2B outbound lead generation that takes a particular brand to prospects through events, cold calls or direct mail, B2B inbound lead generation may bring better quality leads and higher return on investment (ROI) because prospects seek out a specific brand on their own accord.

To strengthen their branding, companies can benefit from using Demandwell’s SEO platform designed for B2B lead gen. While it might be possible to generate leads through social media, Demandwell takes it a step further by helping companies develop lead generation strategies geared towards long-term organic growth using SEO.

B2B Lead Generation Strategies

There are many B2B lead generation strategies that can improve outcomes and maximize ROI. By implementing a good B2B lead generation strategy, companies can better track and monitor their customers’ response to their lead generation and marketing campaigns and impact their customers’ purchasing decisions.

In instances where inbound marketing does not bring in enough leads, some companies may consider adopting outbound lead generation strategies to generate more sales. However, implementing the right lead generation strategies in digital marketing may be more beneficial in terms of attracting ideal customers. Outbound lead generation can be time-consuming, costly, and may not always produce the desired results.

In the case that enterprises choose to work with an expert in online sales funnel lead management, there are essential lead generation specialist skills that companies should keep an eye on. These include strong analytical skills, effective communication skills, proficiency in essential software tools, content creation skills, and knowledge of social media platforms.

Businesses that would like to improve their B2B lead generation services should focus on search engine optimization. Demandwell’s team of consultants can help clients plan their lead generation strategies using SEO techniques and provide coaching through a variety of potential SEO problems.

Lead Generation Tools

There are a variety of both free and paid lead generation tools that can support the process. Using free lead generation tools for B2B can also help companies achieve their desired goals. When choosing the best lead generation tools, it is important to consider if the lead generation tools maximize ROI.

Companies should closely examine their lead generation tools list to make sure that they are using top-caliber tools in digital marketing. Some examples include email automation features and real-time analytics. Others may use a platform that integrates email marketing and customer relationship management.

One of the characteristics of a good lead generation tool is its ability to capture high-quality leads without requiring users to do a lot of coding. This is beneficial for marketers with little to no coding experience. Another one is price competitiveness. Lastly, a good lead generation tool should have great features.

As an SEO platform, Demandwell is specifically designed to help B2B enterprises improve and scale their organic SEO strategy to support lead generation. Demandwell leverages both expertise and software solutions, and can help clients automate digital marketing tasks. Demandwell’s clients can also access multiple types of monitoring and analytics tools.

Lead Generation Sales Funnel Stages

Businesses may ask, “What is a sales funnel and how does it work?” A sales funnel outlines each step of a customer’s journey, starting from the first contact through to the completion of a purchase. Building an effective lead generation funnel, (being strategic about getting leads and nurturing prospects), is essential for business growth and success.

There are many different types of sales funnels that can help increase sales and revenue. Companies should look at various sales funnel examples to determine which type of sales funnel they should use for their marketing strategy. In creating a lead generation funnel, B2B marketers should come up with a feasible plan that would take visitors and prospective customers from their first site visit through to the conversion funnel.

Lead generation sales funnel stages can be narrowed down into three levels: top, middle and bottom. The top of the funnel is for raising awareness. At this stage, companies should provide visitors with relevant content and earn their trust. The middle of the funnel is for building desire and interest, in which visitors show interest in a company’s value offering and become more engaged with a brand. Lastly, the bottom of the funnel is the action stage, where leads take a specific action and show readiness to make a purchase.

Demandwell’s PACE method – or Plan, Attract, Convert, and Evaluate – can support the different stages of a lead generation sales funnel. PACE streamlines the manual elements of content creation. Demandwell’s team of SEO experts can guide clients on content strategy, decision-making and prioritization.

Lead Generation Funnel Template

It might be helpful for businesses wanting to create a B2B lead generation funnel to refer to a lead generation funnel example for ideas. Upon deciding on the design of the funnel, B2B marketers could benefit from using a lead generation funnel software with multiple features that could assist them in building a funnel from the ground up.

Enterprises might find it easier to set up a digital marketing plan by using funnel templates. Before filling in a lead generation funnel template, users should have a clear understanding of the various phases of the funnel to help them create the appropriate content for consumers depending on what stage of the sales funnel they are in. Businesses may choose to work on a blank sales funnel template, or download a sales funnel template. Companies may also create their own marketing funnel template that shows how they are doing in the various stages of the sales funnel: awareness, interest, decision and action.

Demandwell’s software programs have customizable features that can help clients generate potential leads quickly and easily and can also automate many digital marketing tasks. Clients can also work with Demandwell’s consultants to better understand how they could develop a complete and effective SEO strategy, which could help increase their lead generation success.

B2B Lead Generation Examples

Businesses might benefit from looking at lead generation ideas and lead generation strategy examples that could help them attract new customers and guide their prospects throughout the purchase journey. B2B lead generation examples include content marketing, email marketing, social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn, live chat, live video and blogging. Creating high-quality B2B lead generation blogs can attract readers’ attention and can help generate backlinks when blogs are posted to other sites.

Demandwell has helped clients increase their content production and improve their SEO performance. Demandwell has various SEO case studies of clients that have had success with SEO and lead generation using Demandwell’s platform. One example is Lessonly, which ranked number one in its search category and generated impressive growth in organic user count by using Demandwell’s software tools and working with Demandwell’s SEO consultants. Another one is Sigstr, which adopted Demandwell’s PACE model and saw an exponential increase in organic search keywords, organic search impressions, organic visitors, and organic source leads.

B2B Lead Generation Funnel Continued…

In the world of marketing, there is a strategy for generating leads called a marketing funnel. This is not some little plastic device that you pour a substance into to get it through a small opening, but it is similar. This funnel is a marketing concept that helps marketers understand where to find and how to target the right audience. Sales funnel stages include two main groups that are funneled through so that the business can drive conversions and make sales. Starting from the top, we have the “high funnel” which contains the largest group of potential customers. This portion of the funnel is like the wide top opening of a real funnel. This group in the high funnel is a lot further away from making a purchase than those in the next stage.


This brings us to the second level in the lead funnel stages. The second level, lower in the funnel and therefore narrower in scope, is called the “low funnel.” Once potential customers are in the high funnel, they get sifted through and a portion of them end up in the low funnel. This smaller group has a high likelihood of making a purchase relatively soon.


In the B2B marketing space, the funnel can be thought of as a timeline. Those potential customers in the high funnel stage are new to the research process and are just looking for answers to a question. Over time, those customers who are really interested in the product will start searching for very specific keywords that can be an indicator of an intent to purchase said product. This is how the B2B lead generation funnel works. SEO is one of the best ways to reach customers in the lead generation funnel. Demandwell’s software can help B2B SaaS companies improve their SEO and generate leads from this funnel.

B2B Lead Generation Strategies

B2B leads are potential customers who have entered through the lead generation funnel and have been converted from a visitor into a lead. So, what is lead generation in digital marketing? Lead generation starts with visitors who perform an organic search. These visitors learn more about the product or service your business offers and become a lead when they perform an action on your site, such as entering an email address or requesting a demo. Generating leads requires strategy.


B2B lead generation strategies include search engine optimization (SEO) so that visitors become leads and the lead generation funnel operates at peak capacity. Essentially, the funnel is all about keywords and SEO. Reaching potential customers in the low or high stages of the funnel means utilizing the right keywords for each stage so that these customers can find your product or service in an organic search.


B2B lead generation examples that use SEO best practices can involve everything from creating content to optimizing social media use. Creating B2B lead generation blogs is one way to use SEO to generate leads. These blogs can be keyword-rich and become an excellent way to appear in organic search results. The software created by Demandwell can aid companies in using SEO for lead generation.

Lead Generation Funnel Template

With lead generation involving many different strategies, the lead funnel becomes a simple template for how to use SEO to enhance conversions. This lead generation funnel template can be a helpful tool to demonstrate both how lead generation works and the best ways to tailor SEO for each stage of the funnel.


It is important to understand the difference between a lead funnel vs sales funnel for marketing purposes. While a lead funnel is entirely about generating and converting leads, a sales funnel is more of a wide perspective of the whole visitor to buyer process. The sales funnel template helps businesses understand the way visitors get sifted through the funnel and eventually become leads and then buyers. So, while the sales funnel provides an overview, the lead funnel helps to push leads down the funnel and convert them into buyers.


A lead funnel is a way to organize and plan out the correct strategy to use. A lead generation strategy example is any strategy that is used to convert traffic into leads and leads into buyers. SEO is the best way to use a lead generation funnel and make these conversions. With Demandwell, B2B SaaS businesses can use an SEO strategy that works for a B2B lead generation funnel.

Automated Lead Generation Funnel

An automated lead generation funnel is not necessarily a robot or computer doing the entire job of lead generation. Instead, it is a funnel that uses a tool that automates lead generation in one specific way or another. An automated funnel can be an effective lead generation strategy that uses SEO to make the process of generating leads easier. With evergreen SEO content for a company’s site that is tailored to specific stages of the B2B lead generation funnel, the process of generating leads becomes automated.


Marketing funnel automation is one of the lead generation tools that B2B SaaS companies can use to get a consistent flow of leads down the funnel. Since new traffic becomes new leads all the time, and SEO is a tool for generating leads through organic search results, an automated lead generation funnel that uses SEO can create a continual growth in sales.


Instead of spending hours of valuable time working on the same project continually, businesses that choose to automate a portion of the lead generation process by using a tool like Demandwell’s software can free up time to work on marketing campaigns that move the business forward. Any tool that automates a recurring process like lead generation is one that improves a company’s marketing strategy.

Leads Funnel Strategy

A strong leads funnel strategy is a great way to boost conversions and enhance a business’s marketing plans. With thorough keyword research and the powerful combination of quality and performance content, SEO becomes an essential part of a lead generation funnel. B2B SaaS companies would benefit from finding lead generation examples to see how they might organize their lead funnel and drive conversions down the line.


The best lead generation funnel, meaning one that makes the process of marketing to leads clear and simple, will help a business see what strategy they might need to take to make sure they have a continual quantity of potential customers in that funnel. A generic lead funnel example usually shows several stages, but the middle of the funnel is largely decided by the organization’s needs.


Demandwell recommends that B2B SaaS companies remember and target the entire funnel in their strategies, rather than focusing too closely on just one stage of the funnel. Some lead generation strategies might only work for one stage in the funnel and this means finding other strategies for reaching all of the other potential customers. By incorporating SEO into the entire lead funnel strategy, Demandwell can help businesses reach every potential customer no matter where they are in the funnel stages.

Lead Generation Process

The lead generation process can seem complex, but it does not have to be. One of the best ways to convert traffic into leads and push those leads down the funnel is by using SEO. While it may not seem like one of the lead generation strategies that you might have heard of, it is actually a great way to reach potential customers through the constant organic searches that they perform. The lead generation process in digital marketing is made so much more simple when following SEO strategies for each stage of the funnel.


For B2B companies, the B2B lead generation process is no different than the process used by any type of company. Just like with B2C lead generating strategies, B2B customers need to ensure that the service or product they might purchase is going to be beneficial for their company. This is where SEO strategies come in. When these potential customers need an answer to a question, or want to know more about the specific product you offer, they will perform an organic search and, if your content follows SEO best practices, the customer will see your business in the top results. This lead generation process, meaning the strategy of using SEO to drive potential customers down the funnel, can result in a constant intake of new customers automatically. Demandwell’s software can help B2B companies do just this.

B2B Lead Generation Websites

For the strongest lead generation, websites will be optimized for search engines. Businesses that create a lead generation website that follows SEO best practices in every piece of content can have a lead generating machine that can cater to potential customers in all stages of the lead generation funnel. B2B companies can design blogs, social media posts, marketing emails, and more so that SEO can work its magic and produce leads that will turn into buyers down the funnel.


B2B lead generation websites do not have to look like blogs, they can have SEO content in Demand Pages on a site or in informative articles. The important thing is to ensure there are keyword-rich pieces of content that potential customers can find through organic searches. Sometimes customers will be looking for more general information on a topic, and when they are further down the lead funnel, they might search for a highly specific keyword phrase. It is vital to have content that features all of the kinds of keywords your customers might search for. Lead generation companies exist to help businesses in any industry develop their lead generation funnels and boost sales. For B2B SaaS companies, Demandwell’s software can help them follow SEO strategies that improve lead generation.

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