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There is a steep learning curve for SEO and organic growth, so is it even worth investing in? When done correctly, SEO can be a huge revenue-driver with a high ROI as a long-term investment. Using Demandwell’s proven SEO framework, you can regularly publish enough SEO optimized content to source a repeatable stream of revenue. Follow our guide and learn how our demand pages are a recipe for success in organic search.

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B2B Marketing Examples

There has been a lot of talk about the continuing importance of business-to-business marketing. The details of B2B meaning and example are highlighted here for you. In its simplest definition, business-to-business, B2B, marketing is the sale of the service or product of one company to another company. That sounds fairly simple, right? It goes much deeper than that. B2B marketing includes the techniques and practices one company uses to entice other companies to purchase their products or services. Another type of marketing with which you may be familiar is business-to-consumer, B2C. B2C marketing is focused on selling services and products to consumers, not businesses. B2C marketing focuses on creating an emotional response to encourage consumers to purchase a product. B2B focuses on the value the product brings to other companies.

B2B marketing initiatives understand that their products or services must appeal to various groups across entire enterprises. Most B2B campaigns focus on how their products bring value to the business over the long term, as well as providing short term benefits. B2B marketing is important because it gives visibility to products and services that might not otherwise be seen. It also gives businesses an opportunity to simplify complex products.

I will illustrate this with B2B and B2C marketing examples. To make it easy to understand, I will use the cotton shirts we wear. First, the cotton must be sold to spinners, then the spinners sell it to weavers, the weavers sell it to garment makers. The garment makers either sell it directly to consumers, or to a larger corporation that sells it to consumers. There are four to five different points of sale to make cotton into a shirt for consumer purchase. These are all b2b marketing examples showing how a product would not make it to market without promotion.

One of the biggest business to business examples is the automotive industry. Cars are one of the largest and most powerful branded products aimed at consumer marketing. Ultimately, the consumer buys a specific brand of vehicle, but consider all of the different products contained within that vehicle. From the tires, to the batteries, to the head lamp bulbs and hoses, there are countless companies’ products responsible for allowing that vehicle to operate. It may be a specific manufacturer’s name on that vehicle but it is made up of many suppliers and businesses. There would not be vehicles on the market without B2B sales.

There are some unique strategies for online business, such as business to business to consumer, or B2B2C. This is a collaborative effort where one business may sell a list of their customers to another business. This generates leads to which the second business can market and may ultimately sales.

There are so many B2B examples proving why it is effective. While it is a simple idea, there are so many different strategies and campaigns utilized to explain B2B marketing. There is all of that and so much more in this article. If you’re interested in learning more or looking for inspiration on what you can do yourself, read on!

B2B Marketing Strategies

B2B marketing does not have to be difficult, but it does need to change with the times. We are in the digital age with many tools at our disposal and if are not using innovative B2B marketing strategies, you are behind the curve. If you want to be competitive in today’s market, you have to understand the buyer of today. If we are being honest, a B2B marketing strategies pdf is not going to cut it anymore. The good news is you only have to make slight changes from year to year, if you stay current. So, your B2B marketing strategies 2018 can be similar, but not quite the same as B2B marketing strategies 2019. Let’s get right to it with common B2B marketing strategies.

One of the traditional B2B marketing strategies is top down approach to marketing. This strategy puts the executives of a company in control to manage and prioritize every day processes. As a result, risk is decreased drastically because all decisions are strategized and projects are easier to manage. This approach tends to be streamlined and tasks are communicated down the ranks to the employees. In this strategy, marketing is focused on one buyer for the company even though the entire company uses the products. This tends to minimize cost, but also limits creativity. Organizations using this approach are slow to change.

Another strategy is the bottoms up approach, which is more common when marketing to consumers. In this type of marketing, you appeal to the users of the products. You are marketing to a larger audience, but it typically results in smaller sales. The product must sell itself. A B2B marketing strategies ppt will not be much help in this case. The end users want to see the product work and get a feel for it. The best way to do this is to capture a few employees and have them market it to their counterparts by word of mouth. This usually works best with technology and applications.

Inbound marketing is great B2B marketing strategies on social media. Simply, it is creating content that brings customers to you. Once you determine your audience, you create content that attracts them. This allows you to build a relationship with potential consumers and encourage them to purchase from you. This strategy is interested in gaining consumers, even ones that do not want your product right now. There come a time when they do and you already have their trust, so they are likely to buy from you.

Outbound marketing is anything that gets your message and your product out to people. These are good B2B marketing strategies for global markets because it casts a wide net hoping that someone has an interest. Often, salespeople, like a sales development representative, are involved in these B2B marketing initiatives.

Account based marketing, ABM, is a cross between inbound and outbound marketing. It directly markets to a specific audience. Salespeople identify key consumers and create a custom message for them.

B2B Ecommerce

B2B eCommerce uses an online sales portal to allow transactions for products and services in a completely online environment. There are no sales people involved in B2B eCommerce. The transaction occurs with no interaction between the business selling the products and the business buying the products. Many times when there is a B2B eCommerce transaction, the price is variable. The price may reduce as the quantity being purchased increases. Shipping and tax requirements must be taken into consideration during a B2B eCommerce transaction. It is often more complex when the transaction is B2B.

There are some different categories of B2B eCommerce. One is when the number of specific items purchased increases, the purchase price decreases. Typically, the cost of these products are lower in price and often ordered in large quantities. An example of b2b e commerce in volume products is packing boxes. Any company that ships out items needs boxes in which to pack them. They order them for a low cost and the more they buy, the lower the cost gets. Allowing the business to purchase more boxes with a few clicks in ideal.

Another form of B2B eCommerce is subscription based buying. This is a system that allows businesses to set up automatic shipment of items on a recurring basis. The way the plan is set up can vary. It could be annually or monthly. It could be contract based, or no contract at all. This way the business does not have to go through the process of purchasing and checking out items. They are automatically shipped.

Online sites that carry everything are some of the best B2B marketplace examples of eCommerce. Not only can a business get everything it needs in one place to operate, but payment is quick and easy. Once a business has a credit card on file, they can use one click shopping for all purchases. These sites even offers subscription services for some items.

Most forms of B2B eCommerce benefit from creating relationships and marketing to those businesses. B2B buying typically is cyclical and does not happen on a consistent basis. This provides opportunity for competitors to sneak in and take business away from you, Building relationships with buyers is a smart plan to combat that. Businesses rely heavily on relationships and know that walking away from a solid business relationship is not the smartest move. Some B2B relationship marketing examples for strategies are understanding behaviors, making connections, and be available to your buyers. I will explain them briefly for you.

You must understand your buyer, so you know how to reach them. Searching is a perfect tool for this. You build a list from search queries. With that list of potential buyers, you can test keywords about your services and products. This gives you insight as to how your brand works for your potential buyers. This can also help you determine how many customers come to your site and make a purchase, instead of looking around but not buying anything. Once you determine who is making sales and who is not, you can craft messages for those two audiences. One message encourages repeat customers, while the other enticers those who are not buying something to do so. Lastly, once you know your customer, you can brand your products with those customer in mind.

B2B Companies Examples

B2B companies are in business to sell a product or service and make money. Often times, they have a mission to improve lives or the world in which they operate. Businesses always hope to make a positive impact on their customers and employees. They know the best way to do this is to create relationships and cultivate those relationships. That is what brings customers back to the business. There is a lot of competition out there, so your business must stand out. There are many ways a business can do this, such as offering giveaways or promotions. Things that bring the customer back to the business and encourage more sales once they are there. This could be with free meals or drinks, or other discounts.

There are many B2B companies examples highlighting the ways to make the community better while encouraging sales. The B2B company list of notable companies are one like Microsoft that are enterprise companies and are excellent at marketing their brand. Microsoft knows where its niche truly is. They have not done well in the smartphone market, but the enterprise market is where they find their sales. Microsoft has found a spot in the market for their brand and that is where they focus their attention.

Wells Fargo is another great example because they realized they were failing in their market and made some changes. They made an overhaul with their content marketing and found a space on social media. In addition, Wells Fargo is committed to supporting nonprofit organizations that work in the community to provide affordable and sustainable housing, disaster relief, education and environmental stewardship.

IBM is another B2B making a huge community impact. They have a global reach with skills based volunteering and community support. They are experts at using innovative technology to find solutions to global challenges and provide positive change on a large scale. One of the many ways they are components of positive change is they have an organization that specializes in technology training and placement for Ethiopian immigrants.

Looking for a moment at the consumer sector, there are many B2C companies making positive global change also. Some of them on the B2C companies list is Everlane. This company believes in transparency with their consumer. Their mission is to use sustainable sourcing and educate their consumer about the supply chain, factories, and pricing of every single product they sell. They have a huge social media and website presence. They are honest about every step in the process and the consumer knows where every penny of the sale is going. They even host a ‘Choose What You Pay’ event where the consumer picks the price amount three options. Remaining completely transparent, the lower price covers shipping and production costs. The top price covers that place the company overhead. It is an unheard of strategy that works amazingly well for them.

B2B Content Marketing Agency

You may not have heard the term B2B content marketing, so let’s talk about what is B2B content marketing. The B2B content marketing definition is expanding your business’s audience by using content. In addition, you develop a positive feeling for your brand by your customer. All of this helps to increase sales and sale leads. This type of marketing is specific to businesses and will not be the same content you use for consumers. Content marketing is so important for a B2B company because it captures your audience and continually changes to keep your audience’s interest. The content has be useful and relevant. The receiver of the content needs to be able or want to take action as a result of your content. It should be the resource for other professionals in your desired industries.

People understand why content marketing is important for consumers, but they sometimes miss how critical it is for businesses, too. Content marketing is usually at a mid range cost, but has the power to provide high yields. Marketing that is high cost, but low yield has a lot of holes and can be dangerous for a business. It does not matter what industry you are in, any time you can provide high returns on low to medium investment, you and your customer will be happy.

Your content marketing must be done well. It has to be well planned and thought out. Examples of B2B content marketing strategy are to find out as much about your audience as you can. You should create personas of your audience and each persona covers each different group within your audience. You can release content that is different for each of the personas. You may have to keep the personas broad because you will not always be able to narrow down your audience. You can use an analytics tool to help you define your audience groups.

DemandWell is a B2B content marketing agency. We use content marketing ideas to help companies source repeatable revenue. Our B2B content ideas attract more qualified web traffic which is converted into leads. They use B2B content marketing trends 2019 to analyze what has worked in the past and determine future content. There are many content marketing website examples to prove that content marketing is one of the most cost effective means of marketing a business has at its disposal. Even with a more tech savvy population in business who are always blocking spam, it still remains low cost and high yield. Businesses should not overlook content marketing.

As with anything, there are good B2B content marketing examples and there are bad ones. You should learn what you can from the good ones and do not recreate the mistakes of the bad ones. Blog posts, white papers, and ebooks are some examples of content marketing techniques a business can employ. These pieces alone will not make a good content marketing campaign, but when you combine them in effective ways, they will draw in sales and leads. With a quick google search, you can find great B2B content marketing 2018 and B2B ebook examples.

Best B2B Marketing Campaigns 2017

We have spent a lot of time talking about how marketing campaigns and content marketing are beneficial to the growth of B2B sales. We have also mentioned that when addressing B2B marketing, it must be well executed so that your business stands out above the rest. After all, leads turn to sales, but for a lead to be truly valuable, it needs to produce repeat sales. Let us focus on the best of the best by looking at some successful B2B marketing campaign case studies.

Terminus created a new way of marketing called “Flip My Funnel”. What is so alluring about “Flip My Funnel” is that while it was radical at the time, it made so much sense. It was born from Sangram Vajre’s realization that the traditional lead based funnel was no longer valuable. It just did not make sense and was no longer driving real revenue. His company decided to challenge the traditional methods to transform how businesses approach driving revenue to their business. Three short years later, not only has the “Flip My Funnel” concept taken off but Terminus has built a community around the concept. Over 7,000 strong believe in account based marketing thanks to #FlipMyFunnel.

Let me break down its awe inspiring effectiveness for you. A traditional funnel starts with leads coming in first and follows a set path from awareness to interest to consideration and finally to purchase. It begins with the non targeted approach of gathering as many leads as you can and inundating them with various kinds of communication. Much of that communication gets ignored and never captures the business customer. You are never able to engage with the customer on a deeper level and hook them on your products and services.

Now, flip the funnel upside down and you get a completely different approach by inverting the same process. This approach encourages targeted communication that allows you to discover who your customer is. This allows wise spending that has high return. The flipped funnel starts by identifying the best customer for your business. Then, expand the reach of your business to attract the attention of those particular customers. Then you bring your communication platforms to life and engage those customers. Use your blogs, emails, and webinars to get your customers to pay attention and create the best B2B social media campaigns 2018. Lastly, advocate to keep those customers. Work hard to keep existing customers. Many businesses focus on new customers but forget to burn a fire in their existing ones.

One of the best B2B marketing campaigns 2017 and the best B2B marketing campaigns 2018 is SAP and the way they use industry influencers and global celebrities to build credibility with their audience. They bring celebrities like Justin TImberlake to the conferences to perform. It is one of the best B2B campaigns 2018 has to offer because it helps their customers feel an emotional attachment to their company, not just one product. The customer thinks if he is going to promote this company, they must be worth looking into. It is also proven that using influencers in this way boosts ROI. Land O’Lakes B2B marketing campaigns 2018 highlighted the female minority using a country music star. They released a video honoring female farmers ahead of World Equality Day. They used their product, which is typically a male dominated industry and turned it upside down by empowering and honoring the women in the industry. Consider these things when you are creating your best marketing campaigns 2019.

Business To Business Websites

Since we are in the technology age, I am sure you understand the value of business to business websites. We are in a world where almost every business has a website because they know they should. However, that does not mean it is a valuable one. The business may have spent the money to establish the website, but has not done anything with it since. That is a mistake. A website is a great way to attract the attention of a customer. When you think of a product you want, you search for it to see who sells it. When you see a business name, or hear of a business, the first thing you do is look at their website. It is what everyone one does. This is one of the reasons why it is too important to have a functional website. Establishing a website is the first step. After that, you must continually work on it and tweak it. You should always look for ways to improve the chances your customer will do what you want on your website. This concept is conversion rate optimization. This is the ability to have your customer purchase your item, or download something from your site, whatever your goal may be.

A powerful website helps you create more business. Remember how when you find out about a business, the first thing you do is a search on it. If you come up with nothing as a result of your search, you may lost interest in that business and go elsewhere. Not having a website causes a business to lose sales. The flip side of that is, you have a website, but it is subpar. This can cost you customers also. When a customer looks at your website, he wants to be enticed to purchase from you. You must keep your customers interested in your company and your products.

A website busts through the limitations of a brick and mortar store. Customers have direct access to all the information they need about your products and services. It is available to them with a few clicks. Every part of the sale is automated. There is less room for error and more space for efficiency and time savings. A great website allows you to be everyone without needing a physical location. You can reach customers around the globe in the comfort of their own home or office. One of the great B2B marketplace examples is Apple, with their amazing website and the far reach of their brand.

A website attracts many different people, especially those that may not want to interact with salespeople. Websites can accept payments of all types from credit cards to digital wallets and payments sites. A website creates wide open space to do business of all kinds. Do not overlook this powerful tool. Once you have a website, may sure you continue to monitor and enhance it. An under functioning website is just as dangerous as no website at all.

B2C Marketing Examples

I am sure you all know that is different when you are trying to sell a product to a business versus a consumer. Do you truly understand why that difference is there? It is important to understand that B2B marketing is logic driven because typically that is how a business operates. It focuses on saving time, money, and resources, which are key for a business. It leans towards in-depth promotion. B2C marketing objectives are different. It employs simple and easy to understanding messages. It focuses on drawing on emotions. B2C marketing focuses on the benefits of a product and solving problems for the customer.

B2C marketing strategies focus on emotional decision making. Consumers want to know how the product will benefit them and make them feel good about the purchase. A B2C marketing plan template should include easy to understand messages that are pointed. Consumers do not want to take a long and winding road to get the message. You have to hook them early and keep them engaged. B2C digital marketing needs to be clear and direct. Remember that consumers make decisions in minutes to buy a product. You need to capture them and sell them on buying your product before the move on to something else.

Some excellent B2C marketing examples are Starbucks marketing and they way they tie all their various pieces together. They have a website, a mobile app, and a loyalty card and they are all tied to one another to streamline all their processes. They have quick and cute marketing tools they use on all their apps and via email. The best B2C marketing campaign ideas are quick pops of communication that draws the customer to your website or business. Giving the consumer a teaser that forces them to come to your website to find out more and then make a purchase are great B2C e commerce examples.

Consumers are typically concerned with return on their investment. They want products that make life easier for them. They want products they can feel good about purchasing. Highlight how your product will solve a real problem for them in way to understand language and you will have them hooked.

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