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Track SEO Campaign Progress Over Time

View campaign progress reporting in one frame. Visualize SEO performance, and easily spot opportunities for improvement.

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Demandwell automatically recommends the most impactful actions to improve your campaign performance and maximize SEO ROI. This includes additional target keywords, technical fixes, and content production to-dos.

Follow Recommendations for Success

Demandwell automatically recommends the most impactful actions to improve your campaign performance and maximize SEO ROI. This includes additional target keywords, technical fixes, and content production to-dos.

Best B2B Marketing Campaigns

Most organizations that engage in trade with other companies invest some time in crafting the best B2B marketing campaigns to yield the most remarkable results. The first question that one must ask is “what is B2B marketing?” B2B is simply an abbreviation for “business to business,” this means that the targeted audience for the marketing campaign is other businesses and organizations that provide goods and/or services, rather than consumers directly. A B2B campaign, meaning one that is geared towards fellow companies, will highlight the benefits of how the product or service serves the operations of those companies. This is different from how a product/service would serve the lone customer. For B2B companies, the focus is not just on the individual. In these campaigns, businesses need to demonstrate that their products and services can heighten productivity, decrease overhead costs, or contribute to some other quantifiable resource within the client business.

Some types of B2B marketing campaigns can overlap with B2C (business to customer) marketing campaigns. They can take the form of digital advertising, social media, testimonials, referral systems, and SEO strategies. Some techniques will be the same, such as building rapport and trust with a pool of clients and establishing one’s self as an authority in the industry. Nevertheless, some dynamics will naturally charge based on the nature of the desired client. B2B campaigns need to address the wider, collective questions of “how can our product or service increase your business?” and “how does our product or service make your business or efficient?” This causes the message in the marketing campaign to be more wide-ranging. The product or service has to not only benefit the business owner or manager but the entire company as a cohesive unit.

In this article, we shall review B2B marketing campaign examples, B2B marketing campaigns, B2B marketing campaign templates, and B2B marketing strategy examples.

B2B Marketing Campaigns Examples

B2B marketing campaigns examples are not hard to come by. The Internet is full of B2B content ideas and B2B marketing campaign ideas. The best B2B marketing campaigns cover a lot of ground. With the explosion of social media in the last fifteen years, a social media campaign is a great B2B content marketing strategy. Nearly everyone is online now across various platforms, thus a huge chunk of potential clients will be there too. How heavily you should focus on a certain platform will depend on the nature of your product/service and what demographic your target audience falls into. Facebook is often used to target an older demographic. If your target businesses are geared towards serving a younger audience, then honing on Instagram and TikTok would be more advisable.

Another example of a B2B content marketing strategy would be a video marketing campaign. Even if you are not advertising for individual customers, you can still make a favorable impression with a good commercial. Businesses are consuming media in the same fashion that solo consumers are. A well-thought-out YouTube ad could work wonders in increasing the exposure of your businesses to businesses that would have needed what you offer.

Then there is the classic email marketing campaign. Despite the great growth of social media and instant messaging, traditional email maintains its status as the primary means that people communicate digitally. However, with the number of emails that the average working person goes through daily, it is important to have an email marketing campaign that grabs their attention at once. It helps for the email to quickly address challenges that businesses may be facing. It also helps to use external data from a reputable source to increase one’s credibility.

B2B Marketing Campaigns

An important aspect of B2B marketing campaigns is the SEO campaign. A B2B marketing campaign has a great need for search engine optimization. There is so much content on the internet that it can be a struggle for businesses to be seen online. The term SEO first came into existence in 1997, during which time Google and many search engines were not even in existence. The term was used concerning other search engines like Yahoo and how websites ranked in them. Yet now, over twenty years later, SEO remains a strong stable in any marketing strategy.

A B2B campaign can benefit from strategic SEO so that client businesses can find them, learn about them, and hopefully become eventual customers. But crafting an entire SEO campaign can be quite daunting. That is why companies like Demandwell have created a system where they can walk clients through the nitty-gritty details of an SEO campaign and break it down into digestible chunks for clients to better understand and manage. With SEO campaigns via Demandwell, companies can create campaigns and brainstorm ideas on what exactly they want the campaign to accomplish. Then Demandwell uses that ideation to build content around the campaign. This could involve creating a page or augmenting an existing one for each keyword in your campaign. Demandwell accomplishes this by using its Keyword Intelligence and Brief Building technology. And finally, after the campaign has run for a while, Demandwell can track the performance of the campaign, review how rankings have increased over time, gain powerful insights into keywords and page performance, and identify any weaknesses that could benefit from improvement.

This is but one of many B2B marketing campaign examples. SEO campaigns. You can schedule a demo of Demandwell’s SEO Campaigns to see the first platform built specifically for B2B SaaS marketers in mind.

B2B Marketing Campaign Template

Demandwell offers an extensive B2B marketing campaign template that can be used to monitor every step of the B2B marketing campaign plan. With a dashboard to review every aspect of the SEO marketing strategy, businesses need not feel overwhelmed by the many elements and can carefully craft each one to fit their goals and objectives.

One pillar of a strong B2B marketing plan template is the careful gathering of the most critical keywords. This happens early in the process of developing the campaign. Demandwell uses its customized Keyword Plan, which has been vetted by SEO experts, to add target keywords to any given SEO campaign. By answering the who, what, when, where, how, and why of each campaign’s objective, keywords can be identified to help bolster the campaign and to increase a client’s website rankings.

Another B2B marketing plan sample that Demandwell uses heavily is their holistic keyword performance tracker. Tracking the progress and performance of keywords is a major staple of any B2B marketing plan template. By linking keyword strategy with marketing campaign strategy, Demandwell SEO Campaigns can see all the work that’s been done to rank for each keyword, not to mention report on SEO progress, and use Lifecycle Stage to uncover what the next steps should be to get on page one and drive conversions.

The Demandwell model takes the many intricate processes of SEO and divides them into three major categories: ideation, publication, and evaluation. The most vital of these steps tends to be the last one, the one of evaluation and performance review. One may be using the right keywords, but they need to be applied correctly to yield the best results. By engaging in thoughtful keyword tracking and analysis, you make the most of your SEO campaign.

B2B Marketing Strategy Example

It is no surprise that companies with the best B2B marketing tend to fare better than those that do not have strong B2B marketing goals. There is a variety of templates and strategies out there. Which one is best for your business will depend on what you are hoping to achieve in your B2B marketing campaign. One B2B marketing strategy example is research for what is known as “pain points.” What are the pain points? They are the problems, issues, and challenges that businesses are experiencing that your product or service can help to resolve. This strategy is dictated by the basic question, “What do your customers need?” There is a myriad of ways to engage with this type of research. One way is to cultivate consumer user groups. A business can use the clients within their network to glean valuable information on exactly how they are benefiting from the product or service. These can take the form of in-person/virtual interviews or even surveys to discover exactly what your customers are thinking.

Another digital marketing strategy for B2B business is influencer marketing. Securing collaborations with the appropriate public figures in your industry can go a long way in building rapport and establishing your business as a trusted one in the field. It is wise to go for a commonly known influencer, as the more well-known the influencer, the better. Local influencers can also help smaller businesses as well. Cultivating relationships with those in the field is best practice in general, and it can also be a cheap way to spread the word about what you have to offer the community.

All of these combined with Demandwell’s SEO campaign can boost a business to be the best version of itself and create long-term productivity and impact.

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