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Best Content Creation Software

Content is King – you’ve probably heard it before. When Bill Gates first penned that essay in 1996, he predicted that content creation and content creation tools would revolutionize the internet before we knew it. How right he was! In 2022, 82% of companies report using content marketing, which is a 12% increase over 2020. SEO is an important element of a content creation strategy, and finding the best content creation software is just one aspect of formulating an SEO and content plan that works for your business.

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the use of keywords to increase traffic to your website. A common way to include SEO in a content strategy is through the use of blogging. In fact, 75% of marketers say that SEO is their most efficient content marketing channel. However, blogging isn’t the only type of content that businesses use to reach their audiences. A few of the different types of content creation include written content like blogs, articles, and guides. E-books are longer-form written content. Images such as infographics and video content are also included under the umbrella of content creation. This content can be delivered through a variety of content platforms such as social media, your business’s own website, and even specialized content creation platforms that simplify and standardize content creation across the board.

Utilizing content creation software can take the heavy lifting out of creating a content strategy plan that works for you. Content doesn’t have to be created natively in the platform it’s intended for – instead, it can be created within content creation platforms that help manage the process, as Demandwell does for written SEO content. Demandwell is an SEO platform that combines human creativity with artificial intelligence to help streamline the content creation process from outline to execution. The Demandwell software intelligently creates automated outlines with top suggested keywords to maximize performance and minimize administrative effort.

Content Writing Tools For SEO

While most content writing tools for SEO don’t do the writing for you, they do make it much simpler to create by providing writers with the clues they need to create well-performing SEO content. The best tools for content writing are ones that usher the process along and inspire the writers, as well as give a framework or guideline to go off of. Many tools used by content writers are word-searching tools like thesauruses and dictionaries and grammar-checking tools. Demandwell is formulated specifically as an SEO content tool, which gives writers everything they need to write a ready-to-rank article from start to finish. The Content Analyzer feature of Demandwell will let content marketers know if their newly-formed content is ready to perform well in terms of ranking for their top keywords.

The content writing tools that Demandwell provides can help give writers the context and purpose they need to craft a well-planned and informative SEO performance piece. Performance pieces of SEO are created with keywords and are meant to achieve specific and measurable results. Performance pieces of SEO should also be created with the `search engine bots in mind, with a specific structure that search engine bots find simple to read. Quality content, on the other hand, often does not use any keywords and is meant to inspire and delight your audience rather than lead them somewhere else through backlinks.

It can be difficult for many content writers who are unfamiliar with the intricacies of search engine bots to know how exactly to construct an SEO-friendly content outline. That’s why Demandwell removes the guesswork and uses automation to create outlines complete with well-researched keywords for writers to fill in with helpful and educational performance content. The outlines generated by the separate software content into sections, even suggesting word count per section, optimize the probability of ranking well on a search engine results page.

Content Creation Ideas

Every writer knows that sometimes it can be tough to come up with content creation ideas. Even experienced content writers can experience that dreaded “Writer’s Block.” Luckily, Demandwell’s outline tool makes SEO content creation for beginners simple. Typically, there can be hours of research that go into creating high-performing content that is both helpful to your audience and easily ranked by search engines. This is because a well-performing SEO content strategy must have a solid keyword strategy informed by research.

If you’re not familiar with a keyword strategy, there are a few things to consider. Firstly, how and where does one research keywords? Demandwell’s Keyword Intelligence and Lifecycle Stage & Priority features make it easy to perform keyword research. The Demandwell software provides an expert-backed list of target keywords for content. The platform also gives users everything they need in order to track and research their keywords further if they so desire. Users who do not invest in any tool to create SEO-optimized content may need to do their keyword research manually by formulating educated guesses and then determining terms that are also frequently searched in combination. Searcher intent also plays an important part in formulating a keyword strategy. This is one of the most important things to consider when trying to create a content topics list. Analyzing searcher intent can even tell you what stage of the sales funnel a searcher is in, which can help you determine how to shape your content strategy and inspire ideas. Another thing to keep in mind is search volume. You don’t want writers to spend a lot of time creating pieces centered around content terms that are not frequently searched for because it is unlikely that your audience will ever see the pieces. Instead, you want to focus on relevant keywords that are also high in search volume. However, it can be beneficial to also target keywords that are not right at the top of the list in order to perform well with lower competition for clicks. If you’re looking to create a content creation PDF for your writers to work with or brainstorm ideas with, keeping search intent and volume are great strategies to include.

Content Creation Software

The best content creation tools should streamline the content creation process, automate repeatable tasks, and provide intuitive and detailed reporting features. This allows your writers and marketers to spend less time on arduous administrative tasks and more time doing what they’re good at – writing. Examples of digital content creation tools include platforms that allow you to draft and schedule content for publishing directly from the software, tools that enable social listening so that brands can easily monitor what is being said about them, and tools that help in performing essential research for content marketing and any manner of tools that do all of the above and in-between. There are many different types of content creation tools available in the market today, and it’s important to select one that fits your business’s specific needs.

Content creation software is an essential part of any martech stack that only becomes more vital as a business scales. It’s especially important to choose a good content creation tool from the start, as many businesses with solid content strategies quickly outgrow their initial tool and are left with a solution that doesn’t fulfill all their needs. Scalability is a fundamental aspect of making the correct choice when investing in software. Demandwell’s Production Workflow and Smart Automations feature make it easy for administrators to assign SEO content out to their writers – whether that’s in-house or a team of freelancers. Administrators can add instructions directly to the content outline that Demandwell automatically generates, meaning that it’s ready for a writer as soon as the outline is completed in the software! The Production Workflow also makes it easy to track the timeline of projects that have already been assigned, making project management simple. Administrators can know at a glance which pieces are still in production and which writers are ready for more content.

Content Creation Tools For Digital Marketing

Digital marketing tools, when used in combination with a solid strategy, can be game changing for many businesses. Any person who has ever worked in a one-person marketing team can tell you that it is incredibly difficult to be the only person in charge of strategy, analytics, reporting, distribution, and content creation and still meet deadlines while exceeding goals. In fact, that’s something of a miracle. However, when a business invests in the tools of digital marketing, they are oftentimes opening up their business to a whole new methodology of lead generation. With the advanced reporting and features that many digital content creation software offer, their marketing department is able to create strategies and content plans that may have been impossible to achieve before.

Content creation tools for digital marketing can allow marketers to complete multiple different aspects of content creation all within the app, reducing the need to maintain multiple different types of content creation tools. For example, the Demandwell software provides users with expert-backed keyword research, a production workflow manager, an automated content outline generator, and more. This reduces the need for a separate project management system and keyword research tool. Investing in the right content creation tool for your business could actually reduce administrative costs and increase revenue through improving content strategy, leading to more conversions.

Although there are many different types of content creation tools out there, it’s important to choose one that lines up with your business needs, especially when it comes to SEO. Not every content tool is built with SEO optimization in mind. SEO focuses on improving organic traffic to your website, which is one of the most popular channels for content distribution. While it may be possible to juggle a large stack of technical tools to create a content strategy with SEO-optimized content, using one platform that gives you the tools to create a killer SEO strategy from A to Z creates efficiency and the freedom to scale your marketing alongside your growing business.

If you’re committed to SEO success through content production, the Content Production Suite makes it possible for anyone to drive impact with SEO. Let’s talk.

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