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While organic search should be the most efficient marketing channel for B2B SaaS companies, SEO fluency and success has been too complex, costly, or slow for many modern marketing teams to achieve.

With the Demandwell platform, you can now easily drive demand, leads, and revenue with streamlined processes, data-driven insights, and straightforward workflows that help you achieve your marketing goals and move the needle forward.

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Narrow your SEO strategy and workflow from all the things that you could do to a simple, prioritized plan for what you should do to improve lead generation and ROI.

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Use the Demandwell platform to combine human decision making and AI to generate personalized recommendations that drive SEO results at scale for your business.

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Demandwell applies B2B-specific tactics to bring best-in-class SEO performance into reach for SaaS marketers, transforming research into leads.

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& What to do Next

The Demandwell platform provides actionable insights, unified reporting,
and personalized recommendations to clarify your next best actions
to optimize your SEO content for organic traffic and conversion.

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Win SEO Through the Full Funnel

Get a complete view of how content performs across the entire organic funnel. Demandwell unifies analytics, search console, and platform data to un-silo SEO performance, and illuminate rankings, brand impressions, traffic, and conversions over time.

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History of Marketing in Carmel

Long before the invention of the internet, social media, cell phones, and other current technology, businesses had to rely on other means to build their businesses. Marketing was a much more physical process as that was really all that was available. Below are some ways in which Carmel, Indiana companies grew their businesses without the help of the digital age as well as ways they market their companies today.

-Public Forums

In the early days of marketing, public forums, i.e. the courthouse/city hall and public amphitheaters, played a large role. Business representatives would have to be vocal to advertise their products and services. Speaking to politicians and other people in leadership roles was a good way to gain some word of mouth advertising and possibly some contract work. Carmel City Court, where this marketing once took place, is located on Civic Square in Carmel, Indiana.

-Market Booths

Farmers markets were another very useful place to advertise and market a business. Many people then, and even today, visit farmers markets on a consistent basis. In fact, some larger cities have multiple farmers markets. These markets were a location that company representatives could announce themselves to customers either by meeting with those set up at booths or by setting up a booth themselves and speaking with the patrons.

The Carmel Farmers Market, or CFM, is open on Saturday mornings between May 18 and October 5 from 8 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. It is located on Carmel’s Center Green, and patrons can find prepared foods for both breakfast and lunch while enjoying some live music that is being played at the Carmel Rotary Amphitheater. The lively atmosphere, delicious food, and other goods are sure to invigorate the community. At times, Carmel also has a Winter Festival, though those dates and location may change.


Billboards are still a current marketing option, but at one point, they were one of the few options. Businesses could advertise on major highways and roads by purchasing billboard space, adopting a mile of the highway, or putting signs up at the exits. Carmel, Indiana has a few effective areas for billboard ads. These include US-31, Main Street, Keystone PKWY, Rangeline Road, W 116th Street, and E 151st Street. All of these locations are great places to get your brand in front of the public.


Long before television and cable or satellite existed, families would sit around the radio to listen to the news and more. Even with all of the advancements in technology, radio still plays a large part in many American’s everyday lives. The radio platform has expanded through the years though. It has grown to now include podcasts, satellite radio, and more. Regardless of the changes, though, businesses still understand the importance of advertising on local radio. Most Carmel businesses advertise on Indianapolis radio stations including 91.3 FM and 98.3.FM as well as Indianapolis podcast “Edge of the Web”.

-School Marketing

Most marketers and advertisers learned long ago the influence that children have over purchasing decisions. It is not so much that they are in charge but that they often get asked where they wish to eat, or they repeat advertisements more often than adults. As such, school marketing has always been a way to advertise businesses. Free stuff such as T-shirts make an impact on children’s opinions. Supporting fundraisers and school events, such as proms or sports competitions, is a great way to make a good impression.

Both Carmel High School and University High School are two schools that appreciate the sponsorships of local businesses. When an organization supports children, parents and other connected adults are more likely to support that company. By sponsoring schools such as those mentioned, you will likely gain a loyal customer base who not only purchases from you themselves, but also talks friends in family into being your customer, too. Supporting a good cause is always important, and for parents and school staff, students are a very important cause.

-Business Hubs

The local Chamber of Commerce is an excellent place to advertise, network, and keep up with the goings-on of the city. Located near the courthouse at One Civic Square you will find Carmel, Indiana’s Chamber of Commerce where meetings are still carried on for the public. Additionally, platforms such as local news and TV stations, newspapers and any other print publications play an important role in marketing. Though some people feel these are worn out methods of advertising, your competition is utilizing them, so you should be, too. Carmel can take great advantage of Indianapolis’s Fox 59, 13 WHTR, and CBS 4 TV stations. The Indy Star and, as well as Carmel, Indiana’s Facebook page, are all great platforms, too.


Networking always has been and always will be a great way to market and advertise a business. In earlier times, networking was done in the public forums mentioned above and on the street. Now, it can be done everywhere. Networking is done in schools, in shopping lines, in coffee shops, at fundraisers, at your children’s schools, and more.

And for those who love a good cup of coffee and good conversation, you have a few Carmel coffee shops to choose from. Hubbard & Cravens offer coffee, sandwiches and smoothies. Zing Café has outdoor seating, delicious coffee, and comfort food. Indie Coffee Roasters has fresh roasted coffee every day. SoHo Café and Gallery is a great hangout for the art and coffee loving crowd. Last, but certainly not least, curl up with a good book and a delicious cup of coffee at Capstone Café & Bookstore. All of these are great place to chill out, warm up, and meet new people.

Carmel SEO

Marketing may have started out fully revolving around interpersonal communication and offline marketing, but it spread so much further and added many new aspects. One of these aspects is SEO, or search engine optimization, and it is a critical component to any business’s success.

Some small businesses that want to stay that way do not see the benefit in online marketing or SEO. Everything has gone digital- that is a fact- and the current world has conditioned us to expect speedy service and results. Digital business provides this instant gratification, so your current and potential customers prefer online options instead, even if it is just to search for directions to the closest retailer or shop. If you are not online, they may not even know you exist. The bottom line is that unless your business can survive off of sales from family and loyal friends, it will fall apart.

While digital marketing Carmel, in general, is important, Carmel SEO really tops the cake. Digital marketing is what gets you online, but SEO is what gets you found there. This means that every existing company, no matter its size, location, or growth goals, should put SEO, as well as interactive marketing to work on its website as well as its social media accounts. Carmel SEO services can help you reach your business goals in ways you never imagined, getting you in front of a local, national, or global audience, depending on how far you want to go.

You may be wondering why you should worry about growing SEO instead of simply paying for the results you want to happen every month. While it is possible to pay for these channels, you have to ask yourself how long you are willing to pay for it. When you pay for those channels, you must keep paying to keep getting those results. SEO is a natural growth process where SEO services in Carmel can help you gain an organic following, one that you do not have to pay for forever.

The difference in paid channels versus SEO services Carmel is like the difference in renting an apartment and owning a home. Renting may have some perks, especially if you are considering moving to a different city or state in the future. However, the downside is that you never own that property. You will continue to pay for it until you move. That is the nature of renting.

On the other hand, when you buy a house it is very different. Yes, you must make an initial investment and you will make payments for a period of time. Fortunately, you eventually own that home and no longer have to make the payments on it. The same is true for SEO marketing Carmel Naptown. It does require some initial work and financial investment. However, once the SEO has taken over and grown your site, you no longer make large investments.

Carmel SEO Company

SEO can change your company’s future for the better, but only if it is done correctly. Investing in SEO that is not done well is really a waste of time and money. For those who are ready to perform better SEO and attract a bigger audience, you should first invest the time into making sure you have someone who knows what they are doing. If you are fortunate enough to have someone in- house that is well- versed in SEO, talk about your business goals with them and help them fully see the direction you are hoping to take the company. Discuss the reputation you hope to uphold, upcoming projects you hope to accomplish, any changes that might be made in the near future, and so on. Be sure that they have a good grasp of your company’s vision and mission, then put them to work.

If you do not have a Carmel SEO expert in- house that is capable and confident in their skills, you should really consider hiring a Carmel SEO firm to help you grow. Attempting to perform SEO when it is not your specialty means that you are spending valuable time trying to learn and handle a task that you could be using to perform other important tasks. By putting SEO into capable hands, you are freeing up your time to complete other projects that need your attention.

There are many creative companies Carmel Indiana as well as many marketing companies Carmel. With so many options available to you, how do you know which SEO company Carmel to choose as your partner? First and foremost, you want one that is capable of helping you reach your goals.
DemandWell is an experienced company that can help you grow your SEO so that you can attract a bigger audience locally, nationally, or globally.

However, we provide more than that. We do not just aim to help you build a bigger audience but also to convert that audience into customers. Through A/B testing, we find what works best for your company’s SEO strategy. We also provide insight into your audience and what is driving your sales so that you can continue in that direction and maximize revenue. With DemandWell, you are not just getting experience- you are gaining a partner in your business goals.

Carmel SEO Agency

If you are a do-it-yourself type of person, you might be wondering why you cannot learn how to perform SEO instead of hiring an SEO agency Carmel. In short, it is possible to learn SEO yourself, but there are many benefits that come with hiring a Carmel SEO agency to do it for you. Knowing these benefits can give you a greater understanding of just how much an SEO agency can do for you.

First, you are likely skilled in certain areas and have insights into those areas that most others do not. The same is true for SEO agents. SEO is their specialty. They study it, they keep up with the changes, they learn tools and insights that can make a very big difference. You will not be their first client, so they have had practice and understand the field.

With their experience, they have also learned the trends of the trade and have learned what to watch for. Platforms like Google and Facebook change their algorithms when they deem necessary. Unless you make it a point to watch for these changes, they will occur without your knowledge and you will soon find yourself absent from search results. SEO and advertising agencies Carmel keep up with these changes and learn how to adapt quickly, meaning that these changes will not make such a large negative impact on your company.

Also, a digital marketing agency Carmel knows what is going on across multiple industries. They can help you be more competitive with the knowledge they gain from these industries. Someone that does not have this type of knowledge is more likely to be stuck in a box when it comes performing SEO.

However, marketing agencies Carmel have a more comprehensive view so they can put together a more holistic strategy for your company. And as they know lead generation techniques used across these industries, they know how to keep you competitive and relevant.

Again, it is possible for you to learn and perform your own SEO. However, it will take a great amount of time and attention for you to do so- time and attention that would be better spent on other factors of running your company. Imagine if your time was free to focus on employee engagement and product creation. Let DemandWell take care of your SEO strategy so that you can focus and shine in other areas.

Best SEO

Before you jump into hiring an agency, you should know what factors make up the best SEO agency. It is important to work with an agency that will give you the time and attention that you and your business deserve. As such, the following are some of the factors you should pay attention to when choosing an SEO agency.

First and foremost, it is important to know whether they have proven results that they are willing to share with you. Anyone can say they are SEO experts and claim to have experience, but if they do not have results for you to see, they are likely misleading you. A proven track record, however, is a great indicator of future success.

Second, the length of time they have been working as SEO experts is important. SEO can be a complex field, so those just starting out may not be prepared to handle your SEO strategy. The longer a company has been working in the industry, the more likely they are capable of creating a successful SEO strategy and putting it to work. They are also more likely to predict and easily adapt to the changing trends that occur in digital marketing.

Of course, you want to hire a professional SEO agency to make sure they will treat your company accordingly. There are a few ways in which you can gauge an agency’s professionalism. How well do they communicate with you? Do they respond to you quickly or are you made to wait for long periods for a response? Do they keep you up-to-date on the strategy, results, and any potentials changes?

Are they successful at hitting deadlines or are they consistently running behind? If you reach out with a problem, do they focus more on helping you solve that problem or more on charging you extra? Do they give you as much attention after they are hired as they did to win your business?

Obviously, no one will be perfect at every moment and expecting them to be is unrealistic. However, the top SEO and public relations firms Carmel will provide great results in these categories on a mostly consistent basis. They care as much about keeping you a client as they do about winning you as one. They work beyond just setting up keywords and backlinks to focus on conversion rate optimization and other success factors in an SEO strategy.

Carmel Web Design

As mentioned above, SEO is more than using popular keywords and a linking strategy. Those may get visitors to your website and social media accounts, but those are not what keep them there. Of course, you want a larger audience, but if that audience is not engaging with your company and/or buying your products or services, you are not experiencing the true impact of SEO. Once visitors get to your site, the site itself should encourage them to stay and interact.

Website design is another very important factor in internet marketing. A non- user-friendly page, one that is not mobile responsive, or one that just does not have an intriguing look and feel can increase your site’s bounce rate. A higher bounce rate causes a lower SEO ranking, meaning that all of the work you did to gain your audience will soon be canceled out.

Web design and digital marketing play as large of a part in conversion rate optimization as the product or service you are selling. No matter how wonderful your product, if your visitors are not staying on your page long enough to see it and learn about it, it is merely a waste of time and energy.

Due to all of this, there should definitely be a focus on website marketing and you should fully consider a Carmel web design company to build you a website that converts. Though you may be able to build a simple website yourself, if you are unsure of what the public responds to, it is best to allow an expert to do it. Look for an experienced Carmel web design company that can help you reach maximum your website goals.

Media Companies Carmel

Though a company’s website is of huge importance, SEO is not the only digital communication channel to focus on. Consider how many people know have social media accounts. The majority of America is at minimum fairly active on social media, making social media marketing Carmel a vital component to online success, but it can also be quite challenging. Different things work on different platforms. For instance, what grows an audience on Facebook is not the same as what grows an audience on Twitter or Instagram. As these platforms are very different, hiring a social media marketing agency Carmel can be very beneficial to your company, and your time.

You have likely heard that “content is king”. That is true, but how you share that content is largely important. Much of the content that your audience is accustomed to seeing is becoming too commonplace. Posts and ads with plain text are being more and more ignored because they are too common. As a whole, people are looking for something new and fresh. They do not just want to be spoken to- they want to interact with companies and brands. Stagnant text is not engaging. If you hope to gain and keep an audience, it is important to give them what they are looking for. A great way to do so is through video marketing.

Video marketing Carmel is an important factor in online marketing as more and more companies are using it to attract clients. YouTube and Facebook Live are becoming the fresh content that your audience wants to see. However, putting videos together, filming them, publishing them, and sharing them is another time-consuming task.

Media companies Carmel can lighten your load in this area. With their assistance, you can build an incredible video marketing campaign that will keep you relevant to your audience and keep you competitive in your industry. Look into media production companies Carmel that can help you take advantage of this growing trend instead of missing a great opportunity.

History of Carmel

While marketing in Carmel, Indiana is interesting, the city itself has quite the story to tell. When the original Quaker settlers came to Carmel in 1837, they named it Bethlehem. Unfortunately, Indiana already had a post office named Bethlehem, so when the post office was established in Bethlehem in 1846, they knew that they needed a new name for their town. In 1874, the townsfolk named it Carmel instead.

Interestingly, one of the first traffic signals was actually place in Carmel in 1924 at the intersection of Main Street and Rangeline Road. Currently, the traffic signal can be seen in an old train station on Monom Trail. Another interesting tidbit is that Carmel, Indiana is known as the “Roundabout Capital of the U.S.” thanks to having the most roundabouts of any city in the entire country- 122 total.

Carmel has produced many notable people including baseball player Bernie Allen, pen and ink artist Franklin Booth, Indy car driver Steve Chassey, young Anakin Skywalker actor Jake Lloyd, professional hockey player Zach Trotman, and many more. Carmel, Indiana is a great supporter of small businesses and local artists. This is evident due to the Arts and Design District and City Center. Along with housing many creative businesses, each year the districts holds several events including the Carmel Artomobilia Collector Car Show, the Carmel International Arts Festival, and much more.

It also houses the Museum of Miniature Houses that shows interesting art pieces including miniature glassware, clocks, and more in seven exhibit rooms. The Great American Songbook Foundation is also in Carmel, Indiana. It is instrumental in preserving the music from the early 1900s.

Though Carmel, Indiana is currently and consistently being named as one of the best places to live in the United States, it has had a couple of notable murders in recent decades. One of these is the Thistlewood Murders. Three young people including 17 year old Nick Allemenos and his 13 year old sister Lisa along with friend 23 year old Chris James, had their throats slit in the Thistlewood subdivision on March 16, 1994.
News reports state that young Nick Allemenos had invited one of the murderers- Raymond Adams- into his home in order to sell him some marijuana.

The following night, Adams went to the residence again under the pretense of introducing Nick to someone who wanted to buy Nick’s bike. Unaware of the danger, Nick Allemenos let Adams in who brought along two accomplices to rob the home. It ended in the bloodshed of the three victims instead of the simple planned robbery, though there is no clear reason why.

One of the two accomplices was Kofi Modibo Ajabu, the son of Black Panther Militia leader Mmoja Ajabu, who was normally a more studious boy than a violent one. However, experienced criminal Raymond Adams charmed Ajabu into a different life. Adams, Ajabu, and James Walls were all caught and convicted of this triple homicide. These slayings rocked the community that has experienced mostly peace although neighboring cities have had more murders.

More recently, Hollywood producer J.J. Paulsen beat his wife former actress and singer Leanne Serrano-Paulsen to death in their Carmel, Indiana home. Paulsen was known as a writer and producer for such shows as “In Living Color” and “Cosby”. Less than six months prior to Leanne’s death, Paulsen pleaded guilty to breaking her nose. In April 2007, Paulsen claimed that he had sent his wife to an alcohol treatment center due to her heavy alcohol abuse. Shortly thereafter, her naked and savagely beaten, decaying body were found in their family attic. After beating her to death, Paulsen carried on with his life at their home with their child and dog.

For nearly a decade, however, Carmel is at the top of most lists concerning the best places to live. This year, Carmel has been named one of Apartment Therapy’s Coolest Suburbs in America 2019. Some of the mentionable highlights according to Apartment Therapy are the bike trails, the summer farmer’s market, wineries, breweries, and incredible, movie worthy Christmas market.

Additionally, its educational opportunities, support of small business, and thriving economy placed Carmel in the top spot of CNN Money’s list of the best small cities to live in. And thanks to over 100 miles of biking trails, it is also a place to be healthy and breathe in some fresh air. The mix of trendy and traditional, artistic and business savvy, and both indoor and outdoor activities to enjoy, Carmel, Indiana is a great place to call home.

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