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While organic search should be the most efficient marketing channel for B2B SaaS companies, SEO fluency and success has been too complex, costly, or slow for many modern marketing teams to achieve.

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As the country was developing, business and small manufacturers marketed their products in the local community.  If near a river, this gave companies the ability to market to other communities in the area.  It was not until the 20th century that marketing developed into a profession.  The early years were marked with limited travel and communication which led to products only meeting the needs of those near the business location.

Development in transportation increased opportunities to communicate more broadly.  With a new customer base, businesses began to gather information on customers to make new advertising more effective.  One business owner, Josiah Wedgewood, is a good example of new marketing techniques that developed during the period.  He began using direct mail advertising and catalogues to market his wares.  The increased profits that resulted from his efforts gave him the opportunity to show investors that they could reduce the cost of each item by expanding production.

History of Marketing in Columbus

Columbus has the ideal location on the White River.  Also, it is approximately forty miles from Indianapolis.  This has brought many new opportunities for local business owners.  As the city has grown, many of its industrial leaders have brought new opportunities and invested in improvements in the area’s quality of life.

This has created a climate where industry could market their products through river travel and communication with area communities.  Marketing and communication were further enhanced when the first railroad was built in 1844 connecting Columbus with Madison, Indiana.  This railroad was responsible for foster the growth of the community into one of the largest cities in Indiana.  Three more railroads came into the area by 1850 making the city a hub.

Public Forums

Bartholomew County was founded in 1821.  With its seat in Columbus, the courthouse became a natural gathering spot for politicians and community leaders.  Around the same time, the city changed its name from Tiptonia, in honor of the founder General John Tipton, to Columbus.  The most prominent politician to come from this area is former Indiana governor and Vice President, Mike Pence.

Market Booths

It was the development of the railroads that cause Columbus to grow.  Now farmers and manufacturers can trade their products with a larger community.  This also allow to market more broadly and advertise in the areas.  Area markets, such as Columbus Farmers Market still provide this trading opportunities on weekends.


Just like the railroads, the development of highways in the area, such US 31, allowed for greater business movement.  The popularity of motorcars started businesses using billboards along roadways to market their products and lure travelers to stop at their restaurant, motel or shops.  The area also attracted several automakers such as Reeves as early as 1911.


Radio advertising became a popularly way for businesses to marketing their products.  Many found sponsoring radio shows was a great way to develop name recognition and product placement.  Later, television advertising outpaced radio but it continues to be an effective tool.  Today, a number of stations, including QMIX, WHUM and White River Broadcasting provide service to the area.

School Marketing

When companies want to reach younger audiences, they often become involved in the local schools.  Through team sponsorships, yearbook advertising and social media have been useful tools for businesses to connect with teens and share product information.  It serves a two-fold purpose in that business gain recognition in the community and for supporting local education.  Also, many companies will hold volunteer projects at schools as team building days for their staff.  This achieves the same goals.  With 11,000 students in the school system, many have way that there are many ways to support them and share their business messaging.

Business Hubs

In most communities, the Chamber of Commerce serves as the primary hub for business leaders.  The daily newspaper in Columbus, The Republic, offers many opportunities to marketing their products and services.


While many business leaders are active in the Chamber of Commerce, community organizations, such as the Rotary and Kiwanis Clubs are also popular networking meetings.  As is common in smaller communities, local coffee shops and cafes are unofficial gathering spots for business owners to informally gather and share information.

Columbus SEO

Every marketing technique defined so far has been rather traditional.  While these methods continue to be used, newer marketing techniques have emerged in recent years that allow corporations to communicate and marketing their products to increasingly larger audiences.  In the 1990s, it became important for businesses to have a website.  In today’s marketplace, their also need to search engine ranking so that customers can find their website.  The use of interactive marketing lets them communicate directly with current customers and reach out to potential ones.

Search engine optimization (SEO) has allow even small businesses to reach further.  When initiated, SEO increases a company’s profile in search engines.  With Columbus SEO services, the organic rankings will grow.  The tactic of using paid listings is popular.  However, search engines, such as Google and Bing, give paid listings lower rankings in favor of organic ones.

Every business needs the work of a digital marketing Columbus SEO company for digital marketing.  While many claim to deliver this service, few can provide trusted results.  When vetting SEO companies in Columbus, leadership needs to understand claims of results before engaging them.

Columbus SEO Company

A Columbus SEO expert must maintain their technical knowledge.  Search engines frequently alter their parameters, so a Columbus SEO company staff have to remain aware of changes and how they impact customers.  Many business do not have this expertise on staff.  For IT staff, SEO is outside of their scope.  Growing businesses need the skills that a Columbus SEO firm can provide.  As an SEO Company in Columbus, our team at DemandWell actively supports companies with their SEO and internet marketing needs.

Columbus SEO Agency

There are many advertising agencies Columbus businesses have access to.  But a digital marketing agency Columbus businesses can trust needs to have demonstrated results.  A SEO agency Columbus can turn to is DemandWell.  Our team focuses solely on SEO and website marketing.  This allows us to capture developing across our client based and within the industry.  If a search engine adjusts their strategy, we can quickly respond before performance is significantly impacted.  By using this approach, customer acquisitions costs are lowered and lead generation increases.  That’s why so many businesses rely of DemandWell.

Best SEO

Searching for a professional SEO company can stymie some business owners.  The techniques and terminology are often unfamiliar.  Understanding some the basics can move you from the public relations firms Columbus has toward a top SEO provider.

Small businesses need a professional SEO firm that will communicate clearly and respond quickly when there is a question.  Deadlines need to be met regularly.  Problems should be dealt with when they arise.  These are the qualities of the best SEO companies.  Any firm that offers a standard SEO solution should be avoided.  This indicates that they are not tailoring the service appropriately to their client.  Standard solutions do not work in the SEO industry.  When companies find the right SEO company, they will experience services like conversion rate optimization that will drive their sales.

Columbus Web Design

There are several goals when working with SEO.  Increasing visibility online is the first one.  But web design and digital marketing also drive the conversation rate and therefore sales. In website marketing, a professional will look at a web design and handle conversions rate optimization (CRO).  Their adjustments to web design and internet marketing techniques will increase sales by converting more incoming traffic.  Higher web traffic and increasing sales is every business’ goal.

Media Companies Columbus

Increased online visibility should be the only goal of SEO.  SEO should not be a company’s sole marketing plan.  They also need the use traditional marketing streams and include social media and video marketing.  Some efforts in video marketing Columbus companies have used are successful way to demonstrate products.  With social media marketing Columbus businesses can target new clientele with their marketing messages.  The benefits of utilizing multiple marketing streams is that potential customers receiving marketing messages is many different ways today.  The successful media companies Columbus have includes SEO, video techniques, social media and strategic web design for enhanced online marketing.  Our team at DemandWell focusing on communication, delivering results and increasing traffic and converting it to sales.

History of Columbus

The community of Columbus has been blessed with many industry leaders that invested in the city.  The initial land purchase was made by General John Tipton in 1820.  The original town that grew up in the are was known as Tiptonia in his honor.  However, the name of the growing community changed in 1821 to Columbus.  When he discovered the name change, Tipton left the area and was appointed the new highway commissioner for Indiana.  When he was charged with building the first highway from Louisville, KY to Indianapolis, he created the first bypass road around Columbus.

Columbus is perhaps best known for its modern architecture and public art.  The Crump Theater, built in 1889, provided a wide range of entertainment options.  Then many manufacturing companies moved into the area including Noblitt-Sparks Industries which built Arvin radios and Meritor, Inc which was under the parent company of Rockwell International.  Cummings, Inc. and Toyota Material Handling (forklift production) also came in.  Most notably, J. Irwin Miller, president of Cummins, started the Cummins Foundation with a focus on providing funds for upcoming architects and artists.  The results have been a large number of modern architecture buildings and public works projects that have been listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  This community investment has driven the development of the city of Columbus.

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