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Competitor Analysis Framework

Establishing a cohesive marketing strategy for your business can be a challenging endeavor on its own. However, your plan will most likely need to be improved over time as you seek to improve your methods and garner increasing success. One of the most important tools your business will rely on for this improvement is competitor analysis.

Competitor analysis allows businesses to observe and analyze their competition to see where they are finding success and what methods they use to reach their goals. With competitor analysis, you can identify broader trends in the market, which can help your business learn what to target to achieve growth. With all the benefits competitor analysis brings, it is easier said than done. Your process must be thorough. Merely knowing which one of your competitors is successful is not enough. This is where a competitor analysis framework comes into play.

A competitor analysis framework is a tool that assists companies in achieving insightful competitor analysis. Example frameworks will usually provide a visual representation of the information gathered so that your team can more easily grasp the variety of data presented and its impact. With a competitor analysis framework, your team may see information about things such as sales, marketing campaigns, and other business strategies.

The process of creating a competitor analysis framework to produce a robust report is layered, and there are many methods to reach a result. To help make this concept more straightforward, we will go more in-depth into the nature of competitor analysis. Our discussion will cover topics like competitor traffic analysis, elaborate on SEO competition, and provide further details on the methods and examples of a cohesive competitor framework analysis.

Competitor Traffic Analysis

To begin, let’s go over competitor traffic analysis and how your marketing team can use it to inform their strategies.

A competitor traffic analysis looks at the web traffic that your competitors are excelling in with organic search, as well as what keywords are shown to be the most valuable to their success. This is an important process because it can help you identify what topics are important for SEO success in your industry. Recognizing the importance of this analysis, Demandwell offers solutions to help businesses conduct competitor traffic analysis.

Our Share of Search Audit was created to provide critical SEO insights to marketing teams in an accessible format. With our competitor analysis model providing straightforward data visualizations and clear staff recommendations, a Share of Search Audit can be an invaluable tool for helping your business identify the key differentiators between you and your competitors.

Marketing teams need to be on the pulse of market trends and be able to adapt content to fulfill the current SEO hotspots. With a Share of Search Audit, you can mark off your SEO competitor analysis checklist, reveal what your most successful competitors are using for high rankings, and pursue these avenues to increase your own business’s traffic.

Competitor Analysis Framework Template

A competitor analysis framework is an important feature, and you should know what to look for If your team is looking to undertake the process and create their own. A competitor analysis framework will have some key areas that should be visible to help guide your strategy, so let’s establish what precisely these data points are.

We mentioned it before, but a competitor analysis template should include an area for competitor keywords. Knowing which keywords your competition focuses on is crucial information because if they rank highly in searches and receive many impressions and a term you are not acquainted with, your business could be losing out on many opportunities.

On top of their strengths, a competitor analysis framework should also be able to show you where your competition is performing underwhelmingly. These weaker ranking keywords are a great opportunity for your team to target queries that your competition has not jumped on yet, giving your business the advantage when it comes to SEO visibility.

Some competitor analysis reports may be more in-depth, but these areas should be the bare minimum to allow your marketing team to adjust their methods.

SEO Competition

The term SEO visibility is a reminder of another important concept: SEO competition. When discussing how to do a competitor analysis, what we are really asking is what our SEO competition looks like.

In today’s world, where the internet comes to dominate more and more of our activities, marketing departments have to respond and improve their digital marketing strategies. A poorly-developed digital presence could mean that your business gets lost in a sea of competitor content, never being able to make contact with interested customers.

This is why SEO content and SEO competition are so important. Appropriately managing your SEO content is crucial for establishing and improving your presence online. This is also why it is important to follow through with competitor analysis. Example marketing plan processes should include questions about competitor initiatives and leave room for your business to adapt as necessary.

If you are already convinced of the importance of competitor analysis, consider grabbing a competitor analysis template free download. You’ll be able to see which specific areas you should anticipate for your own marketing plans and not end up caught unprepared when your proper competitor analysis report comes in.

Competitor Analysis Report

For the moment, let’s talk more about a competitor analysis report and what it will offer to your team. You may have already come across a competitor analysis pdf, but if not, here is what you can expect from the report.

A competitor analysis report pdf will most likely include a mention of your target market and provide a general overview of your business and its offerings and how you compare to your competition and their products. After providing a good description of your business, then the competitor analysis report can get into the details of your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses.

This helps explain why it’s important to establish the details of your business and market first. The analysis taking place is meant to help identify where you can improve based on the strengths and weaknesses of the rest of your industry. You need to make sure that you have a thorough understanding of your market so you can understand how you need to appeal to them. You may have a general gist of the content you need to provide, but with competitor analysis, you can ensure you’re using the SEO tactics needed to make it visible.

Competitor Analysis Framework Example

The importance of competitor analysis cannot be overstated. Without this important practice, you can be left entirely outmatched by your competition, and without powerful digital tools in place, you would not even understand why you are falling behind.

The competitor analysis framework example we mentioned earlier helps illustrate just how much information is related to SEO competition and how difficult this data would be without the help of software and other tools. If you have already grabbed a competitor analysis example pdf, then you may have already glimpsed the wide array of data included in it.

Luckily, data organization and visualization have come a long way, and especially here at Demandwell, your competitor analysis pdf should be incredibly accessible, with straightforward data visualizations that make the recommended path forward very clear to see.

Now before we wrap up, the last important thing to note is the variety of methods that can be employed for competitor analysis. There are different models and measurements that marketing teams can look toward for reference. What is important, no matter what your methods are, is that you can relate these observations back to your own marketing strategy and ensure successful adaptation and growth for your content and business as a whole.

Competitor Analysis Methods

In your research on competitor analysis, you may have come across lists of many different competitor analysis methods to help construct a competitor analysis report. These competitor analysis models may offer some differences in what they provide. However, the content is all aimed at the same result: improving your SEO visibility versus your competitors.

This is the key factor you should be looking for on any competitor analysis pdf. What does the data represent for my marketing team? How can you create actionable goals based on these insights and use these recommendations to improve your results compared to your competition?

This is the goal of Demandwell’s Share of Search Audits. We want to help our partners identify key information like content gaps and explore the areas of SEO that your team might not be aware of. With the support of these services, your team can bridge these content gaps and work to run neck-in-neck, if not surpass, your competition.

SEO competition can be difficult, and without the right tools and experience on your side, your marketing team can be left feeling frustrated and directionless. Competitor analysis helps orient your team toward the path they can follow for success.

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