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Competitor Analysis Model

Competitor analysis is an essential tool for any marketing team. In the past, competitor analysis might have been a more traditional pen-and-paper, word of mouth, and in-person scouting report type of analysis, but with the prevalence of the internet in today’s business world, competitor analysis for digital marketing is a different approach.

An efficient competitor analysis model will cover key digital marketing highlights, namely SEO performance and competition. A competitor analysis report template may be filled with many charts and graphs of data to help visualize the areas where your business differs from your competitors. No SEO competitor analysis report pdf would be complete without also including recommendations on how to proceed and how you should adjust your content to address these mismatches with your competitors.

The competitor analysis process takes a very thorough approach to gathering data regarding your competitors in your industry and organizing the relevant info in such a way that you and your team can use the insights to identify market trends and areas of improvement. With the sheer amount of data available online, undertaking these competitor analyses is a task that may be much too large for an individual or even a team to handle.

Therefore, software solutions working in tandem with human staff is how competitor analysis has evolved to suit modern business marketing needs. In this article, we’ll cover what these needs are and how to do a competitor analysis. By the end, we will have covered example models and marketing plans, as well as in-depth into the various methods used for competitor analysis.

With how important competitor analysis is, it is important that you understand the process and find a good partner to help accomplish these goals.

Competitor Analysis Framework Example

One such partner that you can rely on is Demandwell. We have extensive experience working with marketing teams and SEO content, with interest in maximizing a brand’s visibility on the internet. Competitor analysis is an essential part of our offerings, and without this aspect, our partners may miss out on crucial information to help guide their content strategy.

One of our competitor analysis initiatives is our Share of Search Audits. This tool utilizes our advanced platform and software solutions, along with our expert personnel, to provide a roadmap on how businesses can address their shortcomings and identify where their competition is succeeding and where they are not. A helpful competitor analysis framework example we could offer would include coverage of “content gaps,” areas of your content output where you are performing poorly while your competition is thriving. Data points like these are essential pieces of a competitor analysis framework template and are a key piece of insight for marketing teams in any business.

While it is essential to know what your competitors’ success looks like, knowing where they come up short is also helpful to see where your efforts are currently succeeding and identify other areas where you can branch out. A Share of Search Audit could help identify underused keywords and topics where your competition does not rank well that you could swoop in and maximize for your gain.

With enough research, you could find a competitor analysis example PDF online that can break down all the data visualizations you can expect from the report. Otherwise, you can reach out on the Demandwell website and request your very own Free Share of Search Report. Competitor analysis is a purely positive initiative for your business, don’t hesitate to seek out this assistance today.

Competitor Analysis Example Marketing Plan

With your competitor analysis report obtained, you can now use this gathered technical competitive analysis to create a responsive content marketing plan. A competitive analysis framework template offers only one piece of the larger puzzle when it comes to your team’s larger marketing goals. You now need to apply this gathered insight in a way that will maximize your SEO visibility.

You can even look to leave space for adaptation while making your current marketing plan based on your competitor analysis example. Marketing plan construction will usually require your team to set some concrete objectives on what content will be produced and how it will be marketed to increase the reach of the business. Without utilizing competitor analysis, this may have been enough before, but with competitor analysis on your side, you’ll want to make sure your team is flexible and willing to stay on the pulse of changing market trends.

A marketing plan altered by a strong competitor analysis report should seek to address the shortcomings of the original strategy. Take a look at your old plan and take a thorough look at the entirety of the process. How did the gaps in your content come to be? Is there a way you can better prepare for your next marketing initiatives? What are the logistical changes needed to produce better, more effective content for the future of your business?

These are all questions that a competitor analysis report can help answer. Guidance is incredibly valuable in any area of life, but when it comes to business, experience may be valued most highly of all. Trends will change, and markets will shift, but expert insight supported by reliable data will allow you to ride out these waves and maximize them for your benefit.

Competitor Analysis Example

The importance of competitor analysis is in how it can provide direction to a marketing team that is unsure how to move forward with their content strategy. You may have read some guides and followed some advice you heard, but SEO content will require some knowledge that is inherent to the industry that you are in. If your peers (or more likely competitors) are unwilling to share their trade secrets, then you can be left in a cycle of trial and error, hoping that your successes will outweigh your losses.

A strong competitor analysis example will provide a marketing team with this insight without the need for it to be reported from your competitors. By thoroughly scrutinizing the data and identifying key data points relevant for SEO initiatives, a competitor analysis framework can enlighten teams on the exact areas where they are falling behind in their industry.

Before you ever receive a competitor analysis report of your own, you can think ahead about what to consider by finding a competitor analysis example PDF. These should help you understand what to expect from these reports and shift your perspective on what you should consider when your marketing team is building your content strategies.

Competitor Analysis PDF

Not every competitor analysis PDF will be as valuable as the next, so the information covered in this article should help you identify which ones are helpful and which ones will likely not suit your purposes.

A competitive analysis report PDF should offer data visualizations neatly organized and simply explained, making the content as accessible as possible, to amateurs and business veterans alike. Then, you should be able to clearly understand why each section was included and what its purpose is.

The typical competitor analysis report PDF will include sections for keyword analysis, offering insight into what keywords are winners for your competition and how your content matches up to these standards. By providing a clear measure of this juxtaposition, your team can have clear insight into where your current methods are falling short and what area will need focus moving forward. This can also show you the reverse: places where you succeed and your competitors do not.

On top of competitor successes, a good competitive analysis report template should also offer insight into where you and your competitors are missing out on keywords. Sometimes terms are overlooked when they could easily be another quality search term for your business. Identifying these overlooked queries and optimizing your content for them is a way that you cannot only match your competitors but even look to outpace them.

Competitor Analysis Methods

The various competitor analysis methods used to create these frameworks can all fall under the umbrella of SEO competitive intelligence initiatives. These tasks are meant to comb the internet for relevant data points regarding your competitors that can help guide your content strategy to match them.

Successful competitor analysis models will offer the insight we discussed here today. You should be able to understand how your keyword usage has set you apart from your competitors and where you need to improve. You should also be able to identify areas where you can look to gain an edge, producing content for niche queries that will drive up your overall SEO visibility.

The convenient organization and accessibility of these reports have made the job of marketing departments significantly easier. Every marketing team involved with digital marketing should consider procuring competitor analysis reports on a regular basis. If the templates and guides are not enough, you can consider a partner like Demandwell to deliver these insights.

SEO content is the driving force behind digital content marketing. Make sure that your business is traveling down the right road, headed toward success.

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