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While organic search should be the most efficient marketing channel for B2B SaaS companies, SEO fluency and success has been too complex, costly, or slow for many modern marketing teams to achieve.

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Competitor Analysis Online

Growth and success will come from focusing on your business goals, improving efficiency, and increasing your knowledge of your industry through experience. Learning how to maximize the returns of your SEO content will also come from a lot of personal experience and trial and error. However, each person or business only has so much time to succeed or fail, and crucial insight cannot wait. This is where businesses should turn to competitor analysis. Online marketing comes with a lot of unique challenges and approaches, and your competitors may have an edge in areas where you do not.

The idea of competitor analysis, which is just observing competing businesses and determining where they find success and failure compared to you, is not a new idea. However, when it comes to doing a competitor analysis for online businesses and SEO, the methods shift slightly. When it comes to online marketing, for instance, keyword competitor analysis can be your most effective tool for improving your content. Still, you may be totally unaware of how to approach this concept.

This has been the case for many businesses, and thankfully, whenever pressing issues like these occur, other businesses step up to offer solutions. These digital solutions come in the form of software that utilizes machine intelligence in tandem with human personnel in order to generate personal and in-depth competitor analysis reports to inform businesses about how they measure up compared to their industry competition. For the average business to generate such insight, it would require extensive amounts of time and expertise that are unreasonable for many organizations, especially for small marketing teams.

To help establish what these tools are, how they work, and how they can aid online businesses, we are going to break down some key concepts in this post. We’ll offer some examples, explain the tools and how to do a competitor analysis with them, and then finish up by explaining how any business, including yours, can find a helpful competitor analysis solution.

Competitor Analysis Tools

Competitor Analysis tools on the market today are aimed at addressing a few key aspects of your content as opposed to your competitor’s content. Before we go further into what these tools are and what they accomplish, let’s explain why your business would look for a competitor analysis in the first place.

You may have organized and begun conducting an SEO strategy for your marketing team, and after some time, noticed that your efforts were not returning the results you were looking for. With the research that your team completed, you are all still having a hard time finding what area needs improvement. With more experience and talking with veterans in the field, you could make some small changes to improve, but one of your best opportunities for improvement is to analyze where other teams are finding success.

This is where SEO competition software comes into play. The internet is massive, and the amount of content to analyze from your competitors is also too much to handle for nearly any marketing team working by hand. An SEO competitive analysis tool utilizes machine intelligence and digital software, along with human staff guiding the process, to gather relevant data from your competitors and observe how their content is achieving its ranking and reach.

Tools like these can accomplish in-depth website competitor analysis that is invaluable for any marketing team planning their content strategy. Once your team has uncovered what success looks like in your industry, and how the top players are achieving their results, then you can better orient your content toward success in the future.

Competitors Analysis Example

To help explain how a competitor analysis tool functions, it might be best to offer an example. There are a few different areas where competitor analysis can occur, but let’s begin by explaining the relevance of search engine rankings.

When creating content for your SEO content strategy, you are working with search engine algorithms in mind. This is because search engine algorithms are how the world interfaces with the vast amount of information available through the internet. Without a convenient system to scan through all of the data available, it would be very difficult for anyone to uncover the information they were looking for.

A search engine algorithm will use keywords in a person’s search to generate a list of relevant content and offer it to them as a result. This is where SEO content optimization is key. You want your keyword usage in your own content to be optimized for what your audience will typically be searching for so that your brand will appear in their search results. So, a great competitor analysis example is search engine ranking.

Search engine ranking is the cornerstone of competitor analysis. SEO is integral to businesses and understanding how your competition ranks higher in searches is one of the best advantages that a competitor analysis tool can give you. But just so you can be sure that your competitor analysis is solid, let’s cover what a strong SEO competitor analysis template looks like?

An effective SEO competitor analysis should cover your ranking versus your competition, and in what specific areas they are surpassing your efforts. For example, searches that your competitors appeared in but you didn’t, keywords that they ranked for, and how their usage matched yours are all important data points that you should have access to in order to improve your content strategy.

Competitor Analysis Template

We covered briefly what a competitor analysis template should include, but we can go a bit more in-depth about what to expect from a competitor analysis report. The first important question to ask yourself is, what information would you value in order to make improvements to your content? A good competitor analysis framework should be able to accommodate these requests and introduce you to data that you didn’t even know was important.

A competitor analysis example generated by a competitor analysis tool should essentially open up all of the ways that your content fundamentally differs from your competitor, as well as where you are evenly matched. Sometimes you will notice that you and your competitors are all relying on the same tested industry tricks. In that case, you could even be inspired to learn how you can further differentiate yourself from the rest of the field.

Your marketing team will turn to a competitor analysis when reflecting on your own efforts is not affording any more progress. Information is not acquired in a vacuum, and you need to experience as many examples from others in your industry as possible so that all your learning does not come from your own trials and tribulations.

So when looking for a competitor analysis template online, look at how they accommodate the information you feel you need to improve your business. Then, observe how they cover other areas that you were unaware of or didn’t consider very important. If the template you find can teach you something, then odds are that it is an effective tool.

Otherwise, you may want to turn to more powerful tools for competitor analysis, like the digital solutions provided by the competitor traffic analysis tools at Demandwell.

Competitor Traffic Analysis

Competitor traffic analysis looks at how your competitors are succeeding in organic search and identifies which keywords are the most powerful in their content strategy. As we mentioned before, this is invaluable in the realm of online competitor analysis, as it can completely transform your approach to your content, and help you define a new path to take for high-quality SEO writing.

Demandwell values this competitor traffic analysis highly as well, and it is the backbone of one of our most important features, the Share of Search Audit. Using competitor analysis tools, Demandwell can give marketing teams critical SEO insights that help accelerate growth and drive more traffic to your business. Our software makes observing the data we gather very accessible, as we have simple data visualizations and clear recommendations to improve your content strategy.

With a Share of Search audit, you can learn about various issues concerning your content versus your competitors, including:

  • The gap between you and your biggest competitor on main keywords
  • Where your competitors are ranking and you are not
  • How many more impressions your competitors are gaining when they outrank you
  • What “weak” keywords you can utilize to overcome your competition
  • How you should produce SEO content moving forward

Demandwell is not the only business that understands the necessity of this information, but we do strive for accessibility and clarity when it comes to our tools and interface. We also try to make it as easy as possible for companies to partner with us and improve their SEO content success.

To help companies get started with competitor analysis and learn how we can help improve your content, you can fill out a form on our site and use our Free Share of Search audit tool to receive your very own SEO competitor analysis report pdf. Hopefully, after reading this, the benefits of competitor analysis for your business are even clearer and you feel confident in pursuing it.

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