What Can You Learn From A Free Competitor Analysis Report?

Don’t let FOMO get you down. Demandwell’s Share of Search Audits answer questions like: “What are my competitors ranking for that I’m not even indexed for?” “Where can I focus to reduce their biggest advantages?” Competitive intelligence is one piece of an effective keyword strategy. SERPs are a race to the top, and these audits highlight competitive organic search opportunities you can win. Request an audit, and schedule a consultation now.

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Competitor Analysis Report

It is important for businesses to understand where they stand among their competitors. Does your brand capture enough impressions online? Demandwell’s competitor analysis report offers insight that helps businesses, specifically, B2B SaaS companies, generate an idea of how to market their business based on a measure of how your brand markets itself versus your competitors. In this competitive analysis report, Demandwell provides a plan of action to attract new business. The SEO analysis report that Demandwell curates helps businesses see the bigger picture in how their businesses compare with others like them. When it comes to your brand’s success, Demandwell has your best interest at heart through SEO management on your website. Demandwell’s competitor analysis report allows you to keep your finger on the pulse to see how your brand compares with others in the same market. Staying afloat in any market can be a challenge.

That is why Demandwell’s SEO competitor analysis report can help transform your brand with dynamic brand metrics. A competitive analysis report from Demandwell gives marketers a chance to see how to better optimize your site’s SEO content by taking a deeper dive into what your competitors are doing to be successful. One major part in which Demandwell’s competitive analysis report helps to make your brand visible to the right people is through its share of search feature, which gives a measure of the market share that your brand owns compared to your competitors through organic search results online.

With this feature, Demandwell’s SEO competitor analysis report allows for brands to gauge how relevant they are in their market. Demandwell’s competitor analysis report has become a vital part of any brand’s metrics to stay relevant in today’s expanding online marketplace. The competitor analysis report can be incredibly useful in tracking how SEO activity on your site impacts your brand’s search visibility online.

Competitor Analysis Example

We can find a competitor analysis example among the large competitor landscape for any number of markets online. First, of course, it could help to answer one simple question that many marketers may ask: what is SEO competitive analysis (explain with example)? For one, Google Trends analyzes competitors in multiple markets by looking at the popularity of top Google Search queries around the world. When marketers make use of this tool, the share of search in any given market is sure to return loads of feedback on how your competitors are taking advantage of the most up-to-date SEO trends to get ahead in their market. Competitive analysis is an analysis of all of your primary competitors. This is why an SEO competitive analysis example is so valuable.

Major companies want to see how their search viability works against their competitors in an organic search online. To outpace the competition, it is important to note how competitor analysis helps push your business up in the search engine ranking. Competitor analysis not only helps to identify competitors, also helps label groups within your competition landscape based on their capabilities.

Competitor Analysis Framework

The competitor analysis framework that Demandwell uses to help you face the competition could serve you well, depending on your needs. The competitive analysis in business plan will include solid frameworks to help guide your business to the top of the search engine rankings. Demandwell’s SEO competitive analysis framework includes major ideas like looking out for the threat of new entrants into your market and finding out how quickly the market is growing based on the intensity of competitive rivalry in your market. Demandwell’s competitor analysis framework tries to find new businesses in your market to keep you informed of what they are doing to stand out so that you can also stand out.

The competitive analysis used in many business plans also shares ideas associated with the growth share matrix, which is an analysis framework that classifies the products in your business’s portfolio against the competitive landscape in your respective industry online. Demandwell’s SEO competitive analysis framework takes this idea a step further to look out for how your searchability stacks up against your competition within the industry that your brand occupies.

Competitor Analysis Report Example

There are multiple examples of how Demandwell analyzes competitors for your company. Demandwell’s competitor analysis report will show many different aspects of how your brand compares with others in your industry. One competitor analysis report example to show is how your brand’s brand awareness compares with your competitors. How well does your audience know your brand? To find out, we can learn how familiar your target market is with your brand and help find ways for that group to grow. One sample of Demandwell’s competitor analysis report is the estimated cost of your competitor’s products compared to yours. Finding good cost comparisons can help keep you ahead of the competition and ultimately set your business up for success.

One major method that Demandwell helps its businesses grow is through the SEO competitor analysis report. In the SEO competitor analysis report, Demandwell can find how well your competitors are utilizing SEO terms within their websites for better searchability online through Google Search. Demandwell’s competitor analysis report will find other major aspects of your competitor’s strategies like their marketability. Does their brand reach their target audience? Where do they fail and how can you capitalize on that? Demandwell’s competitor analysis report can help you find just that.

SEO Competitor Analysis Checklist

So, what can we mark off on our SEO competitor analysis checklist when working with your business in finding how to reach the top of the searchability charts? Our competitor analysis report checklist finds out who your competitors are above just the nine or 10 other websites you are fighting to get to the top of the Google Search query list. Demandwell identifies your competitors through competitor analysis and finds important data pieces that your business may need to fit into their strategy in order to succeed. Another check off the competitor analysis report checklist is running through your competitors’ websites to find what kinds of content they are producing to get ahead of the competition. Your competitor’s on-page SEO is another point to look at on the SEO competitor analysis checklist. By taking a look at your competitor’s list of title tags, headings, subheadings, meta descriptions, structured data, site structure, redirects, and more, you can get a better sense for how well your competition is integrating SEO into their online marketing strategy. One last point to look at when doing a competitor analysis is checking your competition’s backlinks. This is one of the most crucial steps in SEO competitor analysis because backlinks are one of the most important things that may decide who goes to the top of the search engine rankings between you and your competitors.

Importance Of Competitor Analysis

There is a key importance of competitor analysis that many fail to realize in the information age of technology. Many fail to realize that a successful competitor analysis business plan hinges on SEO competitive analysis. An example of how important competitor analysis business plans are would be in the inspiration and insight one can gain from taking part in SEO competitive analysis. If you know what your competitors are doing to stay ahead, you can use their ideas to bring your Google Search query to the top of the rankings. The importance of competitor analysis is in how you can determine how you and your business fit in to the larger market online. Taking a look at the public information while pulling the most important details can help you secure your spot at the top of the market share online. Whether it be your competition’s marketability or their SEO, there is much to pull from that would otherwise never happen if you never took the opportunity to look into competitor analysis. Many opportunities can be found in analyzing your competitors.

Competitive Analysis Template

If you would like an opportunity to see what your competitors are doing in your market, you could start with a competitor analysis template download or competitive analysis template to see how your competitors are faring on the market and what you can do to outpace them. You can find a competitor analysis template via the Demandwell website. By downloading this template, you are taking your first steps to becoming a real force within your market. Also take a look at the SEO competitor analysis template, which takes a look at all the public information on your competitors’ sites to see which has the best SEO and what they did to earn that spot. This competitive analysis template will help guide you through the inner workings of your competitors and the strategies they use to get to the top of the Google Search query rankings. Dig deep to look into one or two of your key competitors with this competitor analysis template and find out where their weaknesses and strengths lie. This template, along with what you know about competitive analysis, will make you a sure fire threat in your market online.

Competitor Analysis Report Continued…

In the current era of business, where the internet acts as the primary form of engagement between customers and businesses, marketing teams face the challenge of connecting with individuals and standing out amongst a vast sea of information. Many digital marketers will focus heavily on one initiative, particularly SEO content. With all of these businesses focusing on SEO content comes another issue: SEO competition.

Gauging the strength of your SEO competition is how you can work to improve your SEO content and guide your marketing strategy in a way that makes your business more successful among your rivals in the industry. The way that businesses currently attempt to understand the success of their competition is through a competitor analysis report.

Competitor analysis utilizes software, among other tools, to gather data regarding your competition and where they are succeeding in SEO content and offer insights into how you surpass their performance and achieve more success for your business. Think of a strong competitor analysis report example as a guide to you versus your competitor and how you match up in vital SEO metrics.

This competitor analysis guide can be a startling process for those unfamiliar. We will use this article to cover SEO competitor analysis, its methods, and how it can help accomplish your business’s marketing goals. By the end of this post, you should have learned about the format of an SEO competitor analysis report and the tools used to generate them.

Finding an edge over your opponents in any area of business is crucial for maintaining growth and not getting lost in a sea of online information. SEO content is a great tool for maintaining brand visibility, and competitor analysis is its most important supporter.

SEO Competitor Analysis Template

When discovering the world of SEO competitor analysis and how it is used to aid digital marketing, you may not know where to begin to uncover its features and usefulness. An SEO competitor analysis template is a great introduction to how SEO competitor analysis reports are made and how content production teams use them.

A competitor analysis report template should cover a few key concepts. After reading your report, you should understand the content “gaps” between you and your competition, including where they rank better with specific keywords. When your rivals are surpassing you in certain keyword rankings, it can mean that your business receives much less awareness from customers, making your rivals the face of your product or service.

On top of what information your competitor analysis template provides, an essential aspect of the report is also how it presents the information. Data can be incredibly difficult to grasp, especially for large-scale operations like the internet and search engine information. Effective competitor analysis templates should offer simple data visualizations and clear ideas for how this data should impact your content strategy.

SEO Competitor Analysis Report PDF

To take it a step further, you may want to seek out an SEO competitor analysis report PDF, so you can properly review the areas you should consider when conducting competitor analysis and formulating your marketing plan. Luckily, here at Demandwell, we offer convenient and powerful SEO competitor analysis tools, and we can offer you a competitor analysis report PDF.

With our Share of Search Audits, businesses can uncover the key differentiators that set them and their competitors apart. You can observe data such as how your competitors succeed across the same main keywords. You can learn about other keywords where they are ranking and you are not. You can also learn how many impressions they are generating compared to you and how you can dominate “weaker” keywords to cover all possible search queries and maximize organic SEO visibility.

To help introduce businesses to this service, we offer a free competitor analysis PDF so that marketing teams can understand where they stand with their current marketing capabilities. We can also help provide relevant and actionable insight to help guide businesses toward the future of their content production strategy.

It’s important to emphasize the aspects of strong competitor analysis report templates that we mentioned above. The data visualizations we provide help make the relevant data we gathered approachable for nearly everyone, whether they’re a seasoned marketer or newer to the digital marketing landscape. On top of visual clarity, we also make sure our recommendations are well supported by the data so companies can verify our stances and feel confident when proceeding along their new marketing path.

Our Share of Search Audits are powerful tools to help digital marketing teams keep their brand competitive in their industry, achieve more visibility, and set higher future growth goals.

SEO Competitor Analysis Tools

With our powerful analysis tool mentioned, it is important that you learn how to differentiate helpful SEO competitor analysis tools from ineffective ones. An ideal competitor analysis SEO tool will provide an impactful competitor analysis report that offers clear guidance on how your team should proceed with improving SEO content and ranking for more keywords. What makes them especially compelling is how they make the content accessible.

Let’s discuss what a great competitive analysis example would include. Regarding accessibility, it would ensure that all data points and insights are made clear and justified in the report. Anyone can be presented with a list of numbers and expansive charts, but if you don’t know what they correspond to or how they inform your content strategy, the data gathered is ultimately useless.

The competitor analysis tools you are looking for will clearly state their goals and how they seek to accomplish them. They may look towards Google search rankings to determine what queries you have improved on or where your competition has carved out a niche. Whatever the approach, the toolset (and the business behind them) should be able to justify the intent of their software and how it can effectively work for you.

Competitor Analysis Framework

A competitor analysis framework is a guide to your goal of analyzing your competitors and gaining new insight from your observation. Just like you might have a content production framework to help guide the formulation of that process, a competitor analysis framework will help you formulate a plan for SEO competition analysis.

The featured information in a competitor analysis report may differ slightly across industries and businesses. Still, there is a general SEO competitor analysis checklist that you can use when undertaking competitor analysis online. We mentioned the clarity of data visualization and how insights are presented, but let’s discuss another key aspect of competitor analysis: content gaps.

Content gaps are the areas in your SEO strategy where you are currently underperforming and where you should apply more effort in the future. If you are isolated and only aware of your own initiatives, it may be difficult to understand these gaps, as you need the comparison to your competitors. When identifying your content gaps, there are a few questions to consider: what are your target keywords, how are you performing in them, and what are some other keywords that could drive traffic to you but aren’t currently?

These are two crucial content gaps that should be prominently featured categories on any B2B competitor analysis template. They can inform the majority of your SEO content strategy. Without sufficient awareness of these areas, you can create content that does not further your goals and sets you back from your competition. Strong SEO strategies require efficient planning backed up by intelligent analytics. Competitor analysis frameworks provide the structure and data necessary to gain new insight into your competition and empower your own strategies accordingly.

Competitive Analysis in Marketing

The importance of competitor analysis for modern businesses cannot be overstated. Competitive analysis in marketing has been around in some form as long as businesses have existed, but in the digital landscape, the dynamics have shifted, and the tools required to succeed have become more complex.

To ensure that your marketing team can excel in digital marketing and develop strategies that will help your business prosper, you should seriously consider getting the assistance of SEO competitor analysis tools to help guide your efforts. With that assistance in getting started, you can always look for a strong competitor analysis example and learn whatever your business needs to succeed.

Demandwell can help provide this education, as we can offer a free competitor analysis example PDF through the efforts of our Share of Search Audits. This process can help businesses understand how their current SEO efforts impact their visibility and how their competition is succeeding by comparison. It can also show marketing teams important keywords their competitors are targeting that are missing from their current SEO strategy.

Ultimately, competitive analysis should empower a marketing team to understand their current limitations and what the next steps should be to surpass them. It should also show straightforward ways to improve SEO performance based on competitors’ successes. In the world of digital marketing, and when it comes to producing effective SEO content, there may not be a more effective tool than competitor analysis.

If you’re committed to SEO success through content production, the Content Production Suite makes it possible for anyone to drive impact with SEO. Let’s talk.

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