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Content Brief

Briefs, as their name implies, are concise documents that provide all of the necessary information for a particular purpose, process, or whatever it may be – in the realm of content marketing, a content brief contains all the relevant information for a content creator to be able to create said content. As a part of an SEO content strategy, content briefs (or content outlines) can provide a basic roadmap to help streamline the content creation process. 


Content briefs serve an important role in the content creation process. A good brief can better prepare the writer so they are more aware of the goals of the content, and briefs that are informed by invaluable keyword research can provide additional opportunities for your content to rank well and potentially draw in more organic traffic. 


Typically, briefs include information about the type of content, the target audience, SEO requirements, any necessary editorial guidance, and deadline expectations. The more guidance you are able to provide will enable writers to deliver quality content of wide varieties – general web copy, blog posts, white papers, and email marketing campaigns, among many others. Content briefs are the catalyst for many content creation enterprises as they provide numerous benefits and generally help to make the process more efficient. 


Projects of all kinds can benefit from the implementation of content briefs; a quality brief can start the whole production process off on the right foot. When writers are able to produce a better first draft, the overall quality of the content improves throughout the production process. When it comes to working with SEO strategies, briefs can be just as valuable. SEO briefs can provide writers with guidelines necessary for satisfying certain SEO-focused initiatives – ideal word counts, specific keywords, headings, and information about the target audience and tone of voice. For these reasons and many others, many companies utilize SEO content briefs within their SEO strategies. 

Content Brief Generator 

For many modern companies, using a content brief generator or content brief software can potentially help speed up SEO content creation. Content brief examples may include things like information about certain keywords to prioritize or how many words the content has to be. Content brief generation tools help marketers discover insights from data to better inform keyword and topic research initiatives. By automating keyword research, tasks that used to take weeks now take only mere moments, saving your organization valuable time and resources. 


Demandwell’s Outline Generator can expedite SEO content production by integrating automated keyword research and dynamic instruction templates for your organization’s content briefs. Demandwell combines the best of machine learning with the most capable human minds to develop SEO content outlines and briefs with keywords that are already auto-grouped. The Outline Generator also allows for human inputs at crucial touchpoints; with Dynamic Instruction Templates, content production managers can provide unique instruction templates so content creators know exactly how to proceed. 


Devising a successful and consistent SEO strategy can take a lot of time and effort, especially for start-ups and smaller businesses with fewer resources. Content brief software can help streamline the overall process while unburdening relevant departments and freeing up employees to handle fewer menial tasks. 

Content Brief Template PDF

There are about as many types of content briefs as there are stars in the sky – quickly searching ‘how to create content brief’ or ‘content brief template PDF’ on Google or Bing can turn up more than a billion search results with a wide sampling of layouts, brief structures, and more. Essentially, a brief is what you make of it – everything about the brief, from the way it looks to the information it conveys, is an effort to convey a message. That message is a guide for the content creator responsible for producing content for your organization. 


Content brief software can help your organization prepare a topic brief template, optimize content creation processes, and develop a singular, authoritative voice or tone for your brand. Are there particular content trends within your industry or particular channels in which your business has seen success? What do your competitors do well that you can focus on in your content brief template? 


It can take time to develop a content brief template that satisfies the needs of your organization, and templates may change as initiatives and directives evolve. But the process of developing a brief is almost as important as what the briefs can accomplish functionally. Briefs can help a team refocus efforts to achieve their objectives, and when content creation software automates the most taxing parts of brief creation, the whole process takes only a fraction of the time. 

How to Write a Content Brief

How to write a content brief really depends on what kinds of goals your organization hopes to achieve – or, in other words, what is the desired outcome of producing and publishing the content? Organizations must first define their primary objectives and identify ways content briefs could help make progress toward achieving those objectives. 


A content brief template or a content outline template can provide content creators with an easy-to-understand guide that provides information about what to write but also the why. Important details like writing to a specific intended audience or including a call to action at the end of the content – are characteristics that can be identified in the brief so the writer knows exactly how to approach the piece. 


A content brief example could also provide insight into the types of keywords that are helping drive organic traffic to your organization’s website. Companies can save time and valuable resources by combining or integrating brief creation and SEO initiatives. Creating high-quality content can take a lot of time and care to produce, so it can be very beneficial to utilize automation technology to truncate the process where possible while maintaining the integrity and spirit of the endeavor. 

SEO Content Brief Template

An SEO content brief is a document that can provide information to the marketing team and/or the writing team involved with content production – especially as it relates to SEO content. To determine what kind of briefs or documents would be most helpful for your organization, there are numerous different types available online, whether you’re looking for an SEO content template, a topic brief template, or an SEO content brief template. There are dozens of templates from which to browse and choose. 


SEO content experts know that it takes time and dedication to develop strategies for content and produce content that ranks well. Because of the time-consuming nature of this process, content briefs help expedite the drafting process by eliminating the need for additional rewrites or revisions later on in the process. Ultimately, this allows organizations to publish more effective content quickly, which can boost SERP figures and potentially even organic website traffic. 


Automated content brief solutions are practically a necessity for organizations with growth objectives publishing high volumes of content, but they can also be vital assets for smaller businesses with fewer resources. Automation software can also help your organization produce in-depth, topical content that can rank better and draw in better traffic numbers. 

Content Brief Template Google Docs

Companies in contemporary marketplaces must adapt quickly and find solutions fast in order to stay competitive in an ever-changing world. Developing your organization’s content brief templates in Google Docs may be an adequate temporary solution, but relying on Google Docs generally means all SEO research and keyword input must be completed using a third-party platform. For a content brief template, Google Docs may not be the best solution in the long term. 


Demandwell’s content brief builder is integrated with SEO software so that automated keyword research automatically populates new content briefs to save valuable time for marketers and content producers. And because Demandwell can input keywords directly into briefs, this helps your business produce content with keywords that your target audience is searching for more quickly. When content goes up quickly, organizations can see quicker results – especially at scale.

Content Calendar Plan

Content creation software solutions can help optimize any business’s content creation initiatives by providing teams with helpful tools that can streamline the process from end to end. Whether you’re creating content for social media engagement initiatives, blog posts for your organization’s website, or SEO performance content to help increase organic traffic – content creation software can help automate some steps of the process to ensure that higher quality content gets delivered more quickly. 


Demandwell’s Content Calendar Plan combines the best content calendar software with the most advanced content planning tools to provide your organization with winning solutions. In order to develop effective strategies, it’s vital to understand how your business intends to measure success. Once you identify your key performance indicators (KPIs), you can begin to define what successful outcomes might look like in this instance. 


Content calendars can provide businesses with a kind of roadmap about the various strategies and content pieces that are planned for the coming weeks and months. Based on your company’s needs, content calendars can provide monthly forecasts or annual forecasts. These documents can serve as guidelines to ensure that teams stay on focus and on-task so that deadlines and objectives are met. 


If you’re committed to SEO success through content production, the Content Production Suite makes it possible for anyone to drive impact with SEO. Let’s talk.

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