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Content Creation Platform

A content creation platform is an online space where users can create and share content. That poses an important question: what is “content?” The state and definition of content is something that has evolved over time since ‘content marketing’ and inbound marketing have risen in popularity. In the most basic definition, “content” is anything you share online or on social media, including blogs, videos, images, newsletters, and much more.  Online content creators use content platforms to share their media. However, some content software has strengths in sharing and some in creating – and they’re usually not the same software.


Because of that, creators (marketers included) are often on the hunt for the best content creation software that will enable them to create the content of their choice in a streamlined and optimized way. After they’ve created the content using an external content software, they can then share with any other content platform of their choosing. 


This is especially true for content creators and platforms with text content, such as blogs and websites. Rarely is the content being created directly in the content platform – it’s being created on a word processor or in a content management system that combines content creation with project management. 


 There are not many ‘one-size-fits-all’ content creation systems. For example, software that generates and outlines SEO content pieces is probably not the same software that you create and edit short videos in. In order to select the best content creation tools for your purposes, you need to define your goals for the content that you share. For example, if your goal is to generate new leads – you should probably go with a type of content that is more likely to result in new leads. For B2B spaces, that type of content is typically webinars, industry reports, white papers, or case studies. These types of content are rich in SEO that can rank well and bring new prospects in from search engines. 

Content Creation Platforms

Online creation tools can help content creators streamline and automate their content creation process, helping them create a higher volume of content at a greater quality. When it comes to SEO content creation, the platform options need to be a little bit more specific. While essentially all content can be branded or created towards the goal of helping with SEO, not all content creation platforms will actively give you actionable steps to boost your SEO performance. 


The content creation process will vary depending on the type of content, the goals for the content, and the size of the organization. However, creating and sharing content is never a one-step process. Written content, in particular, can go through many stages and marketers before it is ready for publication. Without content creation software built for creating and managing SEO content, it could be easy for some projects to get lost in all the hustle and bustle of switching hands. 


The best content creation tools revolutionize the way marketing teams and content creators create their content. Content creation tools should automate where possible and have simple and easy-to-use tools at the ready that takes all the heavy lifting out of creating content. Take Demandwell, for example – our SEO content creation platform contains all of the information that marketers need to create and track a high-performing SEO campaign, including content creation tools. Everything they need, all in one place. 

Content Creation Tools

There are many content creation tools on the market today – it all depends on what sort of content you are trying to make. Many of the best content creation tools used by professionals are subscription-based software that attempts to include as much of an all-in-one approach as possible. However, there are also many free content creation tools online that can streamline creation for most media types. 


Here’s a small list of the best free content creation tools available online:


Canva – Canva has a free plan that creators can use to create and edit social media posts, presentations, posters, videos, logos, and more. 


CapCut – CapCut is a free video editing application that is perfect for editing shorter videos for platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels. It requires no payment information or login. You can even edit out the CapCut logo – there’s no watermark! 


Kapwing – Kapwing is another video editing software that offers a free plan, but it’s more suitable for longer-form video editing for YouTube and other video-sharing content platforms. It’s browser-based and is an example of automated content creation software, as it has AI tools that make editing your videos that much easier. 


When it comes to SEO content tools, there are free options, such as Google Analytics, but they don’t truly fill the role of a complete and fast content creation software. Demandwell automates tedious processes out of your SEO strategy. Demandwell’s software includes automated keyword intelligence that gathers and groups relevant keywords into outline sections for your writers. Its algorithm targets keywords that are likely to perform well for your business and industry, giving you the best chance at success without hours of research and writing. 

Best Content Creation Platforms


The best content creation platforms should also have ways to track that content’s performance directly in the software. With Demandwell, you get an instant analysis of your written SEO content to ensure that it’s ready to rank for the top keywords. After the content has been published, Demandwell tracks the complete SEO performance funnel. Demandwell’s reporting also offers an SEO Health Scorecard along with Auto-Alerts that let you know when new content is necessary to continue ranking. In this way, it’s all of the features you need from the best content marketing platforms without all of the features you don’t need for content that you don’t work with. 


A content marketing platform is a little different from a content creation platform. While content creation platforms are typically for the sole purpose of creating content, content marketing platforms are software solutions that enable marketing organizations to centralize and streamline their marketing content process from beginning to end, including outlining, creation, editing, and publication. This means that it’s like a combination of project management software and a content creation platform.  


The best content platforms are ones that suit your business’s unique needs and goals. For example, it would likely not be useful if organizations more geared towards creating text content were looking at image and video content creator website examples.


Content workflow software also exists; however, most content workflow software programs do not contain content creation tools, which doesn’t suit the needs of someone looking for a complete solution.

Ai Content Creation Tools

As AI gains popularity and acceptance in the workplace, it can definitely be tempting to use AI content software to write all of your SEO content for you. However, experts recommend against it. Search engine crawler bots do not like content written by AI. Even the best AI content creation tool is still just a robot attempting to spit output based on a weighted numerical algorithm. Google and other search engines have ways of detecting content written by AI content creation software and will penalize that content.


There’s also an ethical question about using AI content writing tools. How is the tool being taught? Who’s writing is it used to ‘learn’ what SEO writing sounds like? Is that plagiarism? Stolen work? It’s a question that the industry hasn’t quite figured out. Rather than use an AI tool to write content for you, the best content creation tools use AI to automate repetitive tasks and leave people to do the higher-level things – like write content that your audience will genuinely engage with. 


Search engines want content that has been written by a human and will be genuinely helpful to the reader. Search intent is an important part of any SEO strategy. AI bots are not capable of understanding intent and are likely to produce content that contains keywords but doesn’t actually help the reader. Google and other search engines will punish this by inflicting a negative effect on a website’s rankings. 


If a complete and automated content creation tool is out of your budget, there are lots of resources available online for the best free content creation apps and the best free content creation tools that will allow you to create and manage content and keep people first.

Content Creation Tools For Digital Marketing

Content creation tools for digital marketing are meant to centralize, streamline, and automate content creation wherever possible. This enables marketing teams to create a higher volume of content without sacrificing quality. This helps to bring in more business, increasing revenue. The use of the best content creation tools should be fine-tuned to your business’s needs and goals. 


Examples of digital content creation tools include SEO platforms such as Demandwell. Demandwell offers a complete solution to SEO creation and management. This is perfect for B2B SaaS organizations that are looking to scale their operations quickly and sustainably.  


While there are many lists of content creation tools examples, not every tool is a perfect fit for every organization. Some content creation tools focus on media that some businesses do not produce, such as video or image software. It is also not uncommon in large organizations to have separate software stacks for different types of media. Marketers that are focused on SEO and driving leads with demand-based content would not have a lot of use for online content creation tools that feature influencer marketing, for example.


For organizations that are seeking to increase revenue sustainably and quickly through the use of SEO strategy, Demandwell offers the opportunity to create and launch SEO campaigns with minimal effort.

If you’re committed to SEO success through content production, the Content Production Suite makes it possible for anyone to drive impact with SEO. Let’s talk.

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