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Content Gap Analysis Template

As more companies enter the marketplace, the battle for visibility will become tenser. Content gap analysis templates allow businesses to see ways in which they can improve their SEO strategy and online presence. What is content gap analysis?

Content and product gap analysis templates refer to the reports that show what is missing from your web or product presence. A content gap analysis evaluates your online presence to see if any keywords are missing. These are things that your competitors are capitalizing on which you do not have (a gap in your content.) 

Showing you the top keywords used by your competitors shows what content may be missing from your page. This content is a company’s most direct way to impact their optimization on search engines. As such, the benefits are obvious. Companies that use these types of analysis gain a leg up on their competitors.

Competitor Analysis Framework

A competitor gap analysis template offers a large variety of benefits. A competitor analysis framework can help pave the way forward for many businesses. This happens by exposing areas in which they may be lacking. 

Businesses receive competitor analysis mostly through the competitor analysis of keyword rankings. Through this process, businesses can see where they stand in comparison to the rest. 

Content usually ranks for multiple keywords. Unfortunately, many businesses focus exclusively on one keyword, growing the gap in search share. When this happens, businesses lose sight of the larger picture. Armed with a competitive analysis example pdf, businesses can understand the gap. Only through that understanding can businesses begin to close in on their separation from the competition.

For B2B SaaS marketers, this is especially prevalent. In a tech-savvy industry like this one, businesses are likely to be utilizing these practices already. Those who are not using this in their content strategy are sure to fall behind.

Companies like Demandwell are here to help. They can utilize powerful tools like their Share of Search Report to assist in closing this gap. This report enables B2B SaaS marketers to understand what percentage they’re receiving of the searches made for their industry. In helping them to understand where they stand, this helps provide actionable recommendations on how they may improve.

Website Gap Analysis Template

Website gap analysis is a crucial tool that must all B2B SaaS marketers should be utilizing. Businesses must learn where they stand if they wish to know what areas warrant more focus. Looking at website gap analysis templates can leave marketers with more than a few questions, however.

When considering how to do a content gap analysis, the first question business owners should consider is: what goals would you specifically like to accomplish? For many, the goal is to increase their share of organic traffic from search engines. With that goal in mind, there are numerous methods to achieve it.

Demandwell, for example, offers a free tool to B2B SaaS marketers that it calls the Share of Search report. As the name implies, this report will determine if you are receiving the appropriate amount of organic search interest. In other words, it will identify gaps in your SEO strategy and offer suggestions for how to fill them.

Regardless of the tool used, analyzing the areas where your business is lacking is essential to success. The most successful marketers remain open to any changes and feedback that may come up. It’s important to maintain a flexible mentality in this ever-changing industry. Without one, businesses will find themselves lined up behind a rigid strategy that doesn’t change when needed.

Free Content Gap Analysis Tool

B2B SaaS marketers should be well aware of the importance of closing the gap or even gaining an advantage over competitors. Many of the tools that exist to help accomplish this can be exorbitantly expensive. Luckily, there are a few SEO free tools that are useful. 

While many of the options can feel unrefined or not very effective, solutions like Demandwell’s free Share of Search Report offer a tremendous advantage. This tool is available for all B2B SaaS marketers via their website.

Many companies are looking to receive a free competitor analysis solution. Demandwell may be the best option there is on this front. Their free content gap analysis tool helps to find the next keywords to target as part of your SEO strategy.

On top of the free report provided, Demandwell is also available to discuss the results. They do this by offering the ability to book a free consultative meeting after the report. This meeting is a great opportunity to review the results of the report and discuss potential interpretations of it.

For businesses that are looking for free solutions to these needs, Demandwell offers a powerful tool in their Share of Search Report. This free service offers a robust way for marketers to dip their toes in the waters of SEO. Those satisfied with these free services may want to step their game up further. 

Luckily, there are many other SEO services available through Demandwell. SEO strategies help increase visibility in increase the share of organic traffic you receive.

Content Gap Analysis Example

There are many different content gap analysis tools available. Business owners can get lost looking through the many content gap analysis examples available. After spending hours looking, it’s easy to still be unsure of the best option for your business. 

Ultimately, the best content gap tool will depend on your business. What you specialize in and what you’re looking to accomplish with it is important. Some tools, for example, only work for particular industries or verticals. While this may seem restrictive, it offers an advantage. Namely, of being intimately familiar with the complex needs of your business.

While some tools try to be for everyone, they rarely are. SEO can change drastically between verticals. Platforms that attempt to generalize their service often fall short of meeting the needs of all their users. As such, it’s a good idea to consider a platform that works exclusively with your type of business.

B2B SaaS marketers may find their best solution to be Demandwell, for instance. Exclusively for B2B SaaS marketers, Demandwell offers a free tool for content gap analysis available to all. Their Share of Search Report and a free consultation is open to anyone that fits this category! 

Regardless of the industry of a particular business, this exercise is crucial. Finding a company that works for you is an important step in maintaining a successful business.

Competitor Analysis Report

Competitor analysis reports will offer a wide range of information. The information gathered from these reports allows businesses to consider which keywords to focus on. Many of these resources can be expensive, making them seem out of reach for many. 

Luckily, the Share of Search Report from Demandwell is available for free. Though, only to all B2B SaaS marketers.

In addition to this, Demandwell offers a free consultation to explain how to use this competitive analysis chart. Marketers can then compare themselves against three of their top competitors. This comparison uses keyword rankings for industry-specific keywords.

Using keyword gap analysis, you can develop a keyword planner to determine how best to target your audience. Benefits of gap analysis report examples include:

  • More Web Traffic – The first step to growth is more visiting your site.
  • More Conversions – Once they’re on your page, conversions are crucial. Increasing conversions in a single point can impact every part of your funnel.
  • More Revenue – SEO strategies help drive high-intent visitors to your website. Unlike marketing and paid channels, organic traffic comes to you out of interest, not out of advertisements.

The Share of Search report from Demandwell offers powerful assistance for B2B SaaS marketers. The subsequent consultation which is also complimentary makes this a no-brainer. Businesses have nothing to lose and only potential upside to using this impressive tool. 

SEO Content Gap Analysis

Businesses utilize SEO content gap analysis for a variety of benefits. Most importantly, they use them to ensure they are receiving a fair share of organic traffic. Through content gap analysis businesses can determine SEO strategies. SEO content gap analysis helps businesses grow, informing them what is working and what needs attention.

For B2B SaaS marketers, this is an essential practice. This will only become more true as the number of companies in the industry continues to rise. Knowing what gaps exist will only become more important. Competitors are already utilizing this to boost their visibility online. As a result, businesses that aren’t will likely not be able to acquire or maintain the first page of search results.

Luckily, many companies exist to help with this. Some of them even offer free solutions to this issue. Demandwell, for instance, offers a free Share of Search report for all B2B SaaS Marketers. This report serves a very similar function to other SEO content gap analysis tools. This report works to provide keyword analysis and a better understanding of your place within the rankings of search engines.

After the report, Demandwell also offers a free consultation with a professional who will walk you through the results. Businesses can be confident they are pursuing the right keywords through this. That pursuit leads to companies receiving their fair share (or more) of traffic.

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