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Content Marketing Funnel

Attracting new, qualified leads and creating organic growth for your business are not easy goals to achieve. There are a lot of variables to consider, and not every strategy is going to be able to get you the kind of results you are looking for. That’s why it’s important to consider your approach carefully when you’re planning your next marketing strategy to give your business the best possible chance to secure that organic growth that nearly every business craves.

One of the most effective strategies for creating organic growth is an SEO (search engine optimization) content strategy. SEO content is online marketing content that has been carefully optimized to appeal to search engine algorithms, which can give your business’s content a better shot at appearing high up on the list of search results when customers search for keywords that are relevant to your business. All kinds of content can be optimized for search engines, like blog posts, pages on your website with product information or tutorials, and much more.

One of the best ways to create a successful SEO content marketing strategy is to use an SEO content creation and performance tracking platform like Demandwell. Demandwell can offer a variety of software and services to help businesses have an easier time with SEO content creation and management. One service, in particular, that can be a huge benefit to any business that wants to use an online content marketing strategy to capture more organic leads is a content marketing funnel.

This is a marketing strategy that takes each of the customer journey stages into account so that specialized content can be created for each stage. A content marketing funnel leads consumers to the most relevant content for where they are at in the consumer lifecycle, like consideration content or content for awareness stage.

Each different stage requires different kinds of content for maximum impact on the consumer. Awareness stage content examples usually look very different than consideration stage content examples, for instance.

Content Marketing Funnel Template

A content marketing funnel may be a different approach to publishing content online than you have ever used in the past. A typical, basic content marketing strategy may involve nothing more than writing and posting blog articles that are relevant to your business. This can sometimes be a great way to serve your current customers with helpful or interesting information, and it might even attract a few organic leads to your website. However, this kind of strategy isn’t likely to drive organic growth at a significant pace.

A funnel marketing strategy works differently. This kind of content marketing actively targets customers at each of the marketing funnel stages and shows them content that is relevant and most likely to move them forward in the consumer lifecycle. The most successful digital marketing funnel examples can attract organic interest from consumers and convert them to customers by the time they’ve completed their journey through the content marketing funnel.

If you have not used this kind of content marketing strategy before, you might feel worried you don’t know how to create or manage a funnel marketing strategy. Using an SEO content creation platform like Demandwell can make the process much simpler and more achievable. You could also try finding a content marketing funnel template to get you started out.

Content Marketing Funnel Stages

Using a funnel marketing strategy to deliver marketing content to consumers is potentially one of the most effective ways to generate organic leads through digital channels. Matching the style of content your potential customers are seeing to the stage of the consumer journey they are currently at can help you attract more interested consumers and convert them into customers. When marketing funnel messaging is tailored specifically to each stage of the consumer lifecycle, the odds of transforming consumers into customers are likely to improve.

Each of the different content marketing funnel stages requires a slightly different approach to content style to create the best possible chance of the consumer continuing all the way through the funnel to a conversion and a purchase. Providing the right types of content at each stage is one of the keys to improving discoverability and organic traffic throughout every stage of the content marketing funnel. For example, it probably wouldn’t be very effective to use your consideration stage content ideas during another stage in the consumer lifecycle.

B2b Content Marketing Funnel

Some of the best content marketing examples are the ones that take the stages of B2B marketing funnels into account when designing their content marketing journey for consumers. Tailoring each piece of content to the stage at which the customer will see it can help increase organic interest in your business and improve the chance that each consumer who enters the marketing funnel will exit it as a customer. Using a platform like Demandwell to help design content for each stage of the content marketing funnel can be one of the simplest ways to achieve this kind of organic growth., Without the tools and services offered by a high-quality SEO content platform, it could be very challenging to achieve a full effective content marketing funnel strategy.

There are some platforms, in particular, that can help businesses create a successful B2B content marketing funnel. Demandwell is an SEO content creation platform that can help you create a personalized content marketing funnel designed to attract and convert organic B2B search traffic. By taking each of the stages of B2B marketing into account, you can position your business to become more discoverable with a tailored content marketing funnel strategy.

Digital Marketing Funnel

Organic search traffic is one of the best sources of new leads. Especially for a B2B SaaS company, prioritizing organic search can often have a significant positive impact on business growth. However, it’s quite common for marketing teams to struggle to create well-optimized SEO content—it’s not necessarily an easy topic, but it’s very achievable with some help. The Demandwell platform can help marketers at B2B SaaS businesses create an effective digital marketing funnel that is capable of generating more leads and conversions than a content strategy that doesn’t account for different marketing funnel stages.

A well-crafted content marketing funnel can address each of the various stages of the consumer lifecycle with unique content styles for each one. You could consider this type of content marketing strategy to be “awareness consideration conversion marketing” because it focuses specifically on each of those stages as the consumer moves through the content marketing funnel. For instance, decision stage content examples would probably look very different than awareness stage content examples because the goals of the content are very different at each of those two points in the customer journey.

Content Funnel Strategy

A content funnel strategy is a type of content marketing strategy, but it works a little differently from a typical content strategy. Instead of using the same content for every customer at every stage of the consumer journey, a content funnel strategy targets different content funnel stages with customized content that makes the most sense for that stage. This way, consumers can receive the most relevant content with the best chance of convincing them to move forward in the marketing funnel at each stage of the process.

You can’t expect the same content to impact customers in the same way at the interest marketing funnel stage as it does at the conversion stage. Generating organic search traffic growth can be much easier if you take this into account when designing your content strategy. Different content styles will be more likely to create a positive outcome at different points along the consumer lifecycle—-if you let this knowledge inform your approach to content marketing, you may have an easier time attracting and converting organic leads. Using a content creation platform like Demandwell to create and manage SEO-friendly content is one of the best ways to develop an effective content funnel strategy.

Full-Funnel Content Marketing

One type of content marketing strategy that can help boost organic growth is a full-funnel content marketing strategy. This type of strategy strives to create full-funnel growth by targeting customers with relevant marketing content at all stages of the customer journey. Full-funnel digital marketing has the potential to attract a lot of new shoppers because it involves marketing to each step of the journey specifically rather than using the same content for all stages of the journey.

SEO-focused content creation platforms like Demandwell can make it easier to implement a full-funnel growth strategy that boosts conversions and revenue. Designing a content strategy requires a lot of time and effort. The right content platform can provide the tools and services to create and execute a full-funnel digital marketing strategy that can help your B2B company grow organically.

By creating content that applies specifically to each different step in the content marketing funnel, consumers can always see the content that is most relevant to them. Employing different content styles depending on the consumer’s needs at their current stage can create a better experience for them that is more likely to result in a conversion.

If you’re committed to SEO success through content production, the Content Production Suite makes it possible for anyone to drive impact with SEO. Let’s talk.

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