No B.S. Content Planning for SEO

Demandwell has developed a content planning solution that combines the personalization of an agency with the scale of SEO content planning software. Follow a repeatable framework for SEO content planning to publish more SEO content and get better results faster.

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Really great keyword research does the following:

– Find all of the top related terms to your seed list

– Include terms that your top competitors rank for

Once your list is ready, prioritize.

Factors to consider are:

  • Intent: Organize your list based on intent through keywords that indicate buying behavior - start with the terms that signal bottom of funnel intent.
  • Competition: If all three of your competitors are ranking for a term, there’s a good chance you should get on the map for it as well. Build coverage here so that you stop losing out.
  • Search volume: There’s a sweet spot in search volume, where enough people are searching for something to be compelling, but it’s not too much volume (these terms can be hard to rank for, since more people are trying to go for them).

The Demandwell platform automates all of this for you (while considering human inputs), and builds the list of terms that will help you achieve sustainable growth.

We believe that marketing teams should source revenue for their businesses. We know that SEO supports both revenue sourcing and, most importantly, sustainable growth. Download the full Sustainable Growth Playbook to learn more.

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Just getting started? Why is content creation so important?

Google requires context. And it requires context that you build for it. It can’t make logical leaps in the same way that a human brain can. Building out a lot of content (focused on the right terms) builds a library of context for Google.

If you want to be understood as the authority on CRM Software, you cannot neglect the related topics of:

  • How much does a CRM cost
  • CRM automation
  • What is CRM software used for
  • Improve productivity CRM

Not only is this helpful to searchers as they research, it also builds your wedge into the “CRM” topic and helps Google classify what you do.

This extensive web of terms helps the algorithm understand how to place you, and what you’re the expert in.

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Already have a lot of content? Why create more?

If you already have a lot of SEO content, continuing to publish is still very important.

In the same way that a freshly mown lawn looks appealing to passers-by, keeping your site well-maintained and constantly-updated signals to google that it’s a nice place for visitors also.

Additionally, there are site-wide “newness factors” that apply to individual pages as well. We all value timeliness of information. We’d rather hear the latest research on covid-19, than something that was published at the beginning of the pandemic.

Google is aware of this for your site overall, and is more likely to surface pages that are newer.

Google wants to surface relevant content, and it’s most likely that a newer page or site will be more relevant to us today than something that was written a few years ago.

Lastly, SEO is a moving target. Even if you have the library of content already created, there are others in your industry who are creating more content. If you snooze, you lose.

Sample Content Plan

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