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Content Workflow

For those of you familiar with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) content, you are likely aware of how many elements are included in the process. Producing SEO content requires keyword research, grouping keywords, drafting content outlines, and more. Depending on the method you use, the content workflow can be faster or slower.

Not long ago, SEO content production could be a hefty task. When you consider all of the preparation that is necessary to even begin drafting the content, doing so manually can prove to be extremely time-consuming and difficult. The steps or attributes of a content creation workflow can now be carried out in a fraction of the time with software powered by artificial intelligence.

Demandwell, an SEO platform, has developed a variety of tools that have streamlined the workflow for SEO content production. This is made possible by automation features and other content creation tools that are capable of doing much of the legwork behind SEO content production. When you consider the basic content marketing workflow template, which can include all of the steps from research to publishing, the Demandwell platform can carry out the more time-consuming aspects of content writing so you can just focus on actually writing.

Demandwell has been able to streamline the SEO content production process with advanced brief-building and automatic outline generation. Demandwell’s recently overhauled Brief Builder is now a fully automated outline generator. The Brief Builder does much of the preparation required for creating an SEO content outline by automating keyword research, keyword grouping or organization, and the drafting of writing instructions. This means that, within minutes, you can have an outline that is ready to be used for content production.

Content Workflow Template

If you are the owner of a B2B SaaS company, when you are creating a content marketing team and workflow plan, it is not hard to believe that you would want the process to go smoothly. With a skilled and reliable content marketing team, you would hope that the SEO content production workflow would be happening at a fast and consistent pace. However, even with the best team of content marketers out there, it can be difficult to execute the items of a content workflow template if all of the tasks need to be done manually.

Before any content is written, a substantial amount of research and planning is usually necessary to ensure that the SEO content you produce is effective. Routine tasks like doing keyword research, grouping keywords, and creating outline briefs can take a lot of effort to complete, especially when you do so manually. With the right tools, however, you can turn this into a process that only takes a few minutes.

Demandwell’s Brief Builder can take care of the preparation so you can focus on turning an outline into SEO content. This tool is one of many that Demandwell offers to help B2B SaaS content managers streamline their workflows, save time, and scale their content production.

Content Workflow Software

Unlike some workflow software examples, the Demandwell platform is equipped to handle a high amount of responsibility in the content production process. This is due in part to the artificial intelligence that automates much of the preparation phase of the process. When you are comparing different workflow management tools, it may be worth pinpointing which part of your workflow could use the most improvement. If you find that much of your team’s time is spent preparing content briefs and outlines, a highly automated solution could be of interest to you.

The Demandwell SEO platform and content workflow software are designed with B2B SaaS companies in mind. With a combination of SEO software and services, users can achieve greater lead generation and establish a repeatable source of revenue. By maintaining a singular focus on B2B SaaS companies, Demandwell can drive solutions that truly matter for B2B SaaS demand generation and faster content creator workflow.

The Brief Builder can make this workflow more efficient by utilizing Automatic Keyword Grouping and Dynamic Instruction Templates to generate ready-to-write SEO content outlines. Both of these components are backed by a combination of artificial machine intelligence and human input. By allowing some amount of human input during the outline generation process, companies can create outlines that are personalized to fit their particular brand.

Content Publishing Workflow

As was previously discussed, there are multiple ways you can streamline the SEO content production process. When much of the preparation and outlining is done for you, this can result in a more streamlined content publishing workflow as well. What does this mean in the context of a basic content approval process template?

A major perk the Demandwell platform offers is a way for you to monitor all of your Production Workflow. This means that you can do things like build an SEO content plan and assign or manage all of your content contributors. For example, if your current content document approval workflow does not move very quickly because there is a lack of content to be approved, Demandwell’s Brief Builder has the potential to increase the speed at which content outlines are generated so your writers have a consistent stream of outlines being assigned to them.

The typical content marketing approval process template can greatly benefit from automated features. Much of the work that goes into creating content assignment outlines can be condensed with the assistance of an automatic outline generator. One such outline generator, the Brief Builder, utilizes tools such as Keyword Intelligence, Lifecycle Stage & Priority, and Content Analysis to simplify the content planning, production, and approval process.

Content Management Workflow

As you research a variety of CMS workflow best practices, you may find that many of those practices can be enhanced with special software and platforms that provide content workflow tools. There are many ways that the Demandwell platform can help make your web content workflow or content management workflow more efficient, especially when it comes to the preparation and planning phases of the process. This can be done with tools such as Keyword Intelligence, Lifecycle Stage & Priority, Content Analysis, Smart Automations, and more.

Keyword Intelligence is a tool you can use during the process of constructing briefs. Using research that is automatically conducted, Keyword Intelligence can compile a list of relevant keywords. From here, they are also grouped into different sections of a content outline based on how Google processes them. This means that they are organized based on how each keyword is related to another, as well as how each keyword relates to your target keyword.

With Lifecycle Stage & Priority, you can gain additional insight into the lifespan and importance of particular keywords. Based on the stage of maturity a keyword is currently in, Lifecycle Stage & Priority can show you the most effective way to utilize those keywords so you can scale your SEO activities.

Content Creation Workflow

For many content marketing operations, the content creation framework used often contains a common set of elements. First, there is usually some level of strategy involved, which creates the content strategy workflow. This could involve research into a company’s targeted audience, keywords, and more. Once a strategy has been established, content marketing teams typically use that strategy and research to create content. The content creation workflow can include steps like building content briefs or outlines, drafting content, and so on. There may also be a number of CMS workflow best practices that are recommended for the content workflow process as a whole.

Demandwell aims to take these aspects into account when constructing its SEO platform. This has resulted in the inclusion of tools and resources like Keyword Intelligence, Lifecycle Stage & Priority, etc. that can inform content strategy and contribute to content outline generation. Besides these components, there is also Content Analysis. With Content Analysis, you can instantly evaluate the SEO copy your team has written. This analysis focuses on factors that can impact your search engine rankings for your targeted keywords. Furthermore, part of this analysis is presented as a scorecard that measures the number of keywords the copy contains, as well as its word count.

Content Marketing Workflow

While many aspects of the content marketing framework may be similar across different companies and industries, there will likely be small differences based on a company’s particular SEO goals. However, there is a rough outline of the general content marketing workflow that includes phases related to strategy, outlining, writing, approval, and so on. Many of these workflows have the potential to benefit from platforms, software, and tools that automate different parts of each process.

The Demandwell SEO platform has been developed to include many automated features that can make the content creation workflow more efficient. When it comes to creating SEO-friendly content, the platform offers a variety of Smart Automations like instant keyword research, an automated SEO Content Outline Generator, Dynamic Instruction Templates, and more. When used in tandem, these tools and features can make marketers better equipped to scale their company’s content production at a rapid pace.

Overall, the platform can assist in streamlining your and your team’s workflows and save valuable time. When less time needs to be spent on tasks like keyword research, keyword grouping, and crafting outlines, the time saved can be put to use elsewhere. For example, you can get started on actually writing the content much sooner.

If you’re committed to SEO success through content production, the Content Production Suite makes it possible for anyone to drive impact with SEO. Let’s talk.

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