How Ordoro Drove a 140% Increase in Organic Conversions with Demandwell

Learn how e-commerce logistics platform Ordoro uses Demandwell to boost online visibility, get 350% more traffic to its website, and increase organic conversions by 140%.

About Ordoro

Ordoro has always focused on getting leads and growing their business through marketing tactics. But because they didn’t have a specific or organized SEO process, their SEO efforts were pretty scattered and random. The outcome? Hit-and-miss results from their SEO marketing campaigns. 

Ordoro’s main focus is on quality lead generation, and brand awareness secondarily. Once they realized how much they were leaving on the table without a solid SEO plan, they worked with Demandwell to create a concrete, fool-proof SEO strategy to get more qualified organic leads and grow their business. 

With impressions skyrocketing, leads converting, and certain pages ranking up from the 9th page in Google all the way up to the 2nd and 1st within 3–4 months, Ordoro is now a true believer in SEO. Here’s how Ordoro was able to use Demandwell to increase their organic traffic and drive organic conversions.

How Has Demandwell Helped with Marketing?

Demandwell has been able to work with the marketing department at Ordoro to revamp the company’s SEO strategy. This has led to a more focus and effectiveness in SEO efforts.

Meagan, the senior marketing manager at Ordoro, states that Demandwell has been super helpful in helping them easily track their KPIs. In her words, “The app that you have is incredibly helpful to actually see where our pages are, and tactically what the next steps would be to continue to improve rankings, and then to improve the conversion rates.”

By tracking organic search traffic, clicks, and conversions, Meagan and her team constantly monitor how many pages their SEO campaigns have been able to impact and rank on Google. For example, they track keywords they weren’t ranking for before but for which they now rank. They also track the keywords for which they were already indexed, but not highly ranked.

According to Meagan, most marketers relegate SEO to the background, especially for lead generation, while favoring other marketing channels. Ordoro previously considered SEO a participatory best practice, as opposed to a strong channel for driving pipeline and revenue.

This totally changed when Demandwell entered the scene. Meagan stated that working with Demnadwell changed her thinking around SEO, and is now actively integrating it as a legitimate channel for lead generation and brand awareness. She thinks this is the biggest change in terms of marketing strategy, not just for her but also for Ordoro. In her words, “I think that the biggest thing for us is that SEO is now truly one of our main marketing channels that we really rely on and we really believe in.”

After using Demandwell, Matt, the Design Director at Ordoro, has experienced the same 180° shift in perspective on SEO. After almost 20 years working on the web, Matt now sees that there is a rhythm, reason, and strategy to SEO after using Demandwell. In his words, “You can actually measure things, and you don’t have to throw a ton of money at it, honestly… I [now] totally see the benefit of it. I think it’s actually really incredible and awesome.”

How Demandwell Has Changed Ordoro’s Content Game

Better SEO Performance with Content

Madison, the Content Manager at Orodo, now finds it easier to create effective SEO content outlines for writers to follow. Using Demandwell, Madison can now easily get the keywords, put the outline together, and send it to the writers. Once the content is ready in Demandwell, she plugs it into their CMS and publishes it.

Now that they have started to see the benefit of SEO in their marketing strategy, they focus on syncing their content processes with their SEO tools in Demandwell. Their impressions have skyrocketed on certain pages, moving up the page rank from the ninth page all the way to the second and first within three or four months. To top it off, Ordoro is now getting actual conversions with people signing up and becoming customers from Demandwell-powered SEO performance pages. 

Better SEO Content Production

Did Demandwell have a big impact on the amount of content that Ordoro publishes? From a monthly target of one or two pieces of content, Ordoro has been able to publish 10, then 20, and now 25 pieces of content a month; a 10-fold increase in content production. In Madison’s words, “These tools have continued to have iterations, grow and help me with my process. I started out when we were doing 10 pages per month, and then we jumped to 20, and now we’re at 25.” 

In addition, they are adding five supporting blog posts and hope to scale up to 10 supporting blog posts in the future. Ordoro’s Content Manager, Madison, strongly believes that these tools have allowed her to focus on what kind of content she’s getting out there, which she finds really fantastic. 

(While Demandwell streamlines this process, this type of success cannot be accomplished without a great deal of hard work from Madison, and support from her team. Kudos to the whole Orodoro gang.)

Better SEO Program Management

In addition to being able to write more high-quality SEO content, Demandwell has helped Ordoro go beyond the basics of SEO. It has helped Ordoro go deeper than just perfect title tags, blog length, and the like. The Damandwell team has been able to steer Ordoro towards their goals and really tailor their strategy to ensure that they are meeting those goals. Demandwell also makes sure that Ordoro keeps getting traffic coming in, and converts them into paying customers. In Madison’s words, “With Demandwell, I feel like our goal is also your goal for us, which is fantastic.”

Before Demandwell, Ordoro had worked with an agency that got them ranked on the first page of Google for a keyword search term that had nothing to do with their brand. While they got more impressions, conversions were almost non-existent. But with Demandwell, Ordoro feels that they now have relevance and meaning, with the Demandwell team constantly helping them to turn impressions into conversions and drive revenue. 

How Demandwell Has Transformed Ordoro’s SEO Campaigns

Demandwell has made it possible for Ordoro to create specific and effective SEO campaigns from the feedback of their sales team. An example is when Madison created an SEO campaign specifically for Etsy customers where she tried to reach more people that are on Etsy and that are looking for a solution like Ordoro. Using the Demandwell platform, she was able to add all the keywords that they wanted to target. From there, she was able to really hone in on how they could get Ordoro to rank for terms searched by Etsy customers that are looking for a shipping and inventory management solution. 

According to Madison, Demandwell always gives specific recommendations for each campaign. This way, she’s able to spend her time in the most valuable way possible – taking action, instead of figuring out what needs to happen next.

According to Meagan, “The granular reporting that comes with SEO campaigns, like being able to dig into some of the pages a little bit deeper in context, is really nice.” She finds the reporting wonderful because it is transparent, insightful, and more granular than any other platform she and her team at Ordoro have been used to in the past.

Re-Launching Ordoro’s Free Trial 

Ordoro was also able to set up an SEO campaign to relaunch a free trial version of their platform. The main CTA on their site (and on all of their SEO performance pages) is “Start your free trial.” 

They’ve leveraged all “free-trial-related” organic pages as a way to distribute this offer, and are seeing great success. With an SEO campaign for these terms, it’s much easier to understand how they’re doing because they can track all keywords, see performance over time, and what to do next to improve rankings.

How Ordoro Goes About Conversion Rate Optimization

The team at Ordoro has also recently started doing some CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) on their top performing SEO pages. They optimize the offer depending on the topic: i.e. more information, guides, and other references that will help searchers find what they were seeking when they landed on the page.

These CRO efforts allow Ordoro to get even better conversion rates with their pages.

So, what further plans does Ordoro have? They want to go beyond optimizing just a few pages and make multiple page templates that are more tailored to different page types and different things their audience is searching. So they’re actually going to come up with a suite of different templates for the main SEO performance pages.

In addition, the content after the initial CTA will be a little more tailored to a specific message. Right now, they use a broad feature set that works for anything, but they want to focus a bit more on what people are looking for when they land on a page.

How Ordoro Surpassed Their SEO Goals

Ordoro’s main organic search goal remains demand generation, and the most important KPIs were impressions, organic traffic, and organic conversions. According to Megan, since they started with Demandwell, they have seen organic traffic increase by 350% and organic conversions increase by 139%. In her words, “I mean, that’s just an insane amount of growth. When I pulled those numbers, I audibly said, ‘Oh my God.'”

But how long did they have to wait to start seeing results? It’s important to note that SEO is one of those marketing strategies that takes lots of hard work and some time to get to results. It’s a long-term strategy. But once it starts working, the results are amazing. In Meagan’s words, “The long-term benefits of SEO now outweigh the short-term benefits of something like digital advertising.”

Since Ordoro had never really focused on SEO marketing before, it took some dedication to get started. But after ramping up their content, doing an average of 20 demand pages a month with internal linking and adding support blog posts, they began to see hockey-stick growth with impressions and clicks. Now, they have gotten to a point where they see a really massive increase in web conversions—139%!

The Impact of Growth from Organic Search on Ordoro

Ordoro feels more empowered now that SEO is working for them. They’ve been able to get in front of their prospects and improve the quality and quantity of leads they get. And what’s more, they now have a completely different mindset about SEO and they now have goals to integrate SEO into different B2B marketing goals they may have in the future.

Ordoro has also learned that SEO is an investment of time. Plus, now, they can easily do more with less. Now, they don’t have to spend as much on ads and can now focus on doing what they love to do the most—building tools and software!

In Madison’s words, “It’s really fulfilling to know that what we’re doing is showing a great outcome and showing lead generation as well as customers that are coming in and wanting to use our platform and our solutions. That’s been really fulfilling for me.”

And in Meagan’s words, “The biggest part of all of this is that I don’t think any of this would’ve happened had we not started to partner with Demandwell and had we not had these conversations. Like we said, you completely changed all of our views on SEO – what it can do for us as a business and how it can affect marketing. So as much work and effort as we’ve put in, none of that would’ve happened had Demandwell not been in the picture. So I think we also owe y’all a huge thank you.”

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