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For communities in the Elkart, Indiana area, Industry truly boomed during the 19th and 20th centuries.  This include marketing and advertising.  While many companies marketed their products locally, the ideal location of Elkhart on the St. Joseph and Elkhart rivers enhance their ability to share information and trade.  The other benefits to the location is its proximity to South Bend (15 miles), Chicago (110 miles) and Indianapolis (150 miles).  Being located near several large cities bolstered companies’ ability to trade broadly with a more diverse audience.

The introduction of the railroads, Michigan Southern & Northern Indiana and the Norfolk Southern Railroad further brought new trade to the area.  Companies were able to take advantage of these trade routes to market their products to the broader populace.   As trade increased, companies learned that by collecting information on the surrounding communities and potential companies, they were able to more effectively market their products within the region.

An example of the new target marketing efforts came from Josiah Wedgewood.  Through the use of direct mail and catalogues, he reached a larger number of customers for his wares.  He communicated regularly to customers about how he was able to lower costs by increasing production.  The results were increased demand for his products and growing revenues.

History of Marketing in Elkhart

The strategic location of the city to river traffic and several large commercial centers were advantageous to growing companies in the area.  Two large industries developed that have supported the local economy for many years:  musical instruments and recreational vehicles.  While these developed in the late 19th and 20th century, the area has always been an active area for industry.  The city was formed when the Northwest Territories were being organized in 1787.  Many of the founding citizens were immigrants for the Northeast areas, particularly New York State, where Germanic citizens found the region to be overcrowded.  They brought their industriousness and business attitudes to establish a new home.

Public Forums

As an active trading area since 1787, the community of Elkhart and its business have benefited from its location.  Companies have had ample opportunies to market the products on a larger scale.  While many companies in the 18th and 19th centuries only advertised their products locally, in this region, trading was able to conducted more broadly.

Market Booths

Companies in the area have always capitalized on the community’s strategic location to market their products.  Using the river and nearby commercial centers for trading opportunities has been the norm since the city was founded.


While trade along the rivers and with nearby cities bolstered the economy, the building of interstates such as the Indiana Toll Road, US 20, US 19, US 33 and State Rd 120, and the rising popularity of automobiles made billboard advertising a natural fit for the area.  They gave companies the opportunity to creatively market their product to regional residents and those just traveling through the area.  Also, local businesses were able to market their restaurants, motels and shops to drivers.


Radios stations in city, South Bend and Mishawaka (WTRC, WAOR, WCMR, WFRN-FM, and WVPE to name a few) became popular marketing outlets for area businesses.  Many sponsored radio programs during the 1940s and 1950s for product placement opportunities.  Today, this continues to be a regularly used marketing tool.

School Marketing

With three school districts and four private academies in the city, companies often turn their support to the school systems to reach a younger demographic.  Effectively using social media channels is another technique to reach this large audience.  Community support of schools by corporations gives them name recognition and a positive public image in the community.  This involvement can take several forms.  Some companies use teambuilding days to volunteer together for community projects at schools.  Others become involved in sponsoring local sports teams or purchasing advertising the in the school newspaper or yearbook.

Business Hubs

An active Chamber of Commerce involve business leaders throughout the region.  This gives them many opportunities to share information with the community about their business and its products or services.  The Elkhart Truth newspaper and the local TV station, WSJV-TV, are also community business hubs for information sharing, corporate marketing and advertising.


In addition to participating in the local Chamber of Commerce, many community leaders take advantage of the networking opportunities presented by community organizations such as Rotary and Kiwanis Clubs.  Coffee shops and local restaurants also offer opportunities for business leaders to come together to share information about the business climate and state of the local economy.  Steelyard Coffee Company Biggby are two popular gathering spots.

Elkhart SEO

While traditional marketing techniques are still successful, companies that embrace digital marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) are the ones that succeed in today’s marketplace.  Simply having a website is not longer enough online marketing to support area businesses.  With Elkhart SEO and website marketing, even small businesses have the opportunity to share information more broadly and capture more of the market share.  For many small businesses, SEO services in Elkhart levels the playing field in a competitive marketplace.  Small local restaurants and clothing shops have the opportunity to grow their online presence and market their products on a national and global level.  Effective SEO techniques allow even small businesses to be connected the potential customers they may have never reached in the past.

SEO marketing strategies can be effective for every business regardless of size.  For small businesses, it represents a crucial opportunity to establish a customer following online and through social media and interactive marketing.  These interactions put business owners in close contact and give them ability to directly communicate with their target market.  While some businesses opt to use paid search engine listings, these are given lower rankings by search engines, Google in particular, than organic rankings.  Developing organic rankings, though extremely valuable, takes time.

To succeed in the digital marketplace, businesses need the support of a professional SEO company.  Many marketing and advertising agencies say that they provide SEO services but few can demonstrate results.  By taking some time and thoughtful looking at SEO companies, business leaders can identify those who are truly delivering results.

Elkhart SEO Company

Staff at a quality Elkhart SEO company must continually improve their techniques and broaden their technical knowledge.  The SEO industry is in a constant state of change as search engines refine their parameters.  This means that Elkhart SEO experts have to be constantly aware of what if going on in the industry and how it will affect their clients.  As all businesses in Elkhart are unable to have an SEO professional, they rely on area outside agencies for their technical expertise.  Those with access to an IT professional need to look for an SEO professional for this type of work.  IT professionals have high levels of technical experience but generally do not have the experience or background to handle SEO work.  With an SEO company like DemandWell, businesses know that they will receive expert advice and work to elevate their digital presence but through website marketing and social media placement.

Elkhart SEO Agency

Marketing and advertising agencies Elkhart and the surrounding areas offer SEO as part of their broad menus of available services.  When a company retains a large agency like this, they may not receive the attention and focus that they need.  This is because for these types of agencies, SEO is not their core service.  This puts the onus on business leaders to identify an SEO company that has a proven track record.  Clients at DemandWell know that our team focuses on SEO marketing and provides proven results.  One of the benefits of working with our team is that because we are focused on SEO, we are able to track online across within our client base.  This gives us the ability to swiftly adjust strategies when search engines make adjustments.  This gives our clients visible performance increases, better lead generation, improved customer acquisition costs.  This is why for an Elkhart SEO agency, our clients and the surrounding communities rely on the expertise at DemandWell.

Best SEO

Many business owners quickly feel like they are in over their head when looking for a qualified professional SEO company.  This is because many of the terms and industry lingo is unfamiliar.  Those who take the time to learn a few basic SEO concepts are better equipped to distinguish reputable, results oriented the best SEO companies from those who can’t deliver.  Any reputable top SEO provider will communicate clearly and respond to questions or issues in a timely manner.  Beware of any company that offer a one size fits all solution.  This indicates that they may not be able to deliver services and conversion rate optimization that fit your business.

Elkhart Web Design

After the initial consultation, SEO professionals start with the current company website.  Their goal is not solely to increase traffic but to convert that traffic into sales through website marketing.  This is achieved through enhancements to the website and optimizing the conversion rate to turn visitors into returning customers.  Not every Elkhart web design company can deliver these results in internet marketing.

Media Companies in Elkhart

SEO is used by businesses to increase their online visibility.  SEO plans needs to also include additional digital channels to be effective.  For instance, many find that with social media and video marketing Elkhart businesses can demonstrate how a new products works and why it is important to customers.   Also, because people receive marketing messages in a variety of different formats, using multiple outlets that media companies Elkhart offer increase the reach of the messaging.  Our team at DemandWell uses a variety of techniques to convert traffic and improve digital visibility for businesses.

History of Elkhart

Given its location, Elkhart has long been a thriving community.  It’s placement on the St. Joseph and Elkhart rivers has made the area a prime trading community for many years.  Also it’s proximity to large commercial and industrial centers have long given are business owners to market their products to a wider area.  While the railroads increased businesses ability to trade, it only expanded their efforts.  The musical instrument industry that developed in the late 19th century gave the area a special notoriety.  This was increased when the RV industry developed during the 20th century.  The region became know as the “RV capitol of the US.”  Today Elkhart continues to boast a thriving economy.

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