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How Does Demandwell Differ From Typical SEO Platforms?

An SEO platform can be extremely valuable for automating or streamlining SEO tasks. Consequently, there are a whole lot of these platforms on the market. How do you decide between all the different options? What’s different about Demandwell? In a head-to-head SEO platform comparison, Demandwell outperforms competitors in one key area: human touch. Our SEO experts are there every step of the way to coach you towards your goals with SEO.

Here’s how our combination of software and consulting is different from other SEO platforms:

Technical Audits

Evaluating your content’s SEO health is a mission-critical task that reveals what needs to change for your site to attract more organic traffic. Technical audits are an important step in monitoring SEO health and a critical function of a complete SEO software platform. But, unless you have a deep understanding of your business (and a wealth of SEO knowledge), you won’t know which tasks are going to impact SEO performance.

Demandwell provides our SEO Health Audit along with the expert guidance you need to show you the tasks you should be focusing on. There may be a long list of tasks in order for you to improve your site’s search engine performance. In these cases, it’s important to prioritize the list and address the most pressing issues first. You can only accomplish this if you work with an actual human who can contribute their SEO knowledge to identify which problems are truly vital.

Keyword Research

Countless keyword research tools allow you to do your keyword research with the push of a button. However, these tools are hardly an answer. Even with the help of software to build your keyword list, you’ll still need to evaluate the keywords on the list and choose the right ones to use. Unless you already have an SEO expert at your disposal, you’ll have your work cut out for you.

Using a keyword research tool to assemble a list of promising keywords is easy, but it takes an expert to prioritize those keywords and sort out the most relevant ones for your SEO strategy. Customers have a chance to work 1:1 with consultants to make sure your list of keyword priorities reflect your current business objectives.

Our SEO experts put considerable time and thought into the keyword research process. At Demandwell, SEO consultants are behind the scenes manually working on your list of keywords to make them more relevant before loading them into the platform. We focus on three primary keyword inputs: search volume, average ranking, and keyword modifiers. Using these three parameters, our consultants can tell you which keywords on your list are essential and which aren’t.


There are a lot of SEO content platforms to choose from — some with more capabilities than others. We believe our platform is the best of the bunch. By combining our platform’s features with guidance from our experienced consultants, we’ve created the best package deal to supercharge your SEO performance.

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