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How Does SEO Software Help B2B Marketers?

You may be familiar with search engine optimization (SEO) and how much is involved in running an SEO program. The unfortunate truth of SEO is that it requires a lot of time and effort to do correctly. With hundreds of different factors affecting SEO performance, marketers can spend a significant chunk of time maintaining the performance of their website rather than focusing on what to do next.

But what if there was a better solution for SEO that allowed marketers to automate repetitive tasks and scale content production? This is precisely what SEO software was made for. However, before highlighting how SEO software can be helpful for B2B marketers, you need to know the most productive ways to leverage SEO software.

What Is SEO Software?

SEO software is excellent for specific tasks where humans tend to struggle. Any repetitive or data-heavy tasks — such as content production, data analysis, and site monitoring — are the perfect jobs for SEO software. For example, one area where marketers are faced with a wall of data in SEO is keyword research. With the help of SEO software, marketers can complete keyword research for new content instantly.

In the past, reporting for SEO has been difficult since SEO performance is the culmination of all pages published across your website. Focusing on the entire site’s performance can cause you to miss important insights for individual pages or keywords. And drilling down on a single keyword is time-consuming and won’t give you a good picture of your overall SEO performance. Instead of burying yourself under data, SEO reporting software can help easily create detailed reports that bend to your needs. Where time used to be a limiting factor, marketers no longer need to pick between different reports.

SEO software can easily monitor the hundreds of factors that can affect the overall success of your SEO content across your website — even if you have hundreds of pieces of content. Asking a marketer to replicate site monitoring to this scale would be incredibly ineffective and maybe impossible. But, SEO software can efficiently perform these tasks without taking away any of the valuable time that you should be spending on strategizing.

How Can Marketers Take Advantage of SEO Software?

There is no replacing a marketer with software, but SEO software can make marketers much more productive and effective. Creating and maintaining SEO content takes a lot of work, but if you use SEO software, you can focus on more value-added tasks, such as planning and strategizing.

By implementing SEO software that can handle all of the tedious, manual tasks needed to keep your SEO content performing well, marketers can focus their efforts on things only they can do. This way, SEO software can offer an easier solution for day-to-day SEO work and help marketers publish more content and manage SEO better.

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