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What Are Some SEO Content Brief Best Practices?

Whether you are new to the process of creating SEO performance content or you have been doing it for years, you’ll know that creating content production is an ongoing process for SEO. Marketers can spend hours outlining a single SEO content brief using conventional methods.

One of the best ways that you can improve your SEO content performance is to focus on creating high-quality and detailed SEO briefs. These outlines are the first step in turning your list of keywords into the published piece of content that your customers and the search engines are looking for.

Here, we will dive into how to create content briefs in a way that saves time and supports your SEO content creation strategy.

What Is an SEO Content Brief?

Before we explore what makes an effective content brief, let’s establish what we’re talking about when we mention SEO content briefs.

A content brief is a set of instructions that guides a writer on how to structure and draft a piece of content. For SEO, these briefs will detail which keywords should be included and provide an outline that includes headers, sections, and word counts.

What to Include in Your Content Brief

If you want good, high-quality content, you will need to ensure that you are using high-quality content briefs. You could be using one of the best content writing tools available today and still not see the results you want if your content briefs are no good.

A good content brief is made up of these three parts:

1. Target a Keyword

SEO content starts with a target keyword. Using Demandwell’s SEO strategy, we will create a page specifically for one keyword that we want to champion for that target keyword. Once you have identified your target, then you can start outlining the SEO content brief.

2. Build The Outline

It is important to include co-occurrent keywords into your SEO content brief to contextualize your content around the target keyword. Once you have found the keywords you want to use that are most relevant to the target keyword, then you can create an outline skeleton that groups these keywords together into sections that make sense. For a 1,000 or 1,500-word piece of content, you will want to include at least 10-20 related or co-occurrent keywords in addition to your target keyword. These will help you create a more informational and valuable piece of content.

3. Add Specific Instructions

After organizing your keywords and phrases into an outline you add any additional instructions. This is where you can reference your own content, products, or services and speak about your opinions. This final step can help you transform a generic outline from a simple list of keywords into a well-developed brief for a rich piece of content.

Offering more specific instructions can be extremely valuable — whether you are writing the SEO content internally or sending it off to a writer. This is because these instructions can help ensure that your content is both informative and optimized for Google.

How Can Demandwell Help

Demandwell has designed a content production workflow from scratch to streamline the creation of SEO performance content. The Outline Generator is a tool that automatically creates an SEO content brief using the keywords that are most relevant to your target keyword according to Google. Instead of building the brief from scratch, go into Demandwell’s platform and review an automatically generated content brief in minutes.

The Outline Generator consists of two parts: automated keyword grouping and dynamic instruction templates. Both of these parts have AI and human inputs so that you can be sure that any information going into your content briefs is accurate and helpful. Demandwell’s SEO Content Outline Generator enables your business to implement content strategy best practices and quickly create high-quality content outlines so you can accelerate your content production, save valuable time, and create better, more effective SEO content.

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