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What is an SEO Campaign?

Most SaaS marketers already know that organic search can be a goldmine of demand generation when done right. The question is, what does “right” mean? Here at Demandwell, we often hear from marketers who have attempted building an SEO strategy but have gotten bogged down in the vague technicalities and the lack of measurable results. The end of it all is that SEO remains in a world of its own that is difficult to coordinate and rarely delivers the desired results.

Consider the difference between the way most SaaS marketers think of SEO versus the way they think of paid advertising campaigns. The moment you begin a campaign, you are provided with a host of analytics that you can use to keep your campaign on track and quantifiably demonstrate its value. Traditional SEO strategies possess none of these advantages, leaving you in the dark.

This is why Demandwell created SEO Campaigns, a feature that brings the same kind of precision, predictability, and confidence that ad campaigns normally possess to your SEO strategy.

Generate More Organic Traffic With SEO Campaigns

Demandwell makes it simple and easy to start your first SEO Campaign. First, you’ll select a target keyword to focus the campaign on. This target keyword should be related to a business objective, new feature, product category, or a key pain point. When you have picked a target keyword, you select up to 30 total keywords that are going to be included in your campaign. After that, you can begin your campaign and build a content schedule inside Demandwell’s platform.

Once your content is published, you can then get access to a whole suite of analytics that allows you to understand your SEO progress and helps you identify where you need to improve. Furthermore, SEO Campaigns also includes a Dynamic Recommendations feature. In the Recommendations section, you’ll find a list of recommended activities based on your current situation that can help you to prioritize your efforts where they will make the most difference to your SEO performance.

Impactful Insights, Dynamic Updates

One of the most unique things about SEO Campaigns is the visual tools and data analytics that Demandwell provides to the SEO world. You can now see your keyword ranking progress at-a-glance, with our easy-to-understand visualization tools. Furthermore, you can also get access to insights on the performance of each keyword and each piece of content within your campaign. Now, you can instantly see where you need to improve and where you already have a winning SEO strategy.

Final Thoughts

You cannot afford to continue relying on a “hope for the best” strategy when it comes to SEO. You need effective strategies and insightful metrics. Progress begins much sooner than when you begin to drive organic traffic to a page, and measuring this progress will help you make smart decisions for your SEO strategy. That’s exactly what Demandwell’s SEO Campaigns feature is designed to provide. Run your SEO like you run your ad campaigns and experience how Demandwell can help you generate more organic traffic and more demand.

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