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What is the Best Way to Produce SEO Content?

As B2B SaaS marketers, we know that SEO content is a must-have in our marketing strategy. Without a solid SEO content plan, we risk being left on the faraway pages of Google, to be forgotten forever. One of the most common questions about SEO content is: how do we best produce it? Should we hire more writers? Should we use AI? We’re going to walk through how Demandwell has answered these questions and what you can learn from our process.

How Does SEO Software Improve Content Creation?

Creating an SEO Content Production plan can seem like a daunting task. After all, it’s not just a one-step plan. There’s researching the keywords, creating the content outline, assigning writers, reviewing the content, and more. It’s a lot, and it can be overwhelming. SEO Content Production Software automates the yucky repeatable tasks like establishing and managing workflows, keyword research, and content outlines. These are the steps Demandwell has taken to take full advantage of SEO software automation:

Streamline Workflows

Content Production Software can make it easier to manage SEO content production from start to finish. Create your content plan, review the keyword research and content outline, assign writing contributors, upload instructions and style guides, and analyze the final copy, all on a single platform.

Automate Keyword Research

Have you ever had to do keyword research manually? Marketers can spend over an hour on keyword research for a single page. Content Production Software automatically collects related keywords and assigns them a priority, and a maturity stage to scale your SEO efforts in the most effective way possible.

Automate Content Outlines

Sometimes the most painful part of writing can be creating the outline. What do you write about, and when? Content Production Software can take the guesswork out of content outlines. It automatically generates a pre-sectioned suggested document complete with headers, grouped keywords, and word count per section. You can then copy that outline as plain text directly into your preferred word processor or order form for your writers.

Why Is Publishing More SEO Content Important?

Publishing more SEO performance content is going to get you results faster. With SEO, you can publish five pages every month, or you can publish five pages every week and see the same results sooner. When you see success from your SEO program is dependent on how much you are willing to invest in content production.

Instead of deciding how many pieces of content you want to publish each week, think about how much time you can dedicate to creating SEO content. How many individual pieces of content can you create with that time? Content Production Software can enable you to dramatically increase the amount of content you publish without increasing your time investment.


There are many ways to create SEO content, but using SEO Content Production Software can accelerate your growth and relieve some of the pressure for creating results by automating repeatable processes. Taking advantage of software automation improves the productivity of marketers creating SEO performance content, and a decision to create more content will help you see success in organic search sooner.

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