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Why Is SEO Important for B2B SaaS Companies?

Search Engine Optimization is critical for B2B SaaS companies to incorporate into their content marketing strategy. The struggles that B2B SaaS buyers face can be very unique, and there are only a few different paths that buyers are probably going to take when researching a solution. That is why it’s important for SaaS companies to lean on SEO and fully utilize the organic search channel to reach B2B SaaS buyers.

The Four Main Inbound Channels for B2B SaaS Companies

B2B SaaS decision-makers are limited by where they can find solutions. They are most likely to depend on four main sources to find the solutions to their problems:

  1. Word of mouth
  2. Referrals
  3. Review sites
  4. Organic search

Out of all four sources, organic search has a few key advantages. The other three sources are generally not scalable and they can’t be tailored to the exact problem you’re solving. With SEO, the organic search channel compounds growth over time and lets you target the exact audience you are trying to help.

Control the Buyer Journey with SEO

The main way marketers get to plan out their organic search channel is through keyword strategy. You can target your content to rank for specific keywords and create a valuable experience for whoever you predict is going to land on each of your pages. When you utilize SEO by creating content your buyers are searching for, you get to communicate with your buyers directly through that content. You get to control the narrative of that blog or landing page that they’re interacting with and improve your chances of converting them into a lead.


It can be challenging for B2B SaaS companies to reach their target audience. When looking for sustainable growth options, organic search is a channel that can grow alongside B2B SaaS companies. Targeting specific keywords and building valuable content will help you attract an audience that is ready to make a purchasing decision. By investing in SEO, companies can reach their potential customers and guide them toward their solutions.

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