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Discover, Strategize, Execute, Analyze

Demandwell is your one-stop shop for digital marketing strategy and execution. No more need for a data-dump tool, a technical site monitoring tool, and a bevy of sheets and doc templates to manage your team.

It’s all here, leveraging AI and custom machine learning to simplify everything there is about SEO.

Discover the right keywords and audience direction. Strategize on clusters and focused SEO Campaigns. Execute with page alignment, monitoring, recommendations, and copywriting tools. And analyze your results with real-time performance tracking. That’s the Demandwell experience.

Focused SEO sprints built for your digital marketing ecosystem

Your digital content needs to prove authority and relevance for your target keywords. It’s not enough to know your product vertical, you need to surround your content with the right terms so search engines can rate your page as more relevant than a competitor’s. Demandwell guides you to the right keywords to focus on through SEO Campaigns, and tracks your performance, aligned to your URLs and how they rank today. Get automated recommendations on how to improve, what to write next, and what technical fixes will move your campaign to SEO greatness.

SEO Campaigns

Clustering & automation for on-the-mark keyword strategy

Demandwell’s AI campaign generation matches your Search Identity with the audience and topics you want to target for growth. Our software then builds groups of queries you should be paying attention to, to prove relevance to Google. Set each as a Managed Campaign, and get working on your site pages to move up the SERPs. Or build your SEO Campaigns, and align existing pages to the terms you already have in your digital strategy. With Demandwell, search engine optimization has never been easier.

Keyword strategy

What to do, and how to do it. Demandwell saves your marketing team time and money

$6,324 / yr

Saved from PPC Budget

“I would actually put organic right at the top of our marketing channels. We’re a very small team with very limited resources. So I don’t have budget for paid ads. We tried them out, but at the end of the day, organic was what was sending us qualified leads that get to that first phone call with our sales team. So we actually stopped doing paid ads and it’s only focused on organic traffic right now, which is awesome.”

Katie Baird Noe

Content Marketing Manager

$13,276 / yr

Saved from PPC budget

“Honestly, it’s been very helpful working with Demandwell. Now I feel like we’ve gotten into a really good rhythm and everything’s kinda starting to click having that search data to go over every month. And within the platform itself, it helps to stay organized and track the different keywords that we’re targeting, not just pulling something out of thin air but having more intention behind the content that we’re creating. So, if we have a page for a query that’s ranking really well or maybe it wasn’t ranking as well even after we published the page. Having that data and creating a second post, tracking that within the software and tying it to that demand page has been valuable.”

Courtney Kerr

Marketing Manager

Digital content production with SEO built right in

Digital content production used to take forever. Mapping out your plan, creating briefs, conducting keyword research, copywriting, and copy editing. Now with AI, content generation is as easy as pushing a button, and with Demandwell, you get it all. From the beginning of your content production all the way to the end, automate your SEO research to get the right track for digital copywriting. Add pieces to your plan and Demandwell automatically generates the right keyword outline for your piece to perform well in search.

SEO content workflow

AI copywriting for SEO, powered by AI LLM's

With your pieces ready to write, you can now produce blog posts, long-form SEO content, or even re-optimize existing content, instantly. Leverage our AI Writer directly within Demandwell, powered by Jasper, OpenAI, and other LLMs, to create your own content in your own unique perspective. Customize your prompts for tone of voice, perspective, or customize your own template. Edit and update your content until it’s ready to go live. And double-check for keyword inclusion along the way.

AI content tools
Content Analyzer
Demandwell Meta Description Recommendation

Automated SEO Recommendations Powered by AI

The Demandwell PageAdviser regularly scans your site for opportunities to optimze SEO for critical pages and keywords. Imlement suggested updates with the help of context-aware AI.

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URL-level technical analysis for optimization and fine-tuning

How your site renders, to both users and bots, can be a critical factor to unlock your SEO potential. The wrong piece of code can cause your pages to slow down or crash entirely, which search bots take notice of and grade your performance poorly. Demandwell keeps you covered by monitoring your website with frequent crawls. Get real-time updates on core SEO issues and how to fix them, along with active recommendations within your SEO Campaigns on what areas need improvement.

Technical SEO features

Is your existing digital strategy not panning out?

There might be technical issues on your site holding you back. Get our indexation guide today to learn about the primary technical hurdles that stop your pages from getting ranked.

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