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50 pieces of long form SEO content. That’s what it takes to see performance increases for your target keyword set in organic, and to prove relevance to Google. For content marketers, that’s a full year’s worth of thought leadership content, in addition to your other marketing objectives. With Demandwell, your digital content production workflow is clearly defined and consistently easy to execute. With our AI, you can identify the next strategic SEO moves, and copywrite new pieces instantly.

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Outline Generator

Automated brief building for defined SEO performance gains

Most digital marketers miss the mark when it comes to SEO because digital content is only produced for your audience. To perform well, content needs to also speak Google’s language. Demandwell gives users that missing edge through automated brief building. Add new content your content plan, and Demandwell automatically structures your page with an outline Google expects to read for the sake of contextual relevance. You then have the control to adjust, add or remove pieces that work best for your content production process.

Complete prompt customization for AI copy generation output

Your brand is unique, as is your business and your audience. Your digital content needs to stand out from the rest, not just bland everyday content. With Demandwell you have full control over the inputs and outputs for your AI content generation experience. Choose from preset tones of voice, writer roles and target audience. Or custom create your own based on your own needs. Include custom prompts for anything imaginable, including the instructions on what to write.

On-Page Recommendations Powered by AI

Monitor your site for opportunities to optimze critical keywords and pages. Get automated suggestions for Title Tags, Meta Descriptions, and Headers with the help of context aware AI & Demandwell's PageAdviser.

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Demandwell Meta Description Recommendation

Analyze, re-write or fully regenerate your AI content as much as you like

With Demandwell, users get full control over their content before it goes live. AI powered by Jasper generates V1 of your content piece, deployed directly to the Demandwell analyzer for SEO performance analysis. Utilize the re-writer tool to highlight specific pieces of content that need to be re-written. Customize your prompts again, re-generate and directly replace it within your copy. Completely miss the mark? Take a step back and adjust your prompts to fully redo your content. The choice is yours, all with zero limits on the number of content pieces or runs.

SEO strategy and execution, connected and in one platform

Demandwell is the only platform that provides focused SEO strategy through targeted SEO Campaigns, and the tools to take advantage of that data and publish optimized content. Generate new campaigns to align your website’s search identity, with the audience groups or topics you want to target. Target new pieces of content directly within your campaigns, to add to your content calendar and get to writing. With SEO, seeing results is all about deploying at the right time.

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URL alignment and performance tracking for every piece

What good is your digital content if it doesn’t connect with your audience? Demandwell lets users connect their website URLs to keywords through existing content, or new content created. Align your published URLs to get detailed rank tracking and performance updates. Get a focused reporting view within your SEO Campaigns, or keyword by keyword.

Live SEO data

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Turnkey SEO content, leveraging AI with human editorial oversight

Demandwell Services provide users with additional assistance where they need it most. And some teams need to maintain focus on other marketing channels, dividing their attention from digital content production while still needing traffic growth. Managed AI allows for quality content to be produced fast, keeping cost per piece low, and enabling your team to publish the total content count needed to rank for more queries.

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AI SEO Software Features – AI Content

Demandwell is the AI SEO software for digital marketers who need SEO guidance, paired with the speed and power of AI. You get complete control over your brand, tone of voice and website output, along with the advanced SEO tools built straight into your platform. Below are all of the detailed product features included within AI Content from Demandwell. Access to each feature may vary depending on your specific package, explore our pricing page to see what’s included.


Automatic SEO Brief Builder

When adding a new piece of content into your Content Management Suite, users get the option to choose how you’d like to produce your copy. By selecting the AI Writer option, you’ll get all the power of Demandwell paired with AI content generation from major LLM’s. First Demandwell automatically generates an SEO keyword brief for your content, compiling all the necessary keywords your content should contain to show contextual relevance to search engines. This brief is flexible based on your needs, and users can adjust the output accordingly or manually add terms to fit the needs of your piece.


AI Prompts for Content Generation

With your brief in place, users will be able to customize their own prompts for AI content generation. You may customize items such as tone of voice, writer role and audience, choosing Demandwell common presets or simply write in your own. Then add further prompts for the LLM to do its magic. Add references to products or services, narrative themes to weave into your copy, how to reference the reader and more. Provide one overview prompt or go section by section, the more detail you add the better your final output will be. Just hit “Write it” and your content is now being worked on.


SEO Content Analyzer

With your content complete, the output will show up in Demandwell’s Content Analyzer. Here you’ll see the terms requested from your brief, and SEO standards such as keyword inclusion and total word count. You can select each keyword to find its place in your copy, and adjust for exact match or broad match inclusion. Write within Demandwell or export and put it where you like, the choice is yours.


AI Powered Re-Writer

Not every prompt will knock it out of the park for your content. Demandwell gives you full control over rewrites and re-prompting, users get unlimited uses with their AI content generation. No worries about price per word or per piece, just get hustling until your content is the best it can be. Within the Content Analyzer is a dedicated re-writing tool, users can select certain content sections and specifically re-generate the content with AI. Provide more prompts and keywords for inclusion, and then insert it directly into your broader content piece. Still not satisfied? Take a step back and re-do all your prompts for a full regeneration, Demandwell makes things easy for marketers.


Content Export and Publication

Once your web copy is complete, it’s time to publish. Simply export your content then switch gears to your CMS where you can add it to a template or blog post. Demandwell reminds you of SEO best practices to ensure your content ranks well, then assign your Primary Page to the final piece for full scale tracking via SEO Campaigns and the Keyword Coach.

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