SEO Campaigns: automated SEO strategy and keyword clustering

Establishing your SEO or outranking the competition requires tactical digital execution. Too bad SEO is a collection of technical work, content marketing and strategic foucs while balancing your other marketing objectives.

Demandwell takes the guess work out of SEO, and shows you the right path for success with your audience. Automate your strategy and connect to the right people with the right action items, all controllable within your software. Achieving organic growth has never been clearer.

SEO Campaigns are your strategic digital marketing sprints

Your marketing ecosystem consists of a million little things that need done. Why waste your time sifting through SEO action items, figuring out the best tactics for success? Demandwell automates your strategy and gives you advanced outcomes with complete control. SEO Campaigns segment your SEO into smaller groups of clustered keywords for relevance. Each campaign gives you direct focus on how you’re performing today, what gaps you have to fill for search authority, and intelligence on how to move up in rankings.

Existing SEO strategy or use AI to generate new keyword clusters

Demandwell provides full customization to your business, your audience and your keywords. Define who you are through your Search Identity, and blend it with your desired SEO direction. Identify your target audience, their pain points, their topical interests or plain old keywords, and Demandwell’s AI clusters your keywords together into campaigns. Pick the right group to go after, and get in depth data on your site’s performance today. Or manually input your own keywords and assign existing URLs for the keywords you want, then expand and find new opportunities for growth.

Demandwell gives users automated SEO that turn into results

$62,653 / yr

Saved from PPC Budget

“I didn’t have an SEO strategy at all when I walked into the role at Pillar, being the first marketer and focusing on what I knew worked. So really Demandwell helped shape that for us in a very easy way. We’re a start up, so it’s great to see that we have avoided 62k for ongoing traffic. That is a lot that coming from of our small marketing budget.”

Alexa Amatulli

Director of Marketing

$13,461 / yr

Saved from PPC budget

“Before Demandwell we used Yoast SEO and some general best practices for our digital content strategy. It was a mix of thought leadership, but I always tried to incorporate SEO where it made sense. We didn’t really consider organic a channel for driving true opportunities. But based on our results, whatever we write with Demandwell is definitely much better than anything I was writing from a search standpoint.”

Spencer Holleman

SVP of Marketing

AI-powered recommendations and SEO tactics to improve your pages

Demandwell's SEO strategy is delivered directly through your campaigns. Get the latest, AI-powered recommendations and suggestions to optimize the pages and keywords you care about most. Need to optimize a page? Need internal links for improved bot visibility? Need technical enhancements? Need more pages within your cluster? Demandwell shows you the way.

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Direct connections to your website and content production

Search data is critical to understand your next steps, but without action, your traffic will remain the same. Demandwell is the first platform to automate SEO strategy and tie it to your SEO execution. Get the data and recommendations to know what to deploy on your website, and with the software move directly into execution. Deploy internal links to your Wordpress website in seconds. And move keywords to your content plan for brief building and copy generation, assisted with AI and built with SEO guardrails.

Real time reporting within your SEO Campaigns

What good would all of this be if you couldn’t see your results? Demandwell directly integrates to your Google Search Console to show you live results on how your keywords and pages are performing. Get a full heat-map of your campaign lifecycle stages, and see how your execution is changing your ranking and traffic. Align your pages, see detailed page and keyword data and see your SEO work start to take shape.

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SEO software built by the pros who know

SEO has evolved over the years with new website technologies, new algorithm updates that can change things in an instant. Demandwell was built by marketing professionals who have been working in marketing for decades, and got tired of having to work everything out in spreadsheets. We took our search skills and built them straight into the platform for users to leverage in their own marketing workflow. Need more customized help? Demandwell offers add-ons and personal services expertise from those very same professionals. Get technical insights, custom keyword research, implementation help and more from our team.

Demandwell Services

AI SEO Software Features – SEO Campaigns

Demandwell a one of a kind SEO software, we enable users to have full control over their SEO, while simplifying the entire process through SEO Campaigns. Each SEO Campaign you build creates focus, and a set of sprint items for your team to work on for SEO success. Below are all of the detailed product features included within SEO Campaigns from Demandwell. Access to each feature may vary depending on your specific package, explore our pricing page to see what’s included. 


SEO Campaigns

Demandwell users get complete control over their SEO Campaigns. Users can create an unlimited number of campaigns to run on their own, and get all the SEO goodies with each; real time reporting, page recommendations, content integrations and more.

Your SEO Campaigns provide an overview of performance, based on Demandwell’s proprietary Lifecycle Stage metric. Stage 1, you have yet to rank for this keyword and you need new content! Stage 5, you’re in the top spot with a stellar CTR, time to box out the competition. Everyday your platform updates to show you where you are, and how your work is affecting rankings and traffic.


Managed Campaigns

Managed SEO Campaigns provide expert assistance and Demandwell grade SEO intelligence. Unlike standard SEO Campaigns, these give users detailed recommendations on how to improve page performance, assigning new pages and how to intertwine your broader digital strategy with your organic performance.


Campaign & Keyword Discovery

Campaign Discovery gives the power of advanced keyword research and keyword clustering to users. We baked decades of SEO experience into our one of a kind keyword discovery process, which allows users to input knowns about your business, website or audience, to generate the best keyword strategy for your SEO Campaigns. Dial in your prompts to get the best results possible. Demandwell then generates the best keyword clusters for you to go after, sorted and prioritized by our own keyword algorithm, to showcase the best queries for success based on performance today, competition and relatability to your listed Search Identity.


Primary Page Assignment

Your website consists of hundreds (if not thousands) of pages and URLs that Google assigns value to. Each of them can compete against each other when it comes to ranking for a given keyword. To knock your SEO out of the park, it is best practice to assign one page for a primary SEO keyword, to ensure your value and content strategy align for ongoing performance. Within Demandwell, you can assign a primary page to a Keyword, and tie the two together. Doing so shows you detailed rankings for your Keyword / Primary Page combo, not just how all pages on average rank for your keyword. This also enables Demandwell to automatically crawl your page, and provide recommendations for how to improve it for your desired query. 


Keyword Performance >> Pages Per Query

Within SEO Campaigns is the Keyword Performance details page. Here you can see data, starting from your campaign keywords, and what pages are currently ranking for it. This is a great location to find existing content that you want to assign as your primary page, and provides detailed recommendations on how to improve your Keyword / Primary Page combo.


Content Performance >> Queries Per Page

Within SEO Campaigns is the Content Performance details page. Here you can see data for the Primary Pages you’ve included in your Campaign, and assigned to keywords. Each page you publish will rank for substantially more queries than just your target term, and this view shows you how each page is doing beyond your assigned Keyword.


PageAdvisor and Recommendations

With a Primary Page assigned to your SEO Campaign Keyword, Demandwell can crawl your site to give you automatic SEO intelligence on how to improve the performance of your URL. Recommendations occur daily, and give you action items on what needs changed on your site and page. Technical SEO fixes, adding content or keyword inclusion are all checked for routinely, and you can even mark items as complete and re-check your page to ensure it is accounted for.


Rank Tracking via Lifecycle Stages

Track your SEO performance in real time, all within SEO Campaigns and Demandwell. Your SEO Campaign overview dashboard provides a look at Lifecycle Stages for all your keywords, and segmented by detailed SEO Campaigns. Lifecycle Stages range from 1 (poor) to 5 (optimized) so users can see real time how their SEO execution is affecting rankings and traffic. Keyword by keyword, users also get detailed reporting on where they rank today. Get averaged rank based on no page assignment, or Actual Rank for your assigned Keyword / Primary Page combo.


Content Suite Integration

SEO Campaigns give users control over their SEO strategy, with existing and live content, or by producing net new copy. Take existing pages and assign them to your desired keywords to get all the reporting, data and action items within Demandwell. Not ranking for terms? Too many Lifecycle Stage 1 queries in a campaign? Simply add it to your Content Plan to begin copywriting, written your way or with AI. No other platform includes automated SEO strategy and execution all within one SEO software like Demandwell.

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