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Producing meaningful digital content that ranks and connects with your audience is a big undertaking. Merging your optimized content with your branded material and it can seem daunting to strike the right balance. With Demandwell, your SEO workflow is simplified, with automated strategy tailored to your website, and content production tools to make copywriting a breeze. Go from research to planning to executing in an instant, and get excellent SEO copy live asap. All in one complete SEO software.

Clustered keywords bring focus to your digital strategy and content workflow

Demandwell was built to show users what they should do next for their SEO growth trajectory. Leverage our AI to define your audience and search identity to create keyword clusters and strategic keyword sprints. Or take your existing strategy and align it with your existing pages, then leverage our system to find new opportunities for your content production. Get live data and recommendations on what to change, and what new content you should start working on. Then add pieces directly to your content production plan to get cracking.

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Prioritize your next content / keyword moves with advanced SEO data

Search volume is the north star of SEO data. But what about searcher intent? Competition? Ongoing production to keep moving up the SERPs? Demandwell comes complete with proprietary data points to showcase what you should focus on for your content production, and when. Priority score quantifies the best keywords based on SEO factors, relevance and competition. Lifecycle stage tells you where you are with your keyword, and what moves are needed next to move up in rankings.

Integrated content calendar to keep tabs on your workflow

Balance all your digital content needs within one platform, and ensure your organic traffic goals are still being met. With Demandwell, users can manage their full content workflow by adding blog posts or SEO performance pages to their plan. Assign due dates and owners within our system to stay on track. Then leverage Demandwell to automate content brief building, instructions, ordering, delivery and even copywriting. No limits, whenever you want it.

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Proven SEO content performance for every piece

Demandwell was built for SEO professionals and digital marketers who want the most out of their content. For every piece of content in your plan, an automated content brief is generated using machine learning and leveraging Google’s algorithm. Start writing to view Google’s keyword schematic of what topics and keywords should be included in your copy for it to be organically relevant, and rank for the query. Customize the structure further to match your own content and brand standards to the writing process. Leverage filters to weed out noise, manually add more terms, and adjust the layout until it meets your standards for writers.

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Content Analyzer

Copywriting your way; manually write, AI generate or order through Demandwell

With your brief built, you now have complete control of the direction your content should be produced. Provide further prompts and instructions to your writing team, on what narrative to include or topics to avoid. Leverage instructional templates to further automate past the minutiae of content instructions. Once set, you can download or send the instructions to your writer, internally or externally.

Analyze content for SEO performance and keyword inclusion

Final content is run through the Demandwell Analyzer, which checks your text for keyword inclusion and word count. See your brief keywords listed on the left, and their inclusion status for exact match, loose match or missing. Click to find and identify all the instances in your content right away. Need more keywords for better performance? Write directly in the analyzer and what your score go up. Users may also leverage the analyzer to re-optimize your existing content, just find the right keyword for your page and check it against the automated brief Demandwell generates. Use AI to further update your copy, get it finalized, exported and published on your site.

Demandwell Meta Description Recommendation

On-Page Recommendations Powered by AI

Monitor your site for opportunities to optimze critical keywords and pages. Get automated suggestions for Title Tags, Meta Descriptions, and Headers with the help of context aware AI & Demandwell's PageAdviser.

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We wrestled with SEO for years so you don’t have to

Marketing through organic search is the ultimate moving target. Algorithms change, as does site code and marketer’s understanding of the marketplace. Our team of experts have decades of experience under our belts, leveraging traditional sheets and docs to get SEO done for an array of businesses. Now with Demandwell, SEO is easier than ever, but sometimes your team or business might need an extra set of hands to get things done. Demandwell Services enhance your experience and provide an expert approach alongside our software platform.

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AI SEO Software Features – Content Management Suite

SEO is built on content, and pages Google can crawl, read and assign contextual value to. Demandwell gives users the ability to produce content however you need to, with SEO guardrails and best practices guiding you to organic traffic growth. Below are all of the detailed product features included within the Content Management Suite from Demandwell. Access to each feature may vary depending on your specific package, explore our pricing page to see what’s included.


Content Plan and Calendar

The Content Management Suite directly connects to SEO Campaigns and the Keyword Coach within Demandwell. Users can add pieces of content from desired keywords to the plan, and begin the management and copywriting process. This view breaks down all content in flight, organized by stage (Planned, Outlining, In Progress, Ready for Review, and Published) so you can keep your digital content engine roaring. The Content Plan table is complete with dates, content type (Page or Post), dates, assigned users and more.


Copywriting Tracking

Your digital and content marketing team is unique to your organization, and Demandwell gives you the ability to adjust your management as needed. No user seat limits means you can add anyone as a writer, and assign them specific SEO tasks to work on. Content users get full access to Demandwell’s Content Management Suite tools, including AI content generation and SEO performance, while leaving the SEO management to admin level users.


Write Your Way: Human or AI

From Demandwell, users can select what kinds of content to be produced. Pages are longer format, and structured to include headers and fulfill keyword rich requirements. Posts are shorter and less structured, to provide more room for thought leadership and narratives, while still including necessary SEO keywords. When adding to your plan, users can select how they’d like to produce copy. Human writer gives the user control on how to build outlines, writing custom instructional content, and how to send to an internal team member. AI Writer leverages major LLM content generation, to simplify copywriting through prompts. Ordering content from Demandwell takes the load off of your team, and we’ll handle it for you via Managed AI. The choice is yours.


Automatic SEO Brief Builder

To begin, click “Let’s get started” and Demandwell takes your desired Keyword and collects all the related queries Google expects to see on a page for it to rank. Once complete, your content piece will move to the “Outlining” stage, with your automatic content brief generated, using related SEO keywords. In this view, users can adjust the page layout based on SEO keywords for your desired narrative, add or remove keywords, manually insert related topics and more. After meeting your requirements for your website and brand needs, you’re ready to move on to instructions for your writer.


Content Instructions and Templates

Instructions give users the ability to customize their content orders for SEO performance and how their copywriter prefers to operate. Whether you’re handing off this piece for an internal writer, or sending it to a freelancer, you have the ability to provide the details to get it done right. Provide broader information or go section by section to ensure you get the right balance of SEO keyword inclusion to your desired content quality. Leverage templated instructions within Demandwell, to automatically include your primary keywords, or another set of recurring instructions you’d like to include and not worry about re-writing over and over again.


Send or Order Your SEO Content

With your SEO outline set and instructional brief complete, you’re ready for copywriting. With Demandwell you can download your instructions, or send directly from us. Writers can login to Demandwell and write within the platform, or through their preferred documents program. Once done, you can import the content to be analyzed and further edited for SEO performance.


SEO Content Analyzer

With your content finalized, you can view and edit it for SEO performance within the Content Analyzer. This view showcases your content against the desired keywords from the brief builder process, to ensure inclusion for SEO relevance. Listed keywords are shown with a green check mark for exact match inclusion, a yellow check mark for broad match inclusion, or a red X for not being found within the content. You can click each to see their location in the text, and if it needs to be further edited for readability.


Content Export and Publication

Once your content is edited, it’s ready to go live. You can export from Demandwell and move to your CMS to drop it into a page template for publication. Demandwell reminds you of best SEO practices for keyword inclusion, which is then double checked within your SEO Campaigns. Simply add the final published page and you’ll be fully connected to tracking and performance!

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