Not just any keywords, the right keywords for your SEO strategy

Queries run the internet, and distill complicated subjects into quick tags and searches. Showing up for the right keywords is critical for marketing stability. And finding the right terms for your business, your audience, and ones you can win is what Demandwell automates for you. From keyword research, cluster creation, content production and ongoing performance tracking, we got you covered.

Cluster keywords together for building authority

Demandwell automates your SEO strategy while also giving you flexibility and control over its direction. Quality traffic comes from finding and targeting the right keywords, and holistically covering the subject matter Search Engines expect to see to prove topical relevance. Discover new keywords and their grouped clusters, or build them yourself. The choice is yours, while Demandwell shows you the way to SEO growth.

AI understands your business and audience to match the right queries

Demandwell lets you customize both your perspective as a business, and who you are trying to target. Input your Search Identity, and match it during campaign discovery with your target audience, topical focus or singular keywords to focus on. Demandwell does the rest and will show you the right clusters to target as campaigns for SEO execution.

Discover the right keywords for your immediate execution needs

Input the right prompts into Demandwell to find keyword clusters for SEO relevance. We’ll group them for you, or start from scratch with your known keywords and go from there. All your terms are stored in our Keyword Coach, complete with live rank data for your primary page’s performance. Add new keywords to Demandwell when you’re ready to keep moving from any other source.

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SEO your way: import known keywords or an existing strategy, or start from scratch

Demandwell’s focused campaigns is a brand new way to approach SEO, but you can run with your existing strategy too. Find or input the right keywords from your current strategy directly into the Keyword Coach and assign your existing pages. Demandwell will automatically align your data to showcase current performance. From there you can create new campaigns and clusters to boost your relevance, re-optimize your existing content and more.

On-Page Recommendations Powered by AI

Monitor your site for opportunities to optimze critical keywords and pages. Get automated suggestions for Title Tags, Meta Descriptions, and Headers with the help of context aware AI & Demandwell's PageAdviser.

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Direct integrations to SEO execution tools, and performance tracking

With your strategy in place, you’re ready to move into deployment on your website. That’s how we get those juicy SEO results anyway right? Shift keywords directly to our content production workflow, for copywriting ease or re-optimization. Track technical issues through SEO health and monitors to ensure your primary pages are loading correctly. And track your progress through lifecycle stage improvements and built in reporting. All of this under one roof.

Track your SEO

AI SEO Software Features – Keywords

Demandwell is a new breed of SEO software, we enable users to have full control over their SEO, including the ability to import your known keyword strategy, or start from scratch. Below are all of the detailed product features included within the Keyword Coach from Demandwell. Access to each feature may vary depending on your specific package, explore our pricing page to see what’s included.


Keyword Coach and Query Management

The Keyword Coach from Demandwell is your main hub for singular keyword level performance. This view is a detailed table, complete with filters and proprietary SEO data to help marketers zero in on the right keywords that need content production to improve rankings. Once loaded, your keywords will automatically be sorted and prioritized based on Demandwell’s Keyword Algorithm, showcasing the best terms to target for net new query ranking and traffic acquisition. You get all the standard SEO data as well, such as search volume, ranking click through rate and the connected labels for Primary Page assignment and associated SEO Campaigns.


Lifecycle Stages and Keyword Ranking

Demandwell is unique when it comes to prioritizing keywords, and leverages the Lifecycle Stage metric to give greater clarity to marketers. Don’t worry about wild ranking swings from Google’s algorithm, Lifecycle Stages range from 1 (not ranking) to 5 (optimized) and let you know where you stand. Paired with SEO Campaigns, users can build contextual relevance and not get lost in a single query’s performance. Keep adding content and tracking your keyword cluster’s overall performance, and stay on track. Hove over your Lifecycle Stage to see the actual rank of your single keyword today.


Custom Prioritization

Demandwell gives users further control over their keyword strategy through custom prioritization parameters. Clicking on the “Priority” column label, users can access the prioritization table to shuffle your keyword list for what matters most. Demandwell automatically applies its Keyword Algorithm to rank terms based on competition, current performance and audience volume. But users can add custom prompts to further optimize their specific priority. Input other terms that are important for your strategy, and refresh your list to see what terms are now the best targets for SEO content production.


Manual Keyword Input

Users can control their own SEO destiny with Demandwell, and import their target SEO terms at any time, no limits. Take your current keyword list and drop them into Demandwell to get our Keyword Algorithm real-time data, SEO Campaigns and Content Suite tools.


Keyword Research & Discovery

Users looking to research and explore new keywords can do so through SEO Campaigns. Campaign Discovery supercharges your keyword research process by pairing our own AI and SEO Algorithms to keyword discovery, clustering terms together for contextual relevance and packaging them into SEO Campaigns for execution. Any keywords you add to campaigns are automatically added to your Keyword Coach for ongoing management and tracking.


Primary Page Assignment

Across Demandwell, you can assign a Primary Page to any given Keyword to gain further insights and recommendations. Within the Keyword Coach, users can directly assign a page, either from your produced content in Demandwell, or already live and existing URLs. This showcases exact rank for your Keyword / Primary Page combo, and gives you even more SEO recommendations through SEO Campaigns.


Content Suite Integration

Through the Keyword Coach, users can find keywords that need more related content to rank higher. Leverage Lifecycle Stages to understand if you need a net new page, or maybe even a blog post for internal linking back to your known Primary Page. Simply click “Add To Plan” on your desired keyword to begin the copywriting process, all within Demandwell. Content produced is then tracked across SEO Campaigns and the Keyword Coach, to give you more insight on what else needs your attention.

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