Realtime keyword ranking and performance tracking

Data fuels your SEO, from strategic planning to ongoing performance reporting. Demandwell gives you all the data you know and love, and new data points to further enhance your digital marketing decision making. Get a 10,000 foot overview of your digital marketing data, or go keyword by keyword, URL by URL to get in depth activity and insights. Leverage it all to pinpoint your next strategic moves, and let Demandwell automate your recommendations and ongoing workflow.

Live SEO data for your pages and target keywords

Demandwell pulls data live to show the keywords you rank for today. Get a complete picture of your organic performance, and how your strategy has been working so far. With campaigns, you can assign URLs to your target keywords to see detailed data on keyword cluster performance, and get recommendations on how to improve your content. Add new keywords, make technical updates or re-optimize your content and watch your organic traffic grow.

Lifecycle stages show you the path forward for your keywords

Every keyword within Demandwell is assigned with a Lifecycle Stage, ranging from not ranking, to SEO success. As you target your ongoing SEO execution, your current stage will guide you to how to improve your performance. Generate new SEO content to start ranking, leverage internal links to move up, or re-optimize your meta information to improve your organic click through rate. Demandwell shows you the way, campaign by campaign, keyword by keyword.

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Performance Monitoring Powered by AI

Monitor your pages for opportunities to optimze critical keywords and pages. Get automated suggestions for Title Tags, Meta Descriptions, and Headers with the help of context aware AI & Demandwell's PageAdviser.

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Our Services team lives and breathes SEO

To get SEO results, you need the right blend of marketing expertise, technical know how, content production and a focus on Google’s algorithm. We built Demandwell to automate SEO for our users, but it took years of expertise by our dedicated team to pass that knowledge on to our platform. Our team is here to provide additional guidance to teams who need it, whether it’s assistance implementing through your website or conducting research, we can help.

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AI SEO Software Features – Performance Tracking

Digital marketers practically need data to survive, and show value for the channels they work against. SEO is no different, and Demandwell provides a wealth of data throughout the entire platform to keep performance top of mind. Below are all of the detailed product features included within Demandwell for Performance Tracking. Access to each feature may vary depending on your specific package, explore our pricing page to see what’s included.


Campaign Reporting

Within SEO Campaigns users get access to a suite of real time reporting across all campaigns and for individual campaigns. Demandwell syncs with your Google Search Console to provide deeper insights to your keyword and page rankings. Keywords and pages are then assigned Lifecycle Stages to showcase where they currently stand and their success. Need to go deeper? Each keyword also gets current rank across all pages, or your specific assigned Primary Page URL.


Real-Time Rank Tracking

Within your Keyword Coach, users get real-time and accurate keyword rankings for your target website. Next to each keyword are your Lifecycle Stages for current performance. Hovering over each then gives a detailed numerical rank on where you stand in the SERP. Keywords without an assigned Primary Page showcase average rank across all pages that have values for the query, whereas actual rank shows the specific place for your Keyword / Primary Page combo.


Lifecycle Stage Updates

Lifecycle Stages are Demandwell’s unique way to let marketers know where their target keywords stand, and how to act on them. Stages vary from 1 (not ranked) to 5 (optimized). Not ranking for a term? Add it to your content plan and produce optimized content. Sitting just off page 1? Add a blog post to your plan for internal links, or check out recommendations within campaigns to make necessary tweaks for performance.


Macro Performance: Need-To-Lead Funnel

To see how all of your SEO efforts are working in tandem, users can check out the Need-To-Lead Funnel, our overview of your organic traffic metrics. See total charts on the total queries, search impressions, search clicks, visitors and organic conversions you’re getting, along with newly created content in Demandwell.

Leverage AI To Move Your SEO Forward

Demandwell takes the guess work out of SEO, and gives marketers everything they need to achieve SEO success. Faster, easier and all powered by our AI. Get a demo today and see everything Demandwell has to offer.

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