Technical performance tracking and SEO recommendations for your website

The code of your website is critical for SEO success. It not only renders the correct experience for your users, but it shows the correct hierarchy for your authority and keywords to search bots like Google. If it’s managed correctly, it can mean a big difference for the keywords you want to rank for. Demandwell keeps tabs on all things technical by crawling your website and showing you automated recommendations for improvements. It’s a part of the complete SEO picture Demandwell provides.

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The Demandwell PageAdviser regularly scans your site for opportunities to optimze SEO for critical pages and keywords. Imlement suggested updates with the help of context-aware AI.

AI Recommendations
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URL insights directly incorporated into your SEO strategy

Demandwell takes the guesswork out of technical SEO and gives users the best recommendations for improving their keyword rankings. Managed campaigns offer proactive intelligence on what SEO fixes will give the best results for your assigned URLs. Users can then create monitors to ping your site frequently and keep watch over 20+ SEO factors that affect your organic performance. Users with larger and more complicated digital landscapes can leverage add-ons for holistic health audits and prioritized recommendations.

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Ongoing monitors across your whole domain keeps you in the loop

Demandwell puts all of the SEO tools you need for success within one platform. Keep tabs on your entire website or a specific subset of URLs, and crawl them frequently with Monitors. Customize your monitor for any cross section of technical issues that may occur, and get a complete list of all the pages on your primary domain that need fixes. Set custom validation for each monitor, and the criteria for why a URL might fail and need personal attention. Pages that 404 but are listed in your sitemap? No problemo, monitors have you covered.

Search performance data for your digital marketing execution

The better your website performs, in addition to the right mix of words and content Google can read, means success for your SEO strategy. Demandwell puts the control in your hands with taking insights and data, straight onto your website for clear execution action items. Recommendations within Managed Campaigns guide you to the best next step, and monitors keep you in the loop when issues occur. Health Audits provide users with a set todo list of prioritized technical fixes. All complete with live performance data, content production tools and strategic focus.

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You may have technical issues leading to indexations problems. Start debugging your problems today with our free guide.

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Technical SEO straight in the software, and services for more digital marketing chops

Your website is a unique snowflake, built by your team to meet your marketing and communication needs. Sometimes that evolves without SEO in mind, which can cause traffic to suffer. Our team has worked both for agencies and in house, managing digital strategies and websites for traffic growth. Features within Demandwell were built to help users get on the right path with their technical SEO, but some teams might need a more expansive audit for their full digital marketing landscape. Add-ons are available for users with more advanced marketing and SEO needs, and pair with Demandwell to give you complete coverage over your SEO needs.

Demandwell Services

AI SEO Software Features – Technical SEO

How your website loads is a critical barrier for search rankings, unpacking errors and fixing them for SEO performance is how Demandwell helps marketers further optimize for rankings. Below are all of the detailed product features included within Demandwell to help users with Technical SEO performance. Access to each feature may vary depending on your specific package, explore our pricing page to see what’s included.


Campaign PageAdvisor and Recommendations

SEO Campaigns narrow your SEO workflow into focused sprints of digital marketing execution. Within campaigns users will receive recommendations on how to improve their assigned Primary Pages for performance against the paired and assigned Keyword. This will include technical fixes such as pagespeed, meta information, robots.txt, canonical errors and more. Instead of worrying about fixing every known error across your website, you can then maintain clarity and just work on what needs the most attention.


Full Site Health Audits

For large and complicated websites, a host of technical SEO errors might require a personal touch. Thankfully the Demandwell services team can work through your current website deployment, and conduct one time or multiple complete site audits, delivered through the Demandwell software. Health Audits analyze three primary categories; Infrastructure, Content and Endorsements. Each group contains a bevy of technical items that your team can address, all viewable and accessible through your software. Errors are complete with URLs where they occurred, descriptions of the problems and how they should be fixed. To Dos are assigned with your services expert, and ongoing strategic meetings help you find the best path forward for fixes.


SEO Monitors

For larger scale and full site-wide analysis, SEO Monitors ping your entire primary domain, identifying core issues found that you would like to pay attention to. Understanding that you have 404 errors and are working with your team to remedy the issue, users can create a monitor to watch for 404’s and the URLs as they occur. An additional 20 SEO factors can be monitored for daily site-wide crawls.


With search crawlers, the more often they return to a page from known links and keywords, the better that page will perform. This is true with external backlinks, and natural internal linking. With Demandwell, WordPress users get access to a dedicated automated internal link-building plugin, enabling users to optimize the ideal anchor text keywords per page and deploy internal links at scale. Users with non-Wordpress CMSs may get a custom internal linking map from the Demandwell Services team, complete with specific page instructions and link anchor text requirements.

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