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Marketing, as the profession we know it, is a 20th century development. This is not to imply that marketing did not occur before then. It just took different, more localized, forms. Many manufacturers and companies tended to trade locally or within their region. Standardization across product lines was unheard of. So, too, was the concept of creating a product that met the needs of all Americas throughout the country.

During the 1700s, sea trade came into its own with countries trading in precious commodities such as porcelain from Asia, spices from the southeast Asia and tea from Britain and many other countries. Another surge in the marketing of materials came with the building of the railroad across the United States. This gave American manufacturers the ability to more broadly market their wares and more easily transport them for sale.

As these new avenues for trade developed, companies began acquiring information that they could use to make business decisions. They began conducting research on trade and bolster their marketing and distribution of their products. This marketing research developed in earnest in the 18th century when publishers began creating works that focused on trading. At the time, these materials were published as ‘commercial intelligence’ but today, we can clearly see that it was marketing research. This information was used to reach mass audiences. Josiah Wedgewood is often viewed as an early developer of mass marketing techniques. In the early 18th century, he was using direct mail, catalogues and salesmen to market his products. He was also one of the first to demonstrate that increased production led to lower costs per unit. Through lowering costs and prices, he demonstrated that this led to higher demand and increased profits.

At a national or international level, these marketing techniques were being developed. At the local level, however, most of the economy was dominated by small, regional manufacturers that distributed only at the local and regional levels.

Fishers, Indiana

This was true in what is now Fishers, Indiana. Settled in 1802 by William Connor, it was initially established as a trading post on the White River. When Indiana became a state in 1816, the population began to grow slowly.

In 1826, a prominent area gathering spot, Ambassador House (West-Harris House), was built. Purchased in 1880 by prominent Indianapolis attorney, Addison Harris, and his wife, India Harris. The home’s nickname came from Harris’ service as a diplomat as the US Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary to Austris-Hungary under President William McKinley. Another development that increased access to the area was the construction of the Peru & Indianapolis Railroad in 1849. This extended rail service from Indianapolis to Chicago which greatly increased the facilitation of trade. In 1934, Eli Lilly, founder of Eli Lilly and Company, bought William Conner’s original farm and preserved it. In 1964, it was under the administration of Earlham College as a historic property known as Conner Prairie.

In 1960, the population of Fishers was 344 due to declining rail service. The town, when State Road 37 was relocated and connected with Interstate 69, was set for future growth as a suburb of Indianapolis. By the 1960s, population had increased to 7,000.

Public Forums

While trade methods and marketing techniques were developing across the country, most tradesmen and manufacturers still relied on local methods that predominantly relied on the proximity of customers to the product’s manufacturing location. Public forums such as courthouses, amphitheaters and leading politicians often played prominent roles in the distribution of information. In Fishers, the civic and government center wasn’t opened until 1992. The Thomas A. Weaver Municipal Complex operates as city hall, headquarters for police and fire, post office, Hamilton County Convention Center and Visitor’s Bureau, as well as, the Chamber of Commerce. A library and Bureau of Motor Vehicles was eventually added. Even though the center wasn’t added till 1992, information was still distributed in the community through important trade centers such as the one established when the community was founded. Also, business leaders had access to politicians such as Addison Harris and business leaders like Eli Lilly to share their ideas with. In both instances, these men had far reaching connections that could ultimately benefit local businesses.

Market Booths

As mentioned, local trading posts played a significant role in primitive marketing efforts in small communities. They were places were people gathered to share information, both locally and from farther communities. As many transient people traveling across the country often stopped at these outposts, they became natural hubs of information gathering and dissemination. Today, these traditions continue at the Fishers Farmers Market that is held every May through October at the Nickel Plate District Amphitheater. Held every Saturday during the season, the market attracts 50 farm vendors and 4,000 visitors.


With the rise in driving and continuing till today, billboards along roads and highways are a prime tool to communicate a message or product to American consumers. While on the road, drivers and passengers alike become a captive audience for those with products to sell. The popular Burma Shave signs along America’s roadways clearly demonstrates this medium’s effectiveness for marketing. Another example are the numerous signs advertising attractions and fast food restaurants near the off ramp where they are located. In Fishers, the relocation of State RD 37 to the east of town connecting to I 69, made a huge difference in local marketing efforts. These prominent roadways captured the attention of locals, as well as, those driving through the area. Billboards, therefore, became a natural marketing tool in the area.


At one time, radio was the most popular form of communication of ideas. Many radio shows were sponsored by product manufacturers. This diminished at the advent of television in the American home. However, radio still plays a prominent role in marketing and communication today. Drivers still often listen to the radio in their cars. While the medium has evolved to include products like podcasts, radio remains a key mass communication method. In Fishers, most radio stations originate in Indianapolis, eleven miles away. Stations such as WICR (88.7 FM), WBDG (90.9 FM), WFBQ (94.7 FM) and WFMS (95.5) provide music and information in formats ranging from variety, country to rock. WIBC (93.1) is an area news and talk format station.

School Marketing

Retailers and manufacturers seeking to influence younger audiences often turn to online platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Those at the local area also become involved in the area schools. This allows them to market directly to a younger audience, while also supporting the community. Often, the close association gives the retailer insight into the customers. For retailers, opportunities are varied from school to school but they are there. Sponsoring a ball team or the yearbook, gives retailers name recognition within their local communities. The rise in volunteerism through corporate responsibility programs also presents many opportunities for companies to become involved in projects at their local high school or college. Fishers High School presents many opportunities for area companies to become involved. The school and its students are very active in community projects and fundraisers that could easily be sponsored by a corporation.

Business Hubs

In Fishers, the local Chamber of Commerce is an active organization in the local business community. As it is housed with the Convention and Visitors Bureau, this is a prime opportunity for area companies to become involved in both organizations and use their tools to communicate broadly. Other important business hubs include the Indianapolis newspaper, IndyStar, and Fox 59, the area television station. These provide perfect platforms for companies to communicate their messages throughout the area.


Networking has always been a key business skill. Business owners who get out into the communities they serve and interact with people are able to communicate their message directly to potential clients or customers. In today’s economy, these skills are even more important. In an era where most young people are focused on their phones, being able to network firsthand leaves an impression. In Fishers, networking organizations, such as Meet-up, host events in the Indianapolis area.

In small town America, coffee shops have always been a gathering spot for local businesspeople. In Fishers, there are a number of coffee shops to choose from for that midmorning pick-me-up. These include the School House 7 Café, the Well Coffeehouse and Another Broken Egg Café. These are local cafes where business and community leaders often gather to catch up on events and news in the area.

Fishers SEO

Many of the communication methods discussed so far are either interpersonal or offline channels commonly used for marketing. These have proven very effective in the past and continue to be so. Modern technology has introduced new channels for marketing professionals that have elevated their reach. The rise of the internet broadly introduced communication levels to a much higher level. The internet effectively gave rise to the global community and transnational trade opportunities. This ushered in an era where companies had to have a website in order to promote their products and services. It also gives them the opportunity to communicate directly with potential customers anywhere in the world. While this last statement is true in theory, it depends on potential customers finding the corporation’s website.

Promoting or marketing websites is where search engine optimization (SEO) comes into play. With SEO, any company, not matter how large or small, can gain recognition at the local, national or even, global level. This makes it a critical function for modern business’s online presence. Initially, SEO efforts will increase the visibility of the company’s website in various search engines. Within a short time, new potential customers will be finding the company’s website. This is, however, only the beginning of what SEO can do for a company. SEO professionals will encourage organic listings that naturally promote growth and visibility. There are paid channels where companies can pay for listings. However, this will become a reoccurring monthly charge. The other downside of paid listings is that some search engines, like Google, devalue them against organic listings. Some liken SEO to buying a house and using other paid channels to renting an apartment. With digital marketing Fishers businesses are suddenly dipping into a much larger client pool.

For digital marketing Fishers small businesses need to turn to a qualified SEO professional. Many small digital companies will claim to provide SEO services in Fishers but don’t have the background and experience to deliver on their claims. So, got SEO services Fishers businesses may not know where to turn. For interactive marketing and Fishers SEO services, businesses need to thoroughly research SEO companies they consider working with. Those looking for SEO marketing Fishers Naptown areas turn to the best SEO company in Indianapolis to expand their company’s visibility.

Fishers SEO Company

Performing high quality SEO work requires specialized knowledge. Also, because search engine parameters and standards are constantly changing, it’s important that a professional remain up to date on any changes in the industry. In this manner, SEO can be very fluid. What stood out as best practices yesterday doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the best actions to take today. Some larger corporations have the ability to handle SEO and the web inhouse. If this is the case, great! Those companies are well on the way to attracting ever increasing audiences each day if they are devoting the time to SEO. Many small companies, however, do not have this luxury. Even if they do have a dedicated IT person, there is no guarantee that they will have experience or even time to handle SEO tasks on top of the other demands of their job. Much of this type of work is outsourced to SEO companies in Fishers. When looking for prospective firms, some creative companies Fishers businesses turn to will offer SEO services. Ensure that they have the background and experience to achieve the results the company is looking for.

Many companies, particularly small ones, don’t have a professional SEO staff member inhouse. They may turn to the marketing companies Fishers has to offer. Even if they do have an IT professional, they may not have the confidence to manage the SEO tasks and reach the company’s goals. To keep their company growing and expanding beyond Fishers, Indiana, it becomes essential that they find a Fishers SEO firm or other external company or consultant that can provide a SEO services they need. There is one SEO expert that you should talk to – DemandWell. For a Fishers SEO company, they can provide all of the services you need. Lastly, they are the Fishers SEO expert you can trust.

Fishers SEO Agency

When a company starts looking for a Fishers SEO agency, they need to have a basic idea of what they are looking for so that they know that they are hiring a competent agency that can truly deliver the results that they are looking for. There are many marketing agencies Fishers businesses turn to but they may not have the highly developed SEO skill set that companies truly need. Also advertising agencies Fishers companies work with will provide a wide range of services that may include SEO. This means that their daily attention is not on the SEO industry but on the variety of services that they provide. One of the benefits of working with an SEO agency Fishers organizations frequently deal with is that they will not only be watching and working on your website marketing, they will be watching the results across a wide range of websites. When an SEO company has many clients, their professionals can identify and watch trends across those clients. In real terms, this means that if Google issues changes or updates, they will see the trend across many of their clients. As they learn to adjust the Google strategy and see performance results, these can be applied to your own site’s SEO. This is a tremendous benefit for working with a digital marketing agency Fishers companies experience. Also, with SEO marketing, the company will start to realize pleasing customer acquisition cost benefits it may not have known before. What follows is new lead generation. This is often seen following soon after the initial work. DemandWell provides is a quality SEO agency Fishers companies have come to rely on.

Best SEO

Shopping for the best SEO company can seem to be a daunting process. What makes one agency better than another? Sure, some professional SEO agencies seem to have everything a corporation needs but can they really deliver on the results that they profess to? When corporate personnel are investigating new support companies, they can feel a little out of their depth just based on the terminology and concepts that are being explained. This is when it pays to be an educated consumer. Take some time to understand the basic tenets of SEO and some of the lingo. While this will not make them an expert, it will help corporate leadership to make educated and informed decisions about which SEO companies or public relations firms Fishers companies should hire. Top SEO companies won’t hesitate to demonstrate proven results from past projects. They should also be to show a proven track record. A couple that shows success with only a few projects should be cautiously viewed. It will make you wonder how long they have been performing SEO work. The length of involvement in SEO work and success rate will give you an idea of how educated and knowledgeable they are. Unfortunately, many small companies resort to what seems like an easy answer. One employee in leadership will say, “I have a guy” or “my nephew is handy with computers, he can take care of this over his summer break”. Unfortunately, most of the time, these well meaning individuals charged with SEO tasks are not SEO professionals and lack the knowledge to produce lasting results. As a result, this costs the business money. They pay a lower fee but only receive sub-standard work. When the positive results are not forthcoming, the company is forced to hire someone to correct the work and set the company on the right path. In the end, the whole SEO work costs more for the small business than if they had skipped skimping on what they believed to be a low cost solution and hired a professional SEO agency with a demonstrated track record.

There are many things to look at when you are considering a particular professional SEO company to do your work. One central matter is how well they communicate with your staff. Any signs of unprofessional behavior or communication should give you pause. Professionals who are helping to support a company’s bottom line will be regular and professional in the communication and during any follow up briefings. When there is a question, they will respond quickly with the answer or explanation or a solution to any problem. They will also be reliable about meeting deadlines. Every new project or service invariably meets barriers or issues where there will be questions. How a new company responds to these issues or questions can be very telling. If they answer an obstacle with new fees or one size fits all solutions, company leadership can know that the SEO professionals are not focused on the unique aspects of their business. Unfortunately, some will be focused only on closing the next client and churning and burning through the process with minimal effort. In the end, this does no one good. It’s best to steer beyond these agencies when they are encountered. They may have a good ‘standard’, off the shelf product that seems to work for a few companies but in the world of SEO, standard just doesn’t work. It doesn’t achieve individual goals that companies have and they won’t see the results that they are anticipating. If a new company doesn’t take the take to understand a company’s business and their processes, the true results won’t follow. An established SEO company with proven results will spend the time learning how a particular business operates and what their goals are. They will devote the time needed to deliver the quality service each business deserves. As they complete their work, leadership will see conversion rate optimization that results in increasing sales. This is the bottom line. If a company pursues an ongoing process and doesn’t see increasing visibility and sales, there is a significant problem.

Fishers Web Design

SEO begins with increased visibility for a website and a business but if it doesn’t result in converting visitors to buyers, then what is it the point. Everyone in the world can be talking about your business but if no one is using it, it doesn’t do anyone much good. This is why professional SEO companies start with web design and digital marketing then look at conversion rate optimization (CRO) when they start talking about SEO work. Search engine optimization and increased traffic are wonderful things but they need to produce sales as a result. Otherwise, this has been an exercise in futility. A professional SEO company will start learning about your business but they will also consider ways that the corporate website design can be improved to increase business. In Fisher web design companies may come and go but the ones that truly understand internet marketing and website marketing will remain because they produce the results that companies are looking for. In Fishers web design company needs to focus on the needs of the business as they relate to SEO. The elements of web design play into how well SEO efforts work to convert as much traffic as possible. With the right SEO company, businesses have the opportunity to create the perfect storm: Optimized website, search engine visibility, customer conversion. The results in sales and an expanding business. That’s every businesses’ goal.

Media Companies Fishers

SEO is one way that companies increase their online visibility. It is by no means the only path that they should pursue. Marketing encompasses so many avenues or channels that should be embraced, as well. To compliment a company’s SEO efforts, they should also pursue social media and video marketing. While some sectors of the population do not enjoy videos or social media ads, these are in the minority. Many companies have found success with a well placed social media ad or a video that clearly demonstrates their product or service. Media Companies Fishers draws in new users from different channels. This diversifies the client base almost immediately. Some companies choose to use interns over a professional social media marketing agency Fishers community members know. Sometimes when doing social media marketing Fishers residents won’t know. The key lies in the results. Finding the best combination of web design, SEO marketing and social media and video marketing may seem difficult but it’s not when choose the right company. DemandWell professionals will get your company moving forward with exacting results, clear and steady communication and the tools to convert visitors into regular customers. With online marketing, it’s among the best media productions companies Fishers has to offer.

History Of Fishers

Fishers Indiana started from humble beginnings. From the moment that William Connor decided to settle in the area in 1802, the town experienced only minimal growth. When he came to the area, he built a log cabin. Then decided to establish a trading post. This was not without its difficulties, though. The Delaware Indians who still lived in the area quit their claims to the land in Indiana and Ohio in 1818. Their treaty with the US Government, the Treat of St. Mary’s, formalized this decision. Conner, during the treaty negotiations, acted as an interpreter for his father in law, Chief William Anderson. Conner’s wife, MeKinges Conner, was a princess and the daughter of Chief Anderson. A few years later in 1823, Hamilton County was officially surveyed and chartered by the Indiana General Assembly. Through these years, growth in the area was steady. A horse driven grinding mill was built by John Finch. Soon a school, water mill and blacksmith shop were built. Through the years, the building of the Ambassador House and the development of the Peru & Indianapolis Railroad further served to bolster the community. Today, the William Conner House and the West-Harris House (Ambassador House) are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. This town’s preservation of its legacy was made possible by Eli Lilly of the Ely Lilly and Company. His purchase and preservation of William Conner’s original farm keep the history of this area alive.

While the town maintained its small population, it never truly was on a path for significant growth. Even into the 1960s, the town remained small and somewhat isolated. The relocation of one major highway and its connection to another significant artery changed all of that. When the roadwork was completed, the area came to life. The town, though they had previously eschewed the designation of ‘city’, suddenly became a vibrant crossroads. Today, Fishers stands as one the fastest growing suburbs of Indianapolis, Indiana. With the transportation changes, Fishers residents can easily access the many entertainment and business opportunities that Indianapolis, Indiana has to offer. Many locations in the city are a mere 11 miles away. It may seem that the city and the town made small adjustments but the results have changed the way that residents of Fishers are able to move about, conduct business and enjoy themselves.

Today, Fishers, Indiana still has much of its small town charm. Residents appreciate the area’s humble beginnings and still enjoy the slower pace of life. Now, however, they also enjoy the benefits that easy access to a major metropolitan hub can offer. In Fishers, they are no longer isolated and enjoy being in a smaller town with big options. Today, they have the benefits of a government and convention center. They are welcoming newcomers through their visitors’ bureau and enjoying the benefits of small town life at concerts in the amphitheater and farmers market. While it may not be for everyone, it can not be denied that Fishers, Indiana is an ideal place for business and family life.

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