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There’s a simple rule that businesses in all industries have to follow and it goes like this: In order to survive, one must be able to adapt and evolve.

Your business could have a solid customer base and years of service to a specific area, but if it remains stagnant, it will be left behind. This isn’t to say that businesses have to fundamentally change their identities just so they can remain successful. It’s more about recognizing the new realities of the industry as well as taking full advantage of new tools for success that may not have been available previously.

If you’re the owner of a business in Fort Wayne, Indiana, it’s important to understand how best to interact with potential customers today. To do so, it helps to look back on the history of marketing while also developing an understanding of how it’s done in this day and age.

The History of Marketing in Fort Wayne

The way marketing is done has transformed drastically over the years, mainly because the channels used for it have changed. Before the advent of the information age, entrepreneurs had to utilize what platforms they could if they wanted to reach their prospective customers.

Marketing in Public Forums

One of the most significant challenges that the early entrepreneurs of Fort Wayne had to face was simply finding their way in front of many people. They had to be bold and resourceful if they wanted people to pay attention.

Back in the day, that often meant having to step in front of a crowd gathered at the county courthouse. In the case of Fort Wayne, that establishment was none other than the Allen County Courthouse.

The dedication for the courthouse took place back on Sept. 23, 1902, according to Architecture & Community Heritage. It was the work of Fort Wayne local Brentwood S. Tolan, the same architect who had a hand in designing courthouses in neighboring Indiana towns.

The Allen County Courthouse is made out of Carrara marble, granite, and limestone from the Bedford, Indiana area, according to the Allen County Courthouse Preservation Trust.

While the work put into the courthouse was said to cost $817,000 back in 1902, it is estimated that replicating the building today would cost somewhere around $250 million.

Marketing in Public and Farmers’ Markets

Understandably, talking about your business in front of people who may be watching courthouse proceedings is not the easiest thing in the world. It’s also not the most accessible marketing method ever conceived and there are very real limitations imposed upon how much advertising you can do considering how things work in the courthouse.

This meant that early entrepreneurs had to look into other potential marketing channels. Often, businesses would head to the markets in the hopes of getting more people to pay attention to their wares.

It’s a logical move for many retailers to make as they are able to advertise directly to people who are already planning to spend money.

This should probably come as no surprise, but Fort Wayne has its own share of terrific farmers’ markets.

Operating in the city is the Fort Wayne Farmers Market and it offers goods from numerous vendors. The aforementioned farmers’ market is particularly busy during the summer months when in excess of 60 vendors bring their products.

The Fort Wayne Farmers Market is open from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on Saturdays.

Another option for Fort Wayne residents to consider is the Southside Market. This farmers’ market has been a provider of fresh produce to the people of Fort Wayne dating all the way back to 1926. The market is open from 7:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. every Saturday from Easter all the way up to the middle of December.

Marketing Using Billboards

Billboards played a huge role in changing the way that entrepreneurs approached their advertising efforts. Prior to the emergence of billboards, it was basically a must for business owners to get in front of their customers if they wanted people to know about what they were selling. Entrepreneurs had to offer their business spiels in person or else risk being ignored by consumers.

As soon as billboards became a thing, business owners could now let their ads do the talking for them. They could put what they wanted to say on that billboard, include some eye-catching elements, find a good location for it, and wait for the buzz to build.

Businesses may not be as reliant on billboards, but they continue to be effective advertising tools. For those interested, BillboardsIn notes that the I-69 and I-469 are just some of the prime billboard locations in the city of Fort Wayne.

Marketing Using Radio and Podcasts

Billboards represented a monumental leap in advertising, but they still failed to do something very important. Namely, they were unable to reach people while they were at home.

The good news for businesses is that radio eventually became a popular medium.

All of a sudden, there was now this communication channel capable of reaching people at home and advertisers quickly took notice of it. Marketing spiels no longer had to be recited in person or plastered on billboards. It could simply be recorded and broadcasted through radio.

Radio remains a popular channel for advertisers and creative-types alike even today. If you’re someone who commutes to work, there’s a decent chance that the local radio stations serve as the soundtrack of your regular journeys.

What’s worth pointing out though is that radio is no longer just the only option available if you want to advertise using audio-based content. Podcasts have emerged as similarly viable audio-based channels that can be used for advertising. Because they are more niche, podcasts present business owners with an opportunity to get closer to their exact targets.

For those seeking out audio content focused specifically on the city of Fort Wayne, the podcast entitled “Fort Wayne Speaks” is well worth a listen.

Marketing to Students

Advertising to students is something that many businesses would be wise to do. The businesses that are able to connect and form relationships with consumers while they are still students have a good chance of retaining their loyalty.

Accomplishing that is easier said than done though. It’s tougher to get a buy-in from students because they are typically very picky when it comes to their purchases. With little money to spare on expenses unrelated to their school life, they have to believe firmly in a product or service before they give it a try.

To increase the chances of students buying what you’re selling, it would be a wise move on your part to go to them. Pay campuses a visit and show the students there that your products and/or services are worth their time and money.

You will likely have to clearly out your schedule just to make those trips to campuses but they can be more than worth it in the long run. Examples of schools you will want to visit in Fort Wayne include Indiana University – Purdue University Fort Wayne and Purdue University Fort Wayne.

Marketing with the Help of the Local Chamber of Commerce and TV Stations

Getting your business off the ground in a city where there are several, already well-established competitors is a real challenge. It can doom the prospects of even the most promising business.

That is why business owners who are still trying to get their legs under them would be well-served to approach the local chamber of commerce for assistance. For entrepreneurs based in Fort Wayne, that means approaching the Greater Fort Wayne Chamber of Commerce.

Alternatively, entrepreneurs can also try to get the word out about their business by working with the local TV stations. Local TV stations in the city that entrepreneurs need to know include 21 Alive, NBC 33, and News Channel 15.

Marketing by Networking

The personal touch can be powerful when utilized correctly for advertising purposes. When you are able to talk about the benefits that your products and/or services can offer sincerely, prospective customers are more likely to react positively to your efforts. For that reason, networking is now something that business owners have to take part in if they want people to pay attention to their wares.

Location is essential to effective networking.

In recent years, so-called co-working spaces have become more popular as they provide professionals with comfortable locations suitable for meetings. Fort Wayne’s notable co-working locations include the Atrium and The NIIC.

Local events also present entrepreneurs with great opportunities to not only talk about their business, but also share their knowledge with an interested audience. The Brightshop Free Business Workshop is a good example of an event that works best for educational and promotional purposes.

What Is Fort Wayne SEO?

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all marketing strategy. The needs of individual companies vary, and this holds true even when comparing two entities residing within the same industry.

Some businesses may benefit more from advertising on television or radio while others may get a better return on investment if they focus more on networking.

Still, if there is one particular type of advertising that can work regardless of what industry your business belongs to and what kinds of products and/or services you’re selling, it has to be search engine optimization (SEO).

SEO marketing Fort Wayne Naptown is another form of interactive marketing. The idea behind SEO marketing is very simple.

Most people are well-aware now of what Google is and it’s as close you can get to a site that’s universally used. If you can somehow find a way to get your business website to consistently show up on Google’s search results after keywords related to your industry are used, you can just imagine how helpful that will be to your company’s visibility.

SEO is supposed to make that happen.

There are different digital marketing Fort Wayne practices that are baked into the concept of SEO so it’s broader than what you may initially expect, but at its core, it is still about making sure that people online searching for something related to your company will indeed find your company.

SEO is the reason why there are websites that come up again and again when you use certain words on Google.

Another underrated aspect of SEO marketing is that it works to attract audiences of different sizes. Fort Wayne SEO services are great for attracting attention from people within the city, but it won’t stop there. If your SEO strategy is working as intended, your website will still show up even if people outside of Fort Wayne search for something related to your industry.

SEO services Fort Wayne can also elevate your profile even further than the national level. Remember that there doesn’t need to be a limit set on who can view your content online. By employing a truly effective SEO strategy, even people from other countries may stumble upon your company’s website while they are searching for something they need.

For those business owners who have been thinking about potentially making their products available via online shipping, SEO services in Fort Wayne can help with that.

Why Is Hiring a Fort Wayne SEO Company Essential for Your Business?

Businesses big and small are always looking to cut down on their expenses. There’s nothing inherently wrong with that. They are trying to make money after all.

Things can get dicey for companies though when they start prioritizing saving a buck over improving their business operations.

So, how does all of this relate to SEO marketing companies Fort Wayne?

In all likelihood, many of the companies that haven’t invested in SEO marketing just yet will eventually try to get into it, but they may try to be stingy while doing so. Instead of spending the money necessary to bring in a Fort Wayne SEO expert, some of those companies may be more focused on saving what they can. Because of that, business owners may just bring in someone who knows about working online and ask him/her to implement SEO strategies they came up with themselves.

The business owners that go down that route will certainly be able to save money, but the odds of the strategy they formulated actually working will not be high.

Here’s the thing about SEO: It looks simple and easily accessible, but scratch the surface for even just a bit and you’ll quickly see that it is incredibly intricate. Creative companies Fort Wayne have to be mindful of so many things in order to come up with an SEO strategy that is going to deliver desirable results for their clients.

Trying to cut down on your expenses by bringing in amateurs to do a job intended for professionals is a good way to set your company back. SEO is not just a supplemental element of your marketing strategy. If it doesn’t improve your company’s visibility online, then you could be missing out on numerous clients who primarily do their shopping online.

No business can afford to do that, which is why even the larger corporations have invested in SEO to make sure that they do not lose the customers who have migrated, especially the younger ones.

A professional SEO company in Fort Wayne will ensure that the strategy they put together for you will indeed work to elevate your business’ profile online while also giving people a better idea of what you’re offering. You will no longer have to worry about remaining invisible to a sizable segment of consumers thanks to the work that a Fort Wayne SEO firm has put in.

DemandWell is the professional SEO firm you need to hire.

Why Is Experience an Important Consideration When Looking for a Fort Wayne SEO Agency?

Generally speaking, it’s always best to have experience on your side. When picking from a wide selection of advertising agencies Fort Wayne, you should weigh the amount of experience that a particular firm has heavily.

There are several reasons why experience matters greatly when it comes to picking an SEO agency Fort Wayne.

The first reason why you need to hire an experienced SEO firm is because they will be better equipped to handle Google. Google has been around for a long time and over the years, it’s transformed in more than a few ways.

Now, think of what you’re asking an inexperienced SEO firm to do when you want them to come up with a strategy that will get your company’s website on the first page of results. You’re basically asking them to figure out how this highly sophisticated search engine works even though they’re not completely familiar with it and on top of that, even more changes could be coming in the near future.

Experienced SEO analysts already have a good understanding of how Google works and they probably have some idea of how it’s going to change further. That kind of experience is extremely valuable in the world of SEO because even small changes can have a huge impact on who ends up topping the rankings.

Working with an experienced digital marketing agency Fort Wayne is also going to be beneficial once things go wrong.

Ideally, nothing will ever go wrong to the point that it tanks the ranking of your website, but it’s always best to be prepared for any situation. Inexperienced marketing agencies Fort Wayne may be unable to immediately recognize exactly what’s wrong and that could be enough to send your website tumbling down the rankings of the search results.

By drawing from their years of working on SEO, the more experienced firms should be able to understand what’s wrong right away and then execute the moves that will fix the problem as soon as possible. Sure, your website may ultimately take a hit, but it won’t be as bad as it would have been if your SEO was left in the hands of those who aren’t completely sure of what they need to do.

Furthermore, the more experienced SEO firms such as DemandWell are capable of providing supplemental services that will help your company such as lead generation.

What Are the Characteristics Associated to the Best SEO Firm?

At this point, you are now well aware of how important search engine optimization is and why you need experienced professionals to work on SEO for your business. That’s not enough however.

As a business owner, you must also be able to identify which top SEO firm is worth forming a partnership with.

Once again, experience plays a huge role here. Try to determine just how much experience the professional SEO firm you’re considering hiring possesses by asking a few questions.

You can ask them to show you the work they did for previous clients and if there are stats like conversation rate optimization and other things that they can pull up to reference, then that would be even better.

Try to find out how long they’ve been in the industry as well as that should lend more insight into their capabilities.

It’s also worth asking for the names of their previous clients if that’s the kind of information they can provide. Some SEO companies may hire public relations firms Fort Wayne to make themselves look better in the eyes of potential clients and you should be able to see past that.

You can do that by speaking to their previous clients and getting an unbiased evaluation of their performance that goes beyond stats and results. What you’re looking for here is an evaluation of their professionalism.

If there are things getting in the way of you reaching their clients, you can still employ other methods to understand how professional they are. For instance, you may be able to ask for a trial period. Some SEO firms may already offer something like that already.

During that trial period, make sure to check how they handle simple things like responding to your questions. You should be able to tell a lot even just from that. Firms that do not respond promptly are ones you will want to avoid.

You should also take note of how they handle deadlines. Every now and then, you may want to run advertising campaigns built around certain dates on the calendar. The last thing you want is for the SEO firm you hired to be the reason why you are unable to launch your new marketing campaign on time.

At the same time, you don’t want to work with SEO companies that just try to rush through their agreements so that they can take on more clients. SEO requires a lot of work and you need the firm you partnered with to be completely dedicated to the goal of helping your company succeed.

Why Is Fort Wayne Web Design Also Important from the Standpoint of SEO?

You can tell a lot about a company just by taking a look at their website.

Are you greeted by all kinds of obtrusive ads even before the website loads completely? That’s a telltale sign that the company in question is more concerned about maximizing profits over improving the customer experience.

Does the website look like it would look right at home in the mid-2000s? That’s a sign that whichever company or individual owns that website has either forgotten about it or just neglected it.

Is the website so jumbled that you can’t figure out how to go from one page to another? That’s probably a sign that the company in question could use some help in the web design and digital marketing departments.

Web design doesn’t receive the amount of attention that properly corresponds to how truly important it is to the success of a business. Just think back to your own web habits. How many times have you closed a website just because you were put off by what you saw on the homepage?

With the amount of content and vendors available online, you don’t need to endure the experience of navigating a confusing website because there are numerous alternatives present. Your targets likely browse online with that mindset as well.

That’s why you need the services of a Fort Wayne web design company. The company in question can make changes that will result in the creation of a more user-friendly and accessible website. Visitors won’t be scared away when they happen upon your website and they may even be inclined to see what your company is all about.

Internet marketing cannot succeed without some form of website marketing, so check if you’re getting web design from the firm you are planning to hire.

What Role Can Media Companies Fort Wayne Play in the Success or Failure of Your Company?

Google and your very own corporate website are integral to elevating your company’s profile online, but they are far from the only things that matter.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past decade or so, you’ve undoubtedly noticed just how popular social networking sites have become. Just about everyone uses those sites these days. Old relatives, friends, celebrities, and yes, even companies have not shied away from social media because they know how well those sites excel at reaching people.

Your company also needs a strategy for handling social media. That means that you must work closely with a social media marketing agency Fort Wayne.

The social media marketing Fort Wayne firm you choose should be able to help you identify which sites will work best for your company and your area. You can always just open up accounts on all the networking sites, but if you want to maximize your resources, it would be advisable to focus on a few and try to grow those accounts first.

Along with opening up accounts on those websites, you should also put some thought into the kind of content you want to present to your friends/followers. Video content works well on social media.

Feel free to post short videos regularly. People are more inclined to click and watch short videos in their entirety. You can also post those videos that are longer than two minutes, but it’s best to reserve them for topics that you want to talk about in-depth.

That’s just one kind of video marketing Fort Wayne strategy that you can try out.

In any case, don’t forget to look at the nearby media production companies Fort Wayne as they can help make your online marketing efforts more successful.

The History of Fort Wayne

It’s always fun to learn about how cities got their names and the history behind Fort Wayne is just as compelling. As you might have already suspected, this northeastern Indiana city is indeed named after a prominent historical figure.

To be more specific, the city is the namesake of Revolutionary War General “Mad” Anthony Wayne, according to The Journal Gazette. While the “Mad” moniker may conjure up images of scientists going crazy in their laboratories, that is not the case with this distinguished general.

According to Encyclopedia Brittanica, General Wayne was given the aforementioned nickname because of the courage he displayed on the battlefield and the boldness that was inherent in the way he planned for the war.

Never was it more apparent that General Wayne was deserving of such high praise than when he stormed the British fort at Stony Point back on July 16, 1779. General Wayne’s successful takeover of the fort greatly inspired the American forces and it also cemented his status as one of the bravest individuals to ever take part in the Revolutionary War.

One interesting thing to note here is that General Wayne was still alive when Fort Wayne, Indiana was originally founded.  Following three battles at Kekionga and another at Fallen Timbers, the forces of the United States were finally able to secure control of what was then known as Indiana Territory.

General Wayne’s efforts were instrumental to the U.S. forces eventually winning the fight for the Indiana Territory. In recognition of that, the Wabash-Erie portage that was captured by the U.S. forces was chosen as the setting of log stockades that would be officially named Fort Wayne, per Wikipedia.

Fort Wayne was originally founded on Oct. 22, 1974. General Wayne died on Dec. 15, 1796, more than two years following the founding of Fort Wayne.

As previously noted, Fort Wayne did not start out as a city right away and it wouldn’t be for more than four and a half decades following its original foundation. Back in the early part of the 1800s, Fort Wayne mostly served as a military facility and a military presence remained prominent in the city up until 1819.

Four years after the military presence left Fort Wayne, it was platted. Six years after being platted, Fort Wayne would be officially incorporated as a town. At the time, the town only housed a population of 200, but it would still serve as a frequent stop for many travelers.

Feb. 22, 1840 is an important date in the history of Fort Wayne as it marks the day when it was officially incorporated as a city. Fort Wayne had also become a more popular living destination back then as more than 2,000 were living there at the time.

Another interesting thing to note about Fort Wayne is that it is one of the few cities in the United States that managed to weather the worst of the Great Depression and stay in relatively good shape. According to Visit Fort Wayne, one could even say that the city’s boom period continued even through the worst of the Great Depression as numerous landmarks were built during that period of time.

Still, as is the story with any great American city, Fort Wayne would experience lows together with its highs. The city suffered significantly from deindustrialization in the 1980s, leading to numerous establishments in the city falling into disrepair.

This down period would not last for long however. A decade later, a new approach to stimulating the city’s economy and a renewed commitment to building the city helped changed the fortunes of Fort Wayne.

Back in the day, manufacturing was the leading industry in Fort Wayne, but that changed during the aforementioned down period in the 1980s. Today, the city leans on more industries to maintain its economic health.

Manufacturing still has a sizable impact on the overall economy of Fort Wayne, but other industries such as logistics and healthcare are arguably even more essential to the city. Fort Wayne also serves as a kind of hub for different companies in the defense industry. Notable examples of defense companies that call Fort Wayne home include BAE Systems and Raytheon Systems.

Many also consider Fort Wayne to be among the finest American cities to live in.

Per Visit Fort Wayne, the city has been named as one of the safest cities in the country and it’s also been recognized as among the best places to raise children. Fort Wayne is also regarded as a top location in terms of job creation. This is the kind of place that you would love to call home regardless of if you want to start a career, a family, or even both.

The city is also home to the Class A Minor League Baseball team known as the Fort Wayne TinCaps – an affiliate of the San Diego Padres – and the Fort Wayne Mad Ants who are the Indiana Pacers’ G-League affiliate.

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