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History Of Marketing In Fortville

Marketing has been around for hundreds—if not thousands—of years. From criers in the town square to colorful booths at the local market, people have been advertising their wares, goods, and services for as long as they have had goods and services to sell or trade. The history of marketing has been no less rich in the region surrounding Fortville, Indiana. As technology and techniques advanced, so did the town of Fortville.

Advertising in Public Forums

Prior to widespread access to printing in Indiana, the best form of advertisement was in public forums such as courthouses and town squares or by networking with local politicians. While roads and settlements have existed in the area at least as far back as 1826, the town itself was originally surveyed 1849 and grew with the introduction of the “Bee Line” railroad.

While it did not boast its own courthouse—the county seat and courthouse were built in nearby Greenfield—Fortville became home to a schoolhouse, church, the country’s largest flour mill, and a thriving business district. The post office, named after prominent Greenville politician and attorney Thomas D. Walpole, demonstrates the interconnectedness of Fortville to the surrounding county and townships.

It was in these local places that business owners could share about their latest products, introduce new ideas, and ultimately market their companies. When the Fortville Carnegie Public Library was completed in 1918, it brought with it more opportunity for public gathering and the sharing of business and advertising content.

Despite lacking an official outdoor venue for events, Fortville became home to the Fortville Concert Band in 1910. The band hosted summer concerts on the town streets. It was here that the townspeople would gather to enjoy the music, socialize, and discuss small matters of business.

Today, the concert series takes place every summer in Landmark Park, where community members gather for music and an opportunity to socialize with neighbors, friends, and business leaders.

Marketing through Farmers’ Markets

Farmers’ markets have long been a place for marketing and advertising local wares and goods. For a small fee, business owners can set up their own space or shop and the customers gather to see what new items are available through local vendors and businesses.

Fortivlle historical records do not indicate if the town hosted any formal markets, but at the time the town was settled, it was a popular practice to barter and sell excess crops and eggs to neighbors. Local towns—including Greenfield—were home to popular farmers’ markets that served as a place for local and regional vendors to sell and advertise their goods.

These farmers’ markets also functioned as a gathering place and provided a way for people from the region to share news and advertise their services. In fact, farmers’ markets even provided the ideal place for local industry leaders to spread their influence and promote their presence in the community.

Today, Fortville is home to a thriving farmers’ market that provides farms and businesses with an opportunity to sell their products. This form of natural marketing encourages community participation and awareness of local businesses. The farmers’ market meets weekly from May through September in the parking lot of the Fortville Church of the Nazarene.

Other festivals and markets have emerged over the years, and Fortville is also home to Winterfest, an annual market hosted in Landmark Park and throughout the town. The event features holiday-themed activities, a parade, and local food and gift vendors, creating an opportunity for artisans to market and create interest in their businesses.

Advertising with Billboards

Prior to the establishment of Fortville, there were already well-established roads in the region. According to the City of Fortville, one of the earliest recorded settlers established his plot of land, known as “The Crossroads” at the popular crossing of what is now State Route 238 and State Route 36/67.

When Cephas Fort platted the land that would become Fortville, he chose the location in anticipation of the arrival of the railroad to the area.

Both these men understood the value of the road and railway systems to their respective properties. At the time, it was common for people to paint large signs on fences or post handbills along roadways advertising produce, wares, or farming equipment; anything that would appeal to passersby.

Advertising along the railway line was also a common practice and one that became more lucrative as the railway established an official station in Fortville.

According to the Out of Home Advertising Association, using billboards to advertise became common practice in the late 1860s, and by 1870 over 300 sign painting and posting businesses were operating around the country. Indiana became one of the first states to establish a bill posters association, sparking the widespread use of billboards and roadside signage. By 1900, the billboard industry boomed.

The boom, however, also caused an increase in regulations from concerned civil groups. City beautification projects fought to remove unsightly billboards, feeling that the cities and towns were overrun with advertisements.

Today, while five states have banned the use of billboards, the majority of highways in America still use the billboard as a form of advertisement. The advent of digital billboards has also created advertising options that serve a dual purpose: promotion for local businesses, and a communication resource for amber alerts and traffic information.

Other forms of roadside advertisement emerged over the years as well, as businesses participate in programs such as Adopt-a-Highway, or choose to advertise using exit signs indicating local restaurants, fuel, and lodging.

Roadside billboards and signs still appear on major highways and roads throughout Indiana, and Fortville is no exception. With two major state routes dissecting the town, it is not uncommon to see familiar advertisements on billboards, exit signs, and even still on the occasional fence or barn.

Radio Marketing Makes Waves

By the 1920s, radios became commonplace in residences across the United States. Radio stations provided a source of news as well as entertainment for the entire family. It was not uncommon for families to gather around the radio to listen to music, news, or even radio plays and mystery shows. In 1923, the first sporting event was broadcast on a Los Angeles station, and sporting radio was born.

With the widespread use of radio came commercial advertisements. Broadcasting networks began to see the advantage in offering local spots for businesses that wanted to advertise to customers near them.

During this golden age of radio, broadcasting became nationwide as did radio advertising, spreading the influence of businesses in a way that was not previously available. National networks such as NBC, ABC, and CBS were born, and even previously local programs like the Grand Ole Opry became available to people across the nation.

While the use of radio began to decline with the creation of the television, digital streaming has brought radio into the 21st century where it continues to serve as a source of news, entertainment, and marketing. The Courier Press even noted how local Indiana radio stations are creatively surviving an era where the radio is largely run by national conglomerations.

These small-town stations are giving the people what they want: local news, events, and information that connects to their daily lives. And with that comes local advertising. Local radio stations near Fortville are no exception, including Indianapolis-based station 93.1 WIBC and Greenfield station 99.5 WZPL.

School Marketing

The younger generation has always been a significant audience when it comes to advertising. From sponsoring sports teams to marketing at job fairs, businesses can benefit from building rapport with their younger audience and establishing a connection with those who will eventually become future employees and longstanding customers.

In Fortville’s history, businesses were able to advertise to the local school in a very unique way. When the school building burned down, local businesses that had extra space or rooms opened their doors to the students, providing them a place to attend classes.

Today, marketing to students—other than on social media and other online outlets—typically takes place in the form of posters, fundraisers, and even student-based fairs and festivals.

At Mt. Vernon High School, located in Fortville, an annual career fair gives businesses an opportunity to advertise jobs as well as market who they are to local students. These events create an opportunity for businesses to provide free marketing merchandise in the form of pens, t-shirts, stickers, and pins. These seemingly small items make their way onto laptops, bags, notebooks, and cars becoming a source of extended advertising that goes far beyond the annual fair.

Marketing through Business hubs

Businesses looking to receive support and a marketing boost have the advantage of connecting with local resources such as the Chamber of Commerce. The Fortville Chamber of Commerce has been serving the area for over 65 years. Like other chambers across the country, Fortville’s Chamber of Commerce serves as a network for local businesses; providing support, relationship, as well as advocacy for the interests of businesses in the area.

Other historical-turned-modern advertising and marketing resources in Fortville include the local paper. Fortville has been home to five different publications over the years, the oldest dating back to 1879.

Presently, the Fortville-McCordsville Reporter offers a weekly circulation of news and advertisements, from birth and wedding announcements to services from local businesses. For over a century, print has been providing business owners a way to affordably market their services to the community at large.


Networking has proven to be one of the most effective forms of marketing since the advent of business. While paid ads and radio spots are all useful forms of marketing, connection with other business leaders, community influencers, and the community itself can provide some of the longest-lasting business and consumer partnerships available.

Where does networking take place? In the history of Fortville, networking took place at farmers’ markets, annual events, and social gatherings. The same is true to this day.

The summer concert series, Winterfest, and other local events still serve as avenues for networking.

Other networking options include community meetups where business owners and leaders gather for the purpose of networking. These include the Chamber of Commerce meetings as well as meeting sponsored by local businesses. MeetUp.com advertises several networking gatherings that take place in nearby Fishers, Indiana, including the Indiana Entrepreneurs’ Association and the IoT Entrepreneur Meetup.

What is Fortville SEO?

Marketing has changed over time, but many of the historical methods of marketing still work to this day. These methods of press advertisements, radio spots, and billboards are all direct marketing that has a traditional approach, even if it is still effective.

While traditional advertising methods are important, with the widespread use of the internet and social media, businesses can easily lose touch with customers if they are not also taking advantage of web-based resources.

Digital marketing, also known as interactive marketing, is an important part of company advertising. Digital marketing Fortville allows companies to focus their attention on their online audience, meeting their customers on more interactive forums such as websites and social media networks.

With the increasing number of online resources, however, it can be difficult to maintain your audience’s attention online. When someone searches for a business or service like yours, being the first option available on their search page is more important than ever before. The tools used to optimize your site so that it is the first to appear is known as search engine optimization (SEO).

There are different ways to implement SEO marketing Fortville Naptown, but ultimately the goal is to allow businesses to fine-tune their online impact.

While many of the marketing methods used throughout history help businesses reach local audiences, Fortville SEO has the ability to provide your company with a national or even global reach.

SEO services in Fortville help businesses understand and learn the fundamentals behind web optimization and providing the most searchable and reachable information for their customers.

If customers have a hard time finding your web presence, either your website or other platforms, SEO services Fortville are designed to upgrade your searchability so that customers are finding you with little effort.

While Fortville SEO services require more time upfront, the long term investment of promoting and marketing your business goes far beyond the impact of the traditional methods of old.

The Advantages of Hiring a Fortville SEO Company

Understanding the ins and outs of SEO can be challenging, but it is not impossible. Many business owners enjoy learning how optimization works and prefer to handle marketing themselves. Other creative companies in Fortville have those on staff who know some of the finer details of digital marketing and can assist with SEO.

For that reason, some companies may choose not to hire a Fortville SEO expert and tackle the finer details of SEO on their own. There is a lot of information available about SEO and marketing companies in Fortville. Marketing your company may take trial and error, and an investment of time, however, it is worth the effort to devote time and energy to learning SEO.

For other businesses, however, trying to tackle marketing on their own may result in minimizing both the value and importance of SEO.

Instead of focusing too much time and resources on traditional marketing, and avoiding SEO, these companies can benefit from working with a Fortville SEO firm.

An SEO company in Fortville works to assist businesses in getting the most out of their online presence. They understand the nuances and intricacies of optimizing your website to reach your target audience. SEO firms also understand how to interpret analytics and not only grow your audience but also convert them into customers.

Working with a Fortville SEO company takes the guesswork out of your marketing strategy and web presence. SEO experts help you engage your target audience and build long-term relationships with your customers.

SEO is about more than just being the first choice on a search page. It is the art of fine-tuning your business to reach the optimal audience, grow and engage that audience, and experience the maximum return.

If you are considering working with a Fortville SEO firm to get the most out of your company’s investment, DemandWell is the SEO expert you are looking for.

How Does a Fortville SEO Agency Bring Value to Your Company?

Working with advertising agencies Fortville is not a requirement for building and growing your business. However, there are valuable insights that an experienced Fortville SEO agency can offer your business.

A Digital marketing agency Fortville work with many different types of companies. They work to analyze the data behind each business’s website and understand the intricacies of Google’s algorithm, keywords, and conversions.

How does that benefit you and your business? Because of the extensive behind-the-scenes knowledge and information collected by an SEO agency Fortville, they have the advantage of experience when it comes to marketing your business. For example, the data collected about their various other clients can help inform the trends or lack of trends that you are seeing with your own website.

When handling SEO on your own, it is easy to misinterpret trends in keyword data and Google searches. Search engines are constantly changing their tactics and approach to SEO. Customers, also, continually change their habits and what worked yesterday won’t’ necessarily work today.

Good marketing agencies Fortville will understand those nuances and the importance of watching changes and trends across several platforms. Having access to an agency’s view of multiple companies will only help to better inform the best practices for your business. Instead of waiting for trends to form, take advantage of an agency’s experience and trend data.

Working with a Fortville SEO agency, such as DemandWell, is a fun and valuable experience. DemandWell offers expertise in lead generation and website optimization, taking the guesswork out of your company’s SEO.

How Do You Find the Best SEO Agency?

When you put your marketing into the hands of an agency, it is important to know that you are working with experienced SEO experts. But how do you determine if you are dealing with a professional SEO agency?

Top SEO firms have one thing in common: results. Those firms that have been working with other companies for years or simply a few months have the results to show for it.

Many agencies that offer quick SEO advice may have some immediate results to demonstrate. It is the long-term results, however, that indicate the experience and expertise of an agency.

However, results aren’t the only thing to consider when looking for the best SEO agency in Fortville. There are many other factors to consider when choosing the right agency for you and your business. Apart from experience, how well does the agency communicate with its customers?

As a potential customer, you need to feel confident that any SEO firm you work with has the ability to communicate clearly, understand your company’s unique needs, and work alongside you to bring about the best results for your business.

Another valuable factor to consider when looking into public relations firms Fortville is if the company is reliable with their timelines and meeting deadlines. Working with a creative agency can be challenging when the agency is continually missing deadlines and pushing back projects. Reliability is essential when it comes to placing your SEO into the hands of an agency.

Working with the top SEO company should be enjoyable and incredibly rewarding. Top agencies are focused on you and your company, and finding ways to impact business and see you experience growth. Many SEO firms are focused simply on driving traffic to your site, using commonplace SEO tactics to get there.

Top firms, however, care about how your audience experiences your company, and not just how many people they can drive to your website. The best SEO agencies understand the value of conversion rate optimization. Instead of only driving traffic to you, they work with your company to convert that traffic into solid leads and future customers.

While searching for the right SEO firm, be sure to find the firm that cares about you and your company. Building and growing a business can be challenging, and your investment in SEO should yield the results your business deserves.

How Fortville Web Design and SEO Work Together

SEO is the best way to drive traffic to your website. Once potential customers are there, what will they see?

Fortville web design is a valuable part of your SEO journey. Without a user-friendly website, driving traffic to your site will only result in higher traffic and not necessarily more customers.

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the practice of turning SEO traffic into real customers who want to return to your website and continue to do business with you. Each and every visitor to your site is an opportunity to make a sale or gain a customer. Without the right web design and website marketing tools, however, those visitors may never convert into customers.

Web design and digital marketing go hand in hand. These seemingly unique practices actually work together to create an optimal web presence for your company.

Internet marketing is about more than having a website and ranking high on a search engine page. Working with a Fortville web design company, you can optimize your marketing budget as well as your conversion rate. Web design agencies understand the importance of having a user-friendly and well-branded website to share with your audience. They work alongside you to determine the most effective design to bring about the most return.

Now that you understand the value of SEO, focusing on your web design is the best way to maximize your SEO and convert visitors into customers.

How to Get the Most out of Working With Media Companies Fortville

When it comes to digital marketing, web design and SEO are key tools to help grow your company and your customer base. However, they are not the only tools.

Digital marketing encompasses an entire world of digital channels and communication tools. Online marketing includes social media, video, advertisements, and content marketing. There are many aspects of the digital world that can help you expand your business.

Working with media companies Fortville can help minimize the strain of trying to touch every marketing channel yourself.

Media production companies Fortville, for example, focus on filming and using video to reach your audience. These companies help you generate ideas for video content that will impact your customers and drive new leads to your website.

Video marketing Fortville involves creating scripts and using visual creativity to promote your company, your knowledge, and your unique value to the world around you. Video is one of the key online marketing techniques and also an SEO tool to add to your arsenal.

Social media marketing is also a key aspect of digital marketing that goes beyond SEO. With social media, you have direct contact with your audience. Social media marketing Fortville looks like learning to engage with your audience and share aspects of your company’s story, core values, and the products or services that make you stand out from the crowd.

By working with a social media marketing agency Fortville you can focus your energy on doing business while online marketing experts work to create and expand your digital presence on social media, video, and beyond. The companies can also offer insight and help you eventually master your social media presence using their experiences to guide you.

If you aren’t sure where to begin when it comes to your social media or online marketing, working with a digital marketing agency will help you get ahead while also gaining some invaluable tools along the way.

History Of Fortville

Just outside of the bustling city of Indianapolis, Fortville remains a historical reminder of the country’s early towns and settlements. This region in the upper corner of Hancock County was originally inhabited by Miami and Potawatomi tribes. One of the first settlers in the region is thought to be Francis Kinkade, although several roads were already well established by the time Kinkade came to the area in 1826.

Before the area was known as Fortville, it consisted of a small post office and a general store. These small beginnings didn’t deter the settlers to the area, however. They anticipated the arrival of the “Bee Line” railway, which eventually became known as the New York Central railroad.

Their anticipation of the railroad was well-placed, and the Bee Line came to the area in 1852. The addition of the railroad helped bring supplies and more settlers to the region, yet expansion was still slow for the small town.

In 1855, the Noel brothers built the area’s first flour mill. This became known as the largest mill in the United States, with an astounding—for the time—100-barrel capacity. The town began to grow thanks to the industriousness of the people and their ability to make use of the region’s strengths.

The area’s rich soil proved perfect for crops such as flax, which became the region’s staple product. The people also expanded properties to accommodate orchards, farming, and grazing land. The introduction of saw mills, grist mills, and grain elevators attracted craftsmen to the area. The town’s growth also invited merchants, doctors, and druggists to the community, and Fortville began to take shape.

Fortville was eventually incorporated in 1865 and named after Cephas Fort, the pioneer who originally platted the land on which the town sits. The original post office and general store were moved from their location north of town and found a place among the now-bustling main street.

Fortville, like other small towns in the area, was without gravel roads and sidewalks for many years. Rough planks and sawdust served as sidewalks, but the townspeople knew that growth and development would occur, it was only a matter of time.

The town got to work chopping local lumber to build a church, a school, and other local community buildings. Eventually, more churches were built, stores expanded down the main street, and the community thrived.

According to the History of Hancock County, Indiana A cornet band formed to bring some music and entertainment to the area. This band eventually disbanded and a concert band arose in its place. These bands served to provide many fun summer concerts and social events for the community.

As the surrounding area and Indianapolis grew, Fortville also expanded. With the advent of electricity came new opportunities. From new street lights to paved roads, Fortville benefited from the newest technology and all that it brought. The city welcomed a private bank, several different press publications, and city-wide improvements to mills, storefronts, and the surrounding area. In 1920, the city purchased land from one of the original settling families in order to establish Memorial Park for the benefit of the community.

Today, the population of the vibrant community is just over 4,000. Just 25 miles outside of Indianapolis, Fortville remains a picturesque reminder of the area’s history, development, and growth.

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