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Criers sitting on wagon seats directing horses made townsmen aware of their wares or services. This was the beginning of marketing in Greenwood Indiana. It morphed into wooden signs outside shops carved with a shoe to denote a cobbler or a hammer and anvil to describe the services of a blacksmith.

Townsmen automatically knew a saloon when they saw the bat doors or the livery when they smelled it. Other Greenwood Indiana merchants painted their doors and windows with words describing their trade. Newspapers began to carry full page merchant ads, and the new telegraph sped the news of traveling shows, salesmen, or other things of interest to remote territories. How has Greenwood marketing changed over time?

History of Marketing In Greenwood

Public Forum Marketing

A new town began with people carving out farms from wilderness. Settlers went into town monthly for supplies. Apart from meeting at church every Sunday, marketing ideas and products happened at the James T. and Laura Polk Memorial Community House when there was an occasion.

There is no information on the first courthouse in Greenwood. Today, people meet at the Greenwood City Court located in 300 South Madison Avenue.

Early settlers would hear national news and decisions being made in the capital by early politicians Nathaniel Albertson, Ratliff Boon, Ebenezer Chamberlain, and James Lockhart. Today, they hear it from Mike Braun, Todd C. Young, and Trey Hollingsworth.

Early Greenwood didn’t have an amphitheater. Today, one is located at 100 Surina Way, capable of hosting hundreds for concerts and other productions. There, ideas and products can be marketed to anyone before or after a show.

Market Booths Marketing

Farmer’s markets are great venues for marketing. Word of mouth as well as modern methods of marketing are frequently used to introduce new products or services. There was no need for farmer’s markets in the early days of Greenwood, because almost everyone grew their own food. Today’s Farmer’s market is located in 525 North Madison Avenue.

The Farmer’s market is only open on Saturday from 8 am to noon in spring, summer, and fall (April to October.) They take credit cards. The offerings range from fresh produce to sauerkraut, baked items, cooked meats, canned fruits and vegetables, honey, fresh flowers, and more.

Billboard Marketing

Billboards are an ingenious way to capture the interest of bored drivers with nothing else to do but check out the scenery. Catchy slogans and great pictures stick in the mind of someone zipping past and only catching a general idea of the billboard’s content. Digital billboards are even better at piquing the interest of passing drivers.

There are many to pique, particularly on I-65 and state highways 31 and 135. Crossing these major highways are well-traveled arteries like East County Line Road and East Main Street, Fry Road, and West Stop 18 Road. Add to that the traffic on North and South Graham Road, Howard Road, and North Madison Avenue, and you have more drivers than you can shake a billboard at.

Radio Marketing

From the earliest theater and soap operas to singers and news on the radio, advertising spots have marketed everything from the King Flour Power Hour to Frank’s Red Hot (I put that **** on everything!)

Listen closely and you’ll hear radio ads on urban contemporary station WTLC at 106.7 or on classic rock station WFBQ at 94.7 broadcasting from nearby Indianapolis. Perhaps you prefer the alternative music found on WOLT at 103.3 from nearby Indianapolis. If you like country music, you need to be in Fishers, Indiana’s range at WFMS 95.5.

If you’d rather hear podcasts, check out Tuesday’s Something About The Culture with three djs who discuss rap-hiphop music and other things. Tune in on Thursdays for Sports! Sports. Sports? In which you’ll hear about sports from three different angles. And then there’s the most important: Thespeakpodcast is all about the beer, craft beer, that is.

School Marketing

Who hasn’t bought chocolate bars, greeting cards, or gift wrap from a neighborhood kid for a school fundraiser? The young learn the power of purchasing from an early age. Ninety-two million of the largest college-attending generation in American history spends $60 billion a year on food, smart devices, clothing, events, and cosmetics. Raised on world-wide connectivity, these kids engage with retail in an informed, intelligent manner.

Capturing this generation’s attention will need to happen in the medium on which they live, so to speak. It’s not that college students don’t read newspaper ads or listen to radio spots. They do. They pay more acute attention, however, to the digital word.

Blogs, vlogs, and podcasts are where college-bound kids learn about college. It’s there that companies should focus their digital message. Additionally, major events always have room for advertising; it’s what pays for them.

Business Hubs Marketing

Industry-specific business associations, Chambers of Commerce, and city news outlets give businesspersons a chance to network and market their wares, services, knowledge, and experience. Greenwood, Indiana’s Chamber of Commerce is located in 65 Airport Parkway in Suite 140.

Who doesn’t attend a grand opening and ribbon cutting? Luncheons for executives, festivals, picnics, and concerts are all organized by Chambers of Commerce for the benefit of its business members. The public attends these functions, interacts with the business community, and magic happens.

Newspapers form another marketing opportunity for obvious reasons. Greenwood’s papers are The Greenwood and Southside Challenger, The White River Gazette, and The Johnson County Crier.

Networking Marketing

Networking is a viable marketing method that seems to work well in a coffee shop, internet cafe, coworking space, and/or town events.

For instance, The Speak Easy is a coworking space located in 5255 North Winthrop Avenue less than ten miles away from Greenwood in Indianapolis. The Novel Coworking Circle Tower is located in 55 Monument Circle in Indianapolis.

Networking is fun in cozy surroundings. In 100 Byrd Way is located Brickhouse Coffee. Bonus: they make their own syrups and have an omelet bar. Hidden in a strip mall in 4800 W. Smith Valley Road is Strange Brew, with its inventive flavors.

Try networking at Greenwood Community Band Festival on August 24 at Surina Square Park in 100 Surina Way. You might network well during the FA 5K Walk/Run on August 17 at Freedom Springs Greenwood Aquatics Park in 850 W. Stop 18 Road.

Greenwood SEO

Up to now, we’ve discussed offline or interactive marketing. All marketing began as personal interaction with word of mouth spreading the information. While it’s always been the best way to market, times have changed. Print, TV and radio advertising, and posters, fliers, and billboards had their day (and they still work.) Digital marketing Greenwood has kept right there with it.

Search engine optimization or SEO works using keywords. When a keyword is typed in – house foundation repair for example – the search engine seeks out sites using those keywords and brings up the sites. To keep it simple, bots crawl the Web looking for those keywords. When they locate the keywords, they list the sites, with the first few being the most popular or most used sites. Every business knows by now that they won’t be found without Greenwood SEO, but now they know why and how.

SEO marketing Greenwood Naptown is about reach and recognition. If small businesses want to become big business, they need to be recognized in their city, state, and nation, as well as world-wide. In today’s digital world, growth can’t happen without it. How many empty storefronts and abandoned business buildings are there in town whose owners failed to grasp the critical importance of SEO on their websites? If remaining businesses in town don’t want their names over empty buildings, then they absolutely must pay attention to their SEO practices.

On the other hand, we understand that business owners trying to grow their brand don’t have lots of time to cram SEO into their digital endeavors. That’s where SEO services in Greenwood enter the picture. They do have the time business owners don’t have to do nothing but SEO for their clients.

Another thing we understand is that SEO services Greenwood costs more than your small business can afford right now. You could be correct. You know your own budget and expenses. Consider this, though. The SEO services you pay for now will still be reaping rewards years on down the road. The costs average out over the long-run.

Think of it this way. You spend more money leasing a car each month than you would in buying one. Likewise, you would pay more in rent than you would in buying a house. Paying for SEO services on a monthly basis will cost you more than paying for it once.

Greenwood SEO Company

Business owners told they need to use SEO on their websites invariably say “huh?” They’re in business selling widgets, and some Greenwood SEO expert tells them they need what sounds like a medical operation. The business is too small to take a chance on what may or may not bring in new business.

Then the business owner learns what SEO is, what it does, and how it can improve his business. The snag to that is that it takes a writer writing blogs, meta descriptions, and descriptive blurbs on the website to make SEO a reality. The business owner is the only person in the company, however, and he’s no writer. He’ll need someone with excellent writing skills. Why?

It’s hugely important that SEO be done right. Search engines look for more than just keywords. Search engines can’t recommend a website to a customer if the bots can’t cut through the grammar, spelling, or punctuation mistakes. Search engines seek quality, and they won’t show you a site that doesn’t have it.

Most business persons aren’t aware of this, because for the most part, it’s a writer’s purview. If there is no one to write, though, the business owner will need a Greenwood SEO company. A Greenwood SEO firm has only one job, and that’s to keep up with changes in the Internet. Their job is to know how and when changes in SEO occur, so they can optimize them for their clients.

Nor are businesspersons aware of search engine algorithms and what they do for the businessperson’s website. The first change in algorithms was to recognize quality content. Marketing companies Greenwood began to use keywords better and not stuff them into content to facilitate ranking.

An SEO company in Greenwood also knows that links to your website must be organic instead of links for links’ sake. Links to good quality sites are good for your website, and search engines will put your site closer to the top.

The biggest change, however, was refining seekers’ keywords to narrow down for what they were searching. More specific searches take less time and yield the seeker or their creative companies Greenwood exactly what they want.

You can see how a company dedicated to search engine optimization for your company can get your name out there in seconds and exactly what seekers need. You can see how your brand will grow from such speed and reach.

Greenwood SEO Agency

To understand what is and (just as important) what is not happening with your business, you have to know about analytics. This is the science of researching trends in website traffic, results of certain actions, as well as practicing this new knowledge across clients’ websites. This is one of the major practices of any Greenwood SEO agency.

If the business owner is the only person in the office, then (a) he hasn’t time to study analytics, and (b) he wouldn’t understand the terminology. Traffic to the website is the least part of analytics. Also involved are major points the search engine bots especially seek:

  • Page titles. These are the first things anyone sees, so they need optimization, too.
  • Meta description. These tell people what the article or other content is about and must be optimized accordingly.
  • Images and text. Infographics go a long way to teaching your audience. A digital marketing agency Greenwood will focus these for you.
  • Linking. A navigation menu at the top or sides of the page helps site visitors find what they need quickly. Marketing agencies Greenwood use links to other content on your website to track which visitors remain on your site and which turn into conversions.
  • Images. Pictures use a lot of data, thus they slow a page loading them. Compressing photos loads the page faster, which keeps visitors on the page.
  • Social media. If you don’t have social media tab on your pages, then you’re losing business. Sharing your content reaches many more thousands and millions of people and is a great source of lead generation.

These and the search engine tenets described above are used in each SEO agency Greenwood to study how your website performs individually, up against other websites of its type, as well as how it performs in a certain category. These findings are invaluable in alerting you to what you should change in your website performance to gain a certain outcome, not to mention gather more business for your company.

Business owners can see why it’s imperative to work with Greenwood SEO agency DemandWell. It’s their job to know the terminology and practices of SEO. The business owner, if he were doing his own SEO, wouldn’t understand and would blame himself if SEO didn’t succeed. Business owners can safely leave their digital growth to advertising agencies Greenwood while they concentrate on growing their brand.

Best SEO

A question anyone should ask a company being considered for hire is “why should I work with you?” After all, this is your life we’re talking about, so your professional SEO company should have standards you can check out. For example, does the company use the best SEO tools available in 2019? If you don’t see, read, or hear the words “keyword tool Ahref,” “Search Engine Marketing or SEM tools,” “SEO keyword software,” or “SEO ranking tools,” then keep searching for an SEO company.

How long has the company been in business? A newer business could be a good fit if the personnel have taken SEO courses and have some form of track record. Even an intern just out of college could help business owners. After all, he’s just finished learning all that knowledge. All he needs is a chance to put it to good use.

Are the personnel professional in their interactions with you? Their messages should be grammatically correct and spelled correctly. Communications should be timely and impart useful information. Any communications about your business should also be secure. If it isn’t, your business and financial records could be hacked. Ask for proof of security such as encryption before any communications are instigated.

Public relations firms Greenwood focus on their client and don’t give up until that client is soaring above the business world. Business owners will need a list of clients that will give references for the company. Did they focus on the company’s problems, searching until they found an answer? Did they perform a cursory search for answers, asking for more money to throw at the problem? Did they turn you over to a subsidiary of their company, hoping it could deal with problems better than they could? If this was the case, keep searching for an SEO company.

If this company represents itself as the “top SEO” company, then it should have proof of that to offer. Its list of clients with their references should include proof of conversion rate optimization or a kind of “before” and “after” shot. If they can do that for their clients, they can do it for you.

Greenwood Web Design

In web design and digital marketing, the business owner will hear that website design will make or break his business. This is a vital truth, but many businesspersons don’t take it seriously. Think of it like this: a photograph of you is shown to someone wanting to hire you for a job. If your picture is frowning and bellicose, this person likely won’t hire you. If your picture is smiling or laughing and happy, this person will be more inclined to hire you.

When someone lands on your website, it’s the first time they see what you allow to represent you and your business. Internet marketing isn’t just about attractive Greenwood web design.

Website marketing is about the experience. It’s about how you tell your story. It’s about growing a relationship with your visitors. If you don’t know anything about them, how would you know what services or merchandise to offer them? It’s about making them remember your site and your company. They aren’t just a sale or a number to you.

So far, we’ve discussed getting visitors to your website using search engines and how they optimize your keywords. Now you have to optimize your visitor’s experience on your website.

By The Numbers

Your website, your sales, and your company’s success depend on three seconds. If it takes that long or longer for your website to load, then you will suffer a seven percent loss of conversions and 40 percent of visitors move on to another site.

Once visitors are on the site, you have ten seconds to tell them about your company, your product or service, and why they should buy from you. After ten seconds, they’re gone.

Forty-four percent of visitors leave a site containing no contact information. They turn into conversions, though, with exit intent popups such as ordering enough to qualify for free shipping.

By The Letters

Your users’ experience is fed by three things: fast, flexible, and focused. Your visitors will visit a site that’s up and running in a few weeks. It can’t take longer, or your competition will have your potential customers.

The business owner has to be flexible regarding website design. If users don’t like the site, then he loses business. Flexibility means changing what doesn’t work in order to remain a viable business.

Your Greenwood web design company understands focus. It will zero in on the user experience, giving them the necessary points to increase conversion rate optimization.

Media Companies Greenwood

Business owners might think their website is the only digital media going for them. Media companies Greenwood beg to differ. They have access to different types of media and are trained to optimize each type. For example, social media is one of the largest online marketing channels in the world. Social media marketing Greenwood agencies keep abreast of the algorithms of each social media company like Twitter, Facebook, and Google + for the betterment of their clients.

One of the social media sites with the most astounding growth and reach is YouTube. Most business owners don’t have the money to pay a professional video marketing Greenwood company to put their video offerings out there. Business owners do it themselves or use their digital-friendly kids to do it for them. Either way, video reaches more people than content alone which betters a business’ chance to influence them.

A viable media channel is email marketing which technically isn’t the purview of media production companies Greenwood nor of a social media marketing agency Greenwood. If the email contains video, however, media marketing companies would probably be able to help. Video comes up in search engines faster than text content, so devising an email campaign using video would do the business owner as much good as SEO in his content.

Since the object is to broaden the business’ reach and recognition, using more media channels than just your website makes sense. Media companies are trained to do just that. The hunger for yet more information makes consumers read, watch videos, and otherwise research what they want. The more information you give them, chances are good they’ll end up on your website and purchase there.

History Of Greenwood

All settlement in the New World depended on lands obtained from its native peoples. What would become Greenwood, Indiana was obtained by treaty in 1818 from the Delaware peoples living in the area. That year, an east-west trail was blazed across central Indiana. The trail ran through lush wooded land housing animals and birds, with rivers and streams full of fish and fresh water, and through swamps and underbrush.


Into this wild and untamed beauty came the first European in 1819 named Richard Berry, who built a cabin in what would become Johnson County. Most histories report John B. and Isaac Smock from Kentucky as the first builders, but they didn’t show up until 1823. When they did, they built cabins on land now occupied by Greenwood Park Mall. Relatives joined them in the enterprise, causing the settlement to be called “Smock’s Settlement” or “Smocktown.”

Just settling the area wasn’t all they did, though. They brought with them from Kentucky the New Providence Presbyterian Church, which became the Greenwood Presbyterian Church. By 1823, Smocktown had morphed into Greenfield and from there into Greenwood, since there was already a Greenfield in Indiana.


Cabins weren’t all that populated Greenwood in the beginning. There was the church, of course, but added to that was an inn in which was located the post office run by younger brother James Smock. The church hosted the school, even when it moved to a new building. Add to these a sawmill, and you have the early settlement of Greenwood.

The population of Greenwood grew slowly, but its business interests didn’t. In addition to the sawmill was a carding mill, general store, and iron foundry. Commerce was centered around Madison Avenue and Main Street.

However, the business that changed the town was J. T. Polk’s canning business. He and his wife Laura canned the produce from area farms including peas, corn, tomatoes, and other vegetables. It was billed as the largest cannery west of Baltimore. During the war years, Polk canned meats and various foods for the military. Polk also got into the dairy business, becoming the first to deliver bottles of milk to Indianapolis.

The Railway Boom

The 1800s saw the birth and booming growth of the railroad. In Greenwood, it manifested as an interurban path between Greenwood and Indianapolis. It took Henry L. Smith five years to form the Indianapolis, Greenwood, and Franklin Company in order to grade the line between the cities. January 1, 1900 was the day the interurban railway opened. Madison Avenue was built atop its roadbed.


The backbone of Greenwood was agriculture. During the early 1900s, the population grew until the first housing development was built in the 1940s. The 1960s saw the advent of the shopping mall, while other big businesses found Greenwood their new home.

The town offers residents 135 acres upon which nine parks offer seven playgrounds, seven baseball diamonds, and eleven sheltered picnic areas. If parks aren’t your thing, there are also a swimming pool, thirteen tennis courts, and a number of golf courses.

Famous Residents Of Greenwood

Perhaps the most famous of all Greenwood residents was Colonel Harland Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken fame. He lived for a short time in his boyhood in Greenwood, Indiana.

Andy Chanley is an actor and voice-over actor in Hollywood.

Sports stars Nate Wozniak, Shelby Howard, A. J. Eads, and Griffin Oakes all were born in or lived in Greenwood.


If you haven’t heard of the Indianapolis 500 car race, then you haven’t been born yet. Since Greenwood, a bedroom community of Indianapolis, is only seven miles from there, Indiana’s sports are largely played there. These include motorsports, horse racing, and ball games of various types, i.e. professional, college, and minor league.

  • Motorsports not only feature the car races, but also motorcycle and boat races as well.
  • Horse racing has been big since 1994, with race courses opening all over Indiana from then until the latest in 2009.
  • Basketball, football, soccer, and ice hockey are well represented by Indiana teams in all leagues from junior leagues to professional leagues.

The Fun Side Of Greenwood

No history of any town would be complete without explaining what its inhabitants do for fun. You’d think that the history of a town was all work and no play. However, Greenwood offers residents and visitors as well plenty of ways to have a good time, such as:

Breakout Games gives visitors a chance to solve puzzles, answer riddles, follow clues to find their way out, and other adventures instead of watching them on a big screen.

Freedom Springs Aquatics Park offers its visitors free sunscreen, a float for cruising the Lazy River, a kiddie pool, a regular pool, four water slides, and plenty of lifeguards.

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