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From high level insights, to campaign-specific performance, to 100% custom reports – answer any SEO analytics question with Demandwell’s Reporting Suite. Sweet!

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All Your SEO Reports In One Location

Standard and custom reports answer questions that used to take hours (and a great amount of skill) to create. From high-level, to in the weeds – it’s faster, better, and anyone can do it.

Answer Any Question With Custom SEO Reports

Create single-metric or multi-metric reports across Google Analytics, Search Console, and proprietary Demandwell data. Save them and share with your team, manager, board, and parents. They’ll be so proud!

Keyword & URL Reports for Laser Focused Insights

Ever wanted to track a specific keyword or page (or set of them) over time? Now you can. Dive deeper into your SEO performance by tracking keywords or URLs across dozens of metrics. Demandwell gives you absolute control over your reporting experience.

Full-funnel Reporting for Organic Conversions

Demandwell’s Need-to-Lead Funnel shows your high-level organic performance from content production and ranking, through site visitors and lead conversion. At a glance, you can make sure your work is trending up-and-to-the-right.

Google Analytics & Search Console Integrated

Marketers have been slowed down by fragmented SEO datasets for years. Having Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Demandwell data in a single reporting suite brings together information from all the systems SEO managers use in a way that’s fast, illuminating, and scalable.

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