How Does Demandwell Coach Customers?

Intro to Demandwell


At Demandwell, we give you the tools to take charge of your SEO and crush your goals—but we also act as coaches to help get you there.

Our SEO coaching isn’t as much about telling you what to do as it is telling you what to prioritize, which lets you keep control of your content while also clueing you into where you should be focusing your attention. With this approach, we help you to determine the right SEO tactics to drive organic traffic for your business—from technical suggestions, to keyword prioritization, and even content strategy.

How can a B2B Marketing Consultant Aid My SEO Strategy?

When it comes to SEO, there’s a lot to keep track of. Once you get started, you’ll find there are technical issues to fix, content to tweak, new pages to build, best practices to follow, and more. If you try to focus on everything at once, you’ll only overwhelm yourself. That’s why we steer our consulting away from telling you all the different things you could do to improve SEO and instead tell you which ones you should be doing right now. Our goal is to help narrow your focus—not add more items to your to-do list with no plan for working through them.

What is a typical customer meeting like with Demandwell?

We typically meet with customers on a thirty-day cycle. During each meeting, we work with you to help you understand the information you’re getting from the platform, including the keywords you’re trying to rank for, how past content is performing, and what issues we’ve uncovered in our most recent audit. We then help you prioritize that list of information to determine which SEO tasks will have the greatest impact at that moment in time.

We work with you to focus on the things that you should be doing right now and in the next 30 days, to have the best results and the biggest impact. What were you able to publish since the last meeting? How are you performing for the keywords you are targeting? Through data-driven insights, a consultant can coach you to solve issues and stay on track with your SEO program.

Your Success Is Our Success

An SEO content strategy is a long game. Once you start optimizing your content, you won’t necessarily see results immediately. Just like training for a marathon, it takes months of hard work on your end as well as ours to get your content to climb the search rankings. This means that while we can give you the tools, your content strategy’s success is ultimately up to your execution. For this reason, a lot of SEO companies will give you the tools but separate themselves from the risk of actually getting directly involved in your strategy’s outcome. However, we do things differently at Demandwell—we want to be your partner throughout the whole SEO process, not just the provider of your SEO software. We will be there as coaches to advise you on best practices throughout the progression of your strategy implementation and execution.


Access to the tools alone isn’t enough to run an impactful B2B content strategy. Unless there is an existing SEO expert on your team, you need a professional SEO consultant by your side to steer your efforts toward success. Without this crucial coaching role, you may be able to determine where the problems lie, but you’ll face quite a challenge prioritizing solutions. Our friendly experts at Demandwell can lend you their knowledge of the latest SEO best practices to act as that guiding light that focuses your SEO efforts and leads you toward the best results.