How is Demandwell Different from an Agency?

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When looking for a B2B SEO solution to use, there are so. Many. Choices. It can quickly get overwhelming doing all the research and comparisons, so we’ll cut to the chase of why Demandwell would be right for you: We go beyond typical SEO agency service and equip you with the integrated cloud-based software tools to make impactful, long-term changes. This combination of consulting and software is what makes our solution unique to other solutions in the marketplace—specifically in the areas of retention of control, scalability, and personalization.

Retention of Control

At Demandwell, we not only provide consulting and guidance around SEO strategy, but we also provide a powerful SEO platform. This platform acts as a centralized location where we house our research and help you execute outstanding to-dos. When we do keyword research or conduct an audit of your site, that information is loaded into the platform where we can all easily huddle around it and work together to publish content quickly.

Another feature that makes our SEO solution unique is that our platform is a tool for both the consultant and the customer. It’s a place for us to collaborate with you to select keywords, create plans, outline content briefs, and analyze how your content is performing over time. We’ll provide the tools and lend our expertise to help you boost your content’s SEO performance, but we’ll never take the reins away from you. That said, we also work with you according to your level of needs and SEO experience so you never have to feel overwhelmed by options, or—conversely—underwhelmed by them either.


Many of the challenges we help our customers solve center around scaling content production. Oftentimes a professional SEO agency will provide keyword research or a technical audit and deliver that information in a spreadsheet. However, the problem often arises that these spreadsheets are hard to keep track of and usually aren’t easily updated over time, meaning that this type of research is just a snapshot of your content’s SEO health, not an ongoing plan to improve it.

At Demandwell, we treat our keyword research as a living, breathing strategy. Customers of Demandwell work with SEO consultants to build their list of targeted keywords and create a list that reflects your current business priorities, which you can then target in content production by building SEO content briefs. When creating an SEO content brief, customers can use the Outline Generator for full outline automation. This outline generator populates your SEO content brief with the most relevant keywords according to Google, with dynamic instruction templates that allow for further automated outline generation. At the end of the day, the goal is to create and review SEO content briefs in a matter of minutes rather than hours (or days), and to publish more SEO performance content to see results faster.


Lastly, one of the key benefits of Demandwell’s hands-on approach to SEO is that it allows us to get personal with our recommendations. Our consultants work with you one-on-one to identify specific challenges and develop customized solutions that are unique to your business goals. Additionally, our platform is designed to help you then prioritize those solutions according to your particular business objectives. You may be asking why we do it this way, and the answer is simple: We’ve found that adopting a tailored approach to building and refining a content strategy drives better results.

The SEO strategy and recommendations you see in the Demandwell platform still come from human hands. Behind the scenes at Demandwell, SEO consultants are busy adding and manipulating the data you see in your Keyword Coach tool—or the results you see in your SEO Health Audit—all to ensure that you are focusing on the tactics that are going to have the biggest impact for your SEO program.


Our services and software offer the best of both worlds. By combining machine and human intelligence, Demandwell provides a more efficient process and a better, smarter SEO experience. With our approach to SEO solutions, you get the best of both worlds, allowing you to leverage machine automation whenever possible, and lean on the expertise of an SEO consultant whenever necessary. These are the three main benefits of following Demandwell’s model for SEO, which are control, scalability, and personalization.