Introduction to Keyword Research

Learn the basics of keyword research and get started with your keyword strategy.

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There’s a big difference in organic search when you sit at the top of the rankings. With the right keyword, you can drive repeatable revenue with the web traffic being driven through a single URL. This doesn’t happen by accident. There are specific tactics that marketers can use in order to rank for a particular keyword. But where do you start?

In this guide, we’re going to introduce how keyword research works and how to get started with keyword research. Follow each lesson and learn how to prioritize the right keywords and which metrics are going to help you form a keyword strategy. By prioritizing the right keywords and forming an SEO strategy around them, you can work your way toward the top of the keyword rankings and drive more organic traffic that drives a repeatable source of revenue.


How Does Keyword Research Work?

How to Do Keyword Research

How to Rank for a Keyword

How Many Keywords Do You Need for SEO?