How Does SEO Impact B2B SaaS Revenue?

SEO for B2B SaaS Companies


It takes time to create a revenue machine with your SEO program. Once you start driving significant organic web traffic to your website and organic leads begin converting into sales, what are the advantages of SEO for B2B SaaS companies and how does SEO impact revenue compared to other marketing tactics?

One of the most important ways that SEO impacts revenue for B2B SaaS companies is improving their funnel efficiency—or the metric which measures how quickly leads convert to actual sales. And higher funnel efficiency can be a real game-changer for growing B2B SaaS companies.

Organic Search Leads Have A Higher Buyer Intent

Why are leads quicker to close on average if they were sourced through organic search? Search engine optimization tends to generate leads that are more ready to buy because leads sourced through organic search tend to be more relevant and have higher buying intent. If a buyer searches for a relevant high-intent keyword phrase and clicks on a web page from your website, then those leads are extremely likely to be shopping for solutions. Ultimately, this can improve lead quality and increase leads that culminate in a sale.

Organic search leads with high buyer intent not only close faster but they’re more likely to become a customer in general. Careful keyword targeting for high-intent keywords makes it possible for such high-quality leads to enter your sales pipeline. If you have SEO as a part of your marketing mix, your overall close rates are going to be higher, and the total number of leads that you need to generate to hit your goals is going to be lower.

When your sales team has more time to follow up on better leads, you’re freeing two birds with one key. Your company sees more revenue from the same amount of activity from both your sales team and your marketing experts. This is precisely the kind of efficiency that B2B SaaS companies need in order to thrive in volatile or otherwise uncertain markets.

So not only does SEO have a big impact on B2B SaaS revenue in the immediate-to-near future, but it also helps solidify a B2B SaaS company’s longevity. Increased organic searches and higher funnel efficiency mean your company is more likely to see sustainable growth than other B2B SaaS companies that don’t prioritize SEO or manage it as effectively.

Final Thoughts

A successful SEO program is going to target high-intent keywords that attract leads with high buyer intent. The improvements to funnel efficiency from SEO have a ripple effect throughout your entire sales process making the sales team faster and more effective. For B2B SaaS companies, the value of SEO goes beyond the revenue earned.