Is Organic Search an Important Channel for B2B SaaS?

SEO for B2B SaaS Companies

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Organic search is absolutely vital to virtually every B2B SaaS company. Nearly 90% of all online experiences begin with a search engine, such as Google. Buyers for the B2B SaaS industry are using search engines to find solutions to their problems, and a staggering 75% of searchers don’t even click past the first page of results. What do these facts mean for you?

When users open an internet browser, an overwhelming percentage of their online experiences begin with a search engine like Google. Their goal is to find the answer to a question or pain point as quickly as possible. Those same users spend, on average, only sixty seconds or fewer engaged in their search.

Bottom line, if your website isn’t appearing near the top of the first page, it becomes exponentially unlikely that your website will cultivate the adequate traffic needed to fuel your business’ growth. Sure, there are diligent searchers out there who may browse Google’s second and third pages of search results—but this is a much thinner sliver of the pie since the majority of web traffic is typically reserved for the top 3 search results. This is why organic search is such a valuable channel. If your company’s website isn’t appearing among the top of organic search results, you’re leaving potential revenue on the table.

Making organic search work for your business

Of course, it’s one thing to set your sights on the very top of the search results—it’s another endeavor entirely to get your business’ website up there as well. This comes down to how effectively B2B SaaS companies market their software.

Oftentimes, a SaaS company has created something unique and new, and there’s no established category or search infrastructure that accurately describes the software they offer. Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, why not focus marketing efforts on previously-established terms that your customers are already searching for? Knowing how to create a new category in SEO is going to be important for B2B SaaS companies in the earlier stages of an SEO program.

By analyzing users’ queries that are tangentially related to your company’s software, you open up new channels which will grow your organic search figures. Meet buyers where they are already searching. This is perhaps the surest way for B2B SaaS companies to climb the search result ladder. This also increases your company’s brand recognition while you reclaim some of that revenue you might’ve otherwise left on the table for your competitors to snatch up.

If users are coming to search engines with questions or problems they’re trying to solve, you can address their pain points and educate potential clients about your new, innovative solution. This will capture the attention of searchers and help B2B SaaS companies get their software into the hands of people who need it sooner.

Just because people may not be using the precise language needed in their searches to bring them to your business or your products, that doesn’t mean these people are inaccessible! Every day, potential customers are searching for software like yours to help their own businesses thrive. Managing your SEO intelligently and effectively will help your website appear higher on the search results pages and bring more customers to your door.