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Use the Demandwell platform to combine human decision making and AI to generate personalized recommendations that drive SEO results at scale for your business.

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Indianapolis SEO Services

We love being a part of the marketing community in Indianapolis. From this pool of talented and experienced individuals we see quality and innovation on the same pace as any other region in the U.S. Apart from talent, the Midwest’s unique environment can provide many benefits that can positively impact any company from the area or from around the world. Below, we’ll explore some of these benefits of marketing from the crossroads of America including community, history, innovation, cost of living, and local media.

Indianapolis Marketing Community

We love working with companies in Indianapolis because they are filled with great people. We take each and every relationship we create with our prospects and clients very seriously. In fact, we elevate the value of relationships above all else in our business. Thankfully, the Indianapolis business community supports such a mentality because it’s so tight-knit and symbiotic. From Indianapolis ad agencies to companies focused solely upon providing SEO services, Indianapolis marketers frequently stay in contact with and learn from each other.

We especially love working with clients in Indianapolis because we’re based in central Indiana and we believe in the power of shaking hands and looking each other in the eye. We strive to create real relationships that extend beyond business. Some of our best personal friends are contacts that we first met during a business interaction around the city.

The Indianapolis SEO community in particular is very strong, with many experienced professionals whose skills also often include branding, creative, graphic design, advertising, and web design in addition to driving organic traffic from Google. These individuals are often found working in-house at local brands or at top advertising agencies, branding companies, web design companies, media agencies, creative agencies, or general marketing firms in Indy.

Indianapolis Marketing History

Indianapolis has had a thriving marketing discipline as we know it today since the 1950’s. Our founder’s grandfather, Ron Jackson, started a marketing agency in 1953 called the Jackson Group on the city’s south side when he was 18. The firm was a pioneer in the space for over 50 years, successfully making transition after transition throughout time from designing and hand crafting magazine covers to delivering targeted direct response database advertising in the digital age. Since then, other firms like Young & Laramore (1983) and Element Three (2005) have continued this city’s excellence in marketing strategy and execution for clients both locally and at a national level. It is DemandWell’s desire to be another key link in the chain of top digital marketing agencies Indianapolis and build upon the legacy of those who have come before us.

Indianapolis Marketing Innovation

From the invention of the rear-view mirror and the Indy 500 to the tech acquisitions of Software Artistry and ExactTarget, Indiana has a long history of innovation and growth. Although the city typically sits just outside the national spotlight, the accomplishments of Hoosiers are significant and often have a multiplicative effect. For example, the ExactTarget acquisition by Salesforce (which became the basis of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud) has had a ripple effect that has helped initiate organizations like High Alpha, Hyde Park Ventures, and their portfolio companies. Even the largest building in Indiana, formerly known as the Chase Tower, is now the Salesforce Tower after Marc Benioff acquired the naming rights after acquiring ExactTarget. Most recently, Amazon included Indianapolis in the top 20 cities they were considering for their secondary headquarters. So, if there’s ever any doubt that Indiana has an innovative population, all you need to do is look at our Hoosier history.

Indianapolis Cost of Living

One of the key advantages of operating from Indianapolis as a digital marketing agency is that the cost of overhead can be significantly lower than either of the coasts. This has a meaningful influence on pricing because, in an agency environment, the vast majority of how services are priced is based on overhead. To be specific, WolframAlpha says someone working in San Francisco requires at least double the salary that someone in Indianapolis requires. That’s why professional SEO companies in Indianapolis have an advantage over the coasts. We have lower overhead on average, but we have just as talented and specialized marketers in town. In fact, we’ve had experience with many companies all over the country because we can provide coast-level experience and expertise, while maintaining Indianapolis-level overhead.

Indianapolis Local Media Companies

One of the most powerful forms of content marketing is capturing and sharing what others say about you, rather than relying solely upon yourself to drive awareness. Thankfully, we have a fantastic advantage for Indianapolis-based companies with a local audience who want to get their news out to the local media companies in Indianapolis because of the public relations network in town. Publications like the Indianapolis Business Journal, TechPoint, the IndyStar, and others all provide a great opportunity to have third-party websites mentioning you and your brand, which again is critical for local content marketing and search engine optimization success.

Other Service Areas

Whether our clients are located in a co-working space like the Speakeasy, the Hinge Bureau, Platform 24, Hatch, or others, or the major business parks around town like Park 100 and Airwest Business Park, we try to focus on working with customers as close to our location as possible so that we can have an in-person, real-life connection. And, although most of this page is about Indianapolis, we are delighted to serve the entire Indianapolis metro area, including but not limited to Fishers, Noblesville, Carmel, Westfield, Zionsville, Broad Ripple, Meridian-Kessler, Avon, Greenwood, Southport, and Center Grove. While it is not a requirement that your business be located in Indiana or even be driving distance from Monument Circle to work with DemandWell, it does allow for more frequent in-person interactions.

Being able to sell your products, your services, or even just your brand itself has always been important. The quality of the products and/or services you’re offering will not matter that much if you’re having a hard time even convincing people that what you’re selling is worth their time, let alone their money. That’s precisely why marketing is an important industry wherever you go.

This time around, you’ll be able to learn more about the marketing industry in Indianapolis, Indiana – its history, its current status, and what the path forward is for businesses in that part of the country.

It’s certainly a fascinating aspect of the city and one well worth taking the time to understand further.

The History of Marketing in Indianapolis

How marketing works today obviously differs from it was many, many decades ago. The modern channels that are capable of carrying your marketing message now were not always available after all.

Marketing in Public Forums

In the absence of modern marketing channels and even those platforms that became popular in the 20th century, entrepreneurs had to be a bit bolder when it came time to talk about their products and services. Since there was no real way to market separately to individuals at the time, the next best thing was to get the people to come to you.

To advertise to the biggest audience possible, business owners often traveled to courthouses and public amphitheaters. Standing in the middle of a courthouse and amphitheater and then proceeding to spend the next few minutes talking about your business may seem like a nightmarish scenario for some, but it was a must in a time when televisions and computers weren’t commonplace.

For the entrepreneurs of Indianapolis, marketing back in the day meant going in front of the crowd gathered inside places such as the Birch Bayh Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse. The building was established back in 1905 and it proudly features the Beaux Arts Style, per the U.S. General Services Administration.

The Birch Bayh Federal Building is an important Indianapolis establishment and one that also played a huge role in the city’s marketing industry decades ago.

As far as public amphitheaters go, the MacAllister Center for the Performing Arts is similarly essential to the business owners of yesteryear. The amphitheater first opened back in the 1920s, but it was renovated significantly in 1997, according to the Friends of Garfield Park.

Marketing in Public and Farmers’ Markets

As you can imagine, the courthouse isn’t exactly the ideal environment for selling your products. Public amphitheaters are also better suited for performances as opposed to advertisements. For those reasons, business owners began to take their marketing efforts to elsewhere.

Many of them settled on using the public markets.

If you’re visiting Indianapolis, you can’t pass up on the chance to shop in their historic City Market. Opened in 1886, the Indianapolis City Market quickly became a favorite gathering spot of sorts for residents.

Even today, the Indianapolis City Market is being upgraded to better meet the needs of shoppers. If you have some food items that you want to sell, you should make it a point to drop by the Indianapolis City Market.

Standing out in the often crowded Indianapolis City Market can be quite the challenge. This is why it’s worth checking out farmers’ markets that pop up all throughout the Circle City if you want to peddle your wares.

One of the more popular farmers’ markets in the city is the Binford Farmers’ Market and it takes up residence in the parking lot of Northview Christian Church, according to Visit Indy. Notably, there are also artists who frequent the Binford Farmers’ Market so feel free to go there if you have some arts and crafts you would like people to see and potentially purchase.

The Binford Farmers’ Market is open from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon every Saturday from the start of May all the way up to the end of October.

Marketing Using Billboards

Moving on now to more conventional marketing mediums, billboards have a special role in Indianapolis’ advertising industry. According to Historic Indianapolis, the state of Indiana was among the first to host a bill posters’ organization.

There was also a time in the 1900s when billboards were starting to get out of hand to the point where local organizations were looking to limit the number of them that businesses could put up.

Billboards aren’t as widespread in Indianapolis as they were more than a century ago, but you can still find them today. It’s not unusual to find advertisers taking advantage of events such as the Indy 500. Billboards often go up around the city because local businesses know that a lot of tourists come into town during that time of the year.

According to Billboards in Indianapolis, Interstates 65, 69, and 70 remain popular spots for advertisements today.

Marketing Using Radios and Podcasts

It’s impossible to talk about the history of marketing without acknowledging the huge role radio has had not only in further establishing the industry, but helping it grow as well.

The exact origins of radio are difficult to pin down, but Tech Wholesale notes that usage of it became really popular after the first World War. Folks began purchasing radios to use at home and companies took notice of that as well.

In 1923, AT&T became the first company to send out a radio advertisement in the United States. Of course, it would just be the first of many more ads to come.

Whenever you’re in Indianapolis, make sure to check out the local radio stations yourself. Some notable examples include 93.1 WIBC and 99.5 WZPL.

These days though, radio is not the only way for businesses to market themselves through audio. Podcasting has become a major industry itself. Regardless of which topics and niches you are into, you will likely find a podcast that caters to your interest.

To catch up on the latest events taking place in and around Indianapolis, you should make it a point to check out the “AroundIndy” podcast. If you’re more of a sports fan and would like to know what’s going on with the Indiana Pacers, give a listen to the “Locked on Pacers Podcast.”

For business owners looking to spread the word about their offerings, purchasing advertising time on those podcasts is an idea worth considering.

Marketing to Students

There’s no such thing as a guarantee in the world of business. However, those companies that manage to form strong connections with younger people do have a lot of staying power.

If your business can demonstrate to younger people even earlier on that your products and services are of high quality, there’s a good chance that they will remain loyal to you and become long-term customers.

Companies can also try to provide some useful, branded giveaways to students. Given the cost of attending college, supplying students with some helpful items can go a really long way.

The tricky part is finding a way to actually connect with students. To make headway in that department, companies can try to visit campuses and speak to students directly about why they are worth partnering with.

Indy is a home to numerous high quality educational establishments. Some standout examples include Butler University and Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis, which is better known by many as IUPUI.

Marketing with the Help of the Local Chamber of Commerce and TV Stations

Successful marketing, especially in tight-knit communities such as the one found in Indianapolis, can only be accomplished if a business finds a way to truly become a part of the local scene. With that in mind, it’s not a bad move to seek some help from the Indiana Chamber of Commerce.

The Indiana Chamber of Commerce currently has nearly 5,000 members, per Visit Indy. Becoming one among those many members could be hugely beneficial to your business.

You should also not forget to work with the local television stations in the city. Even if television is not quite as popular today as it was years ago thanks to the advent of streaming platforms, it’s still a medium that will enable you to connect better with the local population.

WISH, WRTV, and WTHR are among the television stations you should know about if you want to get some ads on the air.

Marketing by Networking

At its core, marketing will always be about building trust. Without that trust, customers will never approach your business when they need a specific product or service.

Building that trust is obviously easier said than done, but networking can help a lot.

Through networking, businesses can stand right next to their customers and better understand the things they are looking for in a company to work with. Small business owners can also benefit immensely from networking as it can help grow their customer base.

For the purposes of networking, businesses can rent out co-working spaces and invite prospective customers over to take part in some activities. Yelp scores indicate that The Neidhammer, Industrious Indianapolis, and The Haverstick are among the best co-working spaces in the city.

Coffee shops can also serve as good gathering spots for networking. You can’t go wrong by inviting prospective customers to local establishments such as Bee Coffee Roasters and Foundry Provisions.

It’s also worth your time to check out local events taking place in the city, especially the ones that are focused on helping businesses. An example of that is the Biz.One Conference that will be taking place in Indianapolis later this year, per EventBrite.

What Is Indianapolis SEO?

Thus far, the marketing channels and platforms that have been highlighted in this article focus more on direct marketing. They are the so-called traditional forms of advertising to customers.

Traditional marketing, in some form, will always exist. Businesses will continually be able to benefit from appealing directly to their potential customers and making use of that human element to build trust.

However, the days when businesses could rely solely on varied direct marketing methods and expect to succeed have long passed. If you want to obtain meaningful success, you can’t continue to use only the marketing methods of yesteryear.

Businesses also need to invest in interactive marketing, which is also known as digital marketing. So, what exactly does digital marketing Indianapolis entail?

Similar to traditional marketing, there are different aspects of digital marketing that businesses have to account for if they want to reach customers. Among those is search engine optimization, or SEO.

Fundamentally speaking, the different approaches to SEO marketing Indianapolis Naptown all have the same goal and that’s to help a specific website gain greater visibility online.

For example, if you’re looking for a veterinarian in the city and you’ve never called on one before, chances are that you will bring up a search engine, type in “veterinarians in Indianapolis” and see which items come up.

Typically, people don’t like using their time to scan through the many websites that pop up during their search, meaning if your business’ website doesn’t show up as one of the top entries, it’s probably going to be overlooked.

SEO services Indianapolis are important precisely because they will help resolve that possible problem. If your business handles SEO correctly, your corporate website will be among the first people see whenever they are looking for something related to your particular industry.

Indianapolis SEO services can significantly improve the visibility of your business, but that’s not all they can do.

Remain consistent with the correct SEO practices and there’s a chance that your business will be known better not just in your immediate community, but throughout the country and the world as well. It’s the world wide web after all, so there are no limitations placed upon how far your website can reach.

You can also think of SEO services in Indianapolis as investments. The benefits from SEO don’t go away. Your website will remain highly visible for as long as you keep following the right SEO practices.

Why Do You Need to Hire an Indianapolis SEO Company?

You don’t have to be a digital marketing whiz to find out how SEO works. Perform a quick search and you should get a pretty good idea of what it’s about.

Because of that, there may be business owners in the neighborhood who are fine with not hiring an Indianapolis SEO expert. They figure that they would be better off investing their money elsewhere by perhaps working with more traditional marketing companies Indianapolis.

It’s not difficult to see why some businesses may prefer to invest more in the conventional marketing approaches and just handle SEO themselves. If they can cut down on expenses by not hiring an SEO company in Indianapolis, they will be inclined to do so.

The problem with that mindset and approach is that businesses are essentially underestimating SEO. While yes, it may look very simple at first, getting it right can be tricky.

Creative companies Indianapolis with employees who already have experience in SEO can probably get away with not hiring an external firm, but not all businesses have those people on the payroll. If the task of getting your website optimized for search engines is left to inexperienced individuals, it will likely turn out unsuccessful.

In many scenarios, the smart move is still to hire an SEO expert. The case for still hiring an SEO expert is multi-faceted but easy to understand.

First off, not everyone can accurately evaluate the stats related to search engines. By failing to put those numbers in proper context, companies may be left chasing after keywords that they think will be helpful, but in reality, won’t be.

An SEO expert can interpret those stats correctly and leverage them to your company’s gain.

SEO professionals can also tweak your website in such a way that it reaches your target audience. Aiming to be the top result in such a broad industry right from day one may be setting expectations too high, but there’s no reason why your company can’t be one of the top results for a niche set of keywords.

It is also important to point out that SEO is not just about connecting with customers. Your business must also be able to take advantage of good SEO results and experts excel at conversion.

Lastly, hiring an SEO firm can make it possible for your business to sustain those benefits long-term.

If you’re looking for a reliable Indianapolis SEO firm that can produce the desired results, DemandWell is a company you must get in touch with.

Why Is Being Experienced Important for an Indianapolis SEO Agency?

If there’s one word that can perfectly sum up why you need professionals to handle your website’s search engine optimization, it’s none other than experience.

Going back to the statistics and analytics that are relevant to search engines, it is essential to the success of a company’s SEO campaign to put those numbers into the right type of context, but that’s not all. It’s important to remember that the stats and trends that show up on search engines simply account for a specific window of time. They are not permanent.

Certain keywords that are offering great results currently aren’t guaranteed to continue doing so months, weeks, or even just days later. They represent trends and that means they are still subject to change.

An SEO agency Indianapolis can look at those trends and see how they can impact your business. They will be able to tell you if you should pour more resources into keywords related those trends or if they are going to fizzle out sooner rather than later, thus making continued investment in them unnecessary.

A digital marketing agency Indianapolis can also help you devise a better plan with regards to search engine optimization and lead generation. It’s easy to overreact when dramatic changes take place in the SEO rankings that affect your business.

Perhaps your business was doing well one week, but then its ranking suddenly plummets the next. This is where it helps to remember that SEO campaigns need to keep both short and long-term goals in mind. Even if things take a turn for the worse early on, a good SEO strategy will still turn out to be beneficial in the long run. Advertising agencies Indianapolis that specialize in SEO will be able to craft that ideal strategy for your company.

Because marketing agencies Indianapolis that possess plenty of experience in SEO can understand what’s going on with your website on a fundamental level, they will not overreact and continue to execute the SEO strategy properly.

There is one more benefit that comes from working with an experienced SEO agency. In all likelihood, that experienced SEO firm in question has already worked with numerous clients in the past. Because of that, they can make use of the things they learned previously to your gain.

Experienced SEO agencies have a good idea of what things work and do not for their clients. Right from day one, they can put your company in a better position to succeed because they know what they have to do right away.

How Can You Find the Best SEO Firm?

There’s no denying the fact that hiring an experienced SEO agency is important to the success of your company’s digital marketing efforts.

So, the question now is: How do you actually identify the top SEO firm?

Numerous factors can determine whether or not an SEO firm will be able to help out your business.

The first and arguably most important factor is their level of commitment to helping your business. An SEO firm has to buy in completely to helping your company out. Money can’t be their sole motivation for providing their expertise.

SEO agencies that care on a fundamental level about the success of their clients are the ones that will be able to help out the most. You’re not just hiring one of those public relations firms Indianapolis. Ideally, you want to form a partnership with an agency that will help raise your stature online while also improving your daily operations.

You should also demand professionalism out of the firm you’ll be hiring. You should be able to tell early on if you’re working with a professional SEO firm.

The way they communicate with you is an indicator of how professional they are. Agencies that respond clearly with a formal tone are the ones you want to work with.

It’s also important to take note of how prompt they are with regards to their responses. You shouldn’t have to wait around for days just to get a response for a simple question. Even if the answer you’re looking for cannot be provided right away, a professional agency will still let you know that it will take some time to supply the information.

Being on time matters not just during the communication process. You should also look for experts that can consistently hit previously agreed upon deadlines. Constant delays can adversely impact the effectiveness of the SEO strategy and that could cause it to fail.

Don’t overlook their track record too. Check out how they performed when they worked for other clients. Along with seeing how the firm boosted a company’s ranking, look at how their work affected conversion rate optimization stats. High rankings would mean nothing after all if they can’t be converted into web traffic and eventual sales.

You should also take the time and talk to other companies that the firm you’re eyeing has previously worked with. Their feedback should prove helpful to you as you to try to determine which SEO expert you need to hire.

What Is Indianapolis Web Design and Why Is It Important?

Business owners will be best-served to remember a fundamental truth about SEO and here it is: Even the best and most effective SEO strategy in the world is not going to guarantee success. That’s because getting a high ranking on a search engine and securing a visit from a possible customer is just half the battle.

To make your internet marketing efforts pay off, those visits need to turn into sales and the way to do that is by improving your corporate website.

The corporate website is basically your digital storefront. Just as you would put a tremendous amount of effort into designing and stocking up your physical store, you need to put the same amount of care and attention into your website.

In order for website marketing to work, visitors must actually want to spend time browsing through that online outlet for your business.

A skilled Indianapolis web design company should be able to construct that online portal for you.

Websites shouldn’t be confusing. The moment you make it to a website’s landing page, you should be able to tell right away where you are and where you need to go if there’s something specific you’re searching for. If it takes you longer than a minute to understand how to go from point A to point B, that’s a sign that the website was poorly designed.

Intuitive mechanics can go a long way in web design.

You should also integrate striking visual elements into the design of your website. Those elements can give visitors a reason to stick around longer and probe deeper to learn more about what your business can offer.

It’s also important for your website to provide something of value. Use your website to either share information or maybe put forth a special offer. Show your visitors that it was worth their time to visit your website and that they should do so again.

Web design and digital marketing should always go together. The companies that can provide both services are the ones you should target when looking for some assistance.

How Should Your Business Approach Online Marketing?

SEO and web design are certainly among the most important elements of advertising online, but you should know that they are not the only ones that can make a difference for your business.

All kinds of media production companies Indianapolis are now focused on creating videos that are meant to be distributed online. Those videos are great marketing tools for businesses. If one video manages to go viral, that’s a ton of publicity that is going to help a business become more visible.

Even if you don’t end up with a viral hit, the works produced by media companies Indianapolis can still be very valuable to your business. You can call on video marketing Indianapolis experts to come up with content that you can post on your website to educate customers about your products and/or services.

You shouldn’t stop with integrating videos into your online marketing efforts.

By now, you’re probably well aware of the influence possessed by social media. If you have access to the internet, you are bound to have at least one social media account and quite possibly more.

Social media marketing agency Indianapolis can teach you how to utilize those platforms to the benefit of your company. Many celebrities and companies already know all about what it’s like to commit a blunder on social media. It’s the kind of mistake that can really stick with a person or brand.

For social media marketing Indianapolis, the smart move is to strike a friendly tone and let your customers know how important it is for your business to be a part of the community in that city.

SEO, web design, video marketing, and developing a social media presence are all key elements of effective online advertising. None of them should be left out in your company’s strategy.

The History of Indianapolis

Indianapolis, the capital of the Hoosier State, is a bustling metropolis that you should visit as you’re going through the Midwest.

Of course, this now thriving city had its humble beginnings as well.

Upon being granted entry into the Union back in 1816, the United States’ Congress donated four sections of land to the newly established state of Indiana, per Wikipedia. Those donated segments of land were intended to become the seat of Indiana’s state government.

Two years after the donation of the land segments, the Indiana General Assembly ordered a committee to pick out a new location in central Indiana that could serve as Indiana’s state capital. That location turned out to be Indianapolis, although it wasn’t known by that name at the time.

It wasn’t until Jan. 6, 1821 that the location would become formally known as Indianapolis. The name, by the way, is a combination of two words put together by Indiana Supreme Court Justice Jeremiah Sullivan. Indianapolis is simply the result of combining the state’s name together with the Greek word for city.

Going back to the history of Indianapolis, the location officially became recognized as the seat for Indiana’s state government on Dec. 31, 1821. It took until 1824 though before the seat of government could be moved to Indianapolis and the state legislature could only start to convene in Indianapolis a year later, according to

With Indianapolis now serving as the seat of the Indiana state government, taking the place of Corydon, more changes took place within the city. A U.S. district court would be established inside Indianapolis that same year and so too were state government offices.

Indianapolis continued to play host to numerous historical events of great significance during the time of the Civil War. Then President Abraham Lincoln visited the city in 1861 and it became a key strategic location for the Union, even serving as the headquarters for volunteer soldiers.

Indianapolis was also one of the cities that President Lincoln’s funeral train stopped in back in 1865.

More than a decade after the conclusion of the Civil War, Indianapolis would undergo a significant transformation, turning into a central hub for the meatpacking and metalworking industries, according to Brittanica.

As you can see, the city of Indianapolis has not really stopped growing and it remains as one of the most populous locations in the United States of America.

When people think of Indianapolis now, they likely know it a prime destination for sports fans.

First off, there’s the Indy 500, an event regarded as one of the legs of motorsport’s unofficial Triple Crown. The annual competition which takes place in at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is routinely among the most star-studded events on the sporting calendar.

The city of Indianapolis is also home to two major sports franchises.

In the NBA, the city is represented by the Indiana Pacers. The Indiana Pacers actually started out as an ABA franchise prior to the 1976 merger between the aforementioned league and the NBA.

Since joining the NBA, the Indiana Pacers have not won the championship, but they were champions of the ABA on three separate occasions.

Despite not being able to claim the NBA’s ultimate prize just yet, fans of the Pacers franchise have been able to watch numerous great players on the team including Danny Granger, Rik Smits, and Reggie Miller.

Residents of the city are also loyal to the NFL’s Indianapolis Colts.

Unlike the Pacers, the Colts were not always based in the city. The franchise was born in Baltimore in 1953 and stayed there until 1983. The following year, the franchise moved to Indianapolis and that is where it has resided since.

Although the Colts struggled early on in their new home, the franchise’s fortunes would take a turn for the better after landing the first overall pick in the 1998 NFL Draft. The Indianapolis Colts would use the first pick in that draft to select Tennessee quarterback Peyton Manning and the rest is the stuff of pro football history.

Manning would go on to lead the Indianapolis Colts to numerous successful seasons, leading the team to the Super Bowl twice and winning it once. He would also win four MVP awards with the Colts before spending the last few years of his career with the Denver Broncos.

In recent years, Indianapolis has also emerged as one of the top culinary destinations in the country. Milktooth has become famous for its fine selection of pastries and delectable breakfast offerings. Bluebeard, another restaurant that has garnered a following in and out of the city, is known for bringing the best of Indianapolis’ regional fare to diners.

There’s one last thing you should know about Indianapolis. At some point, you’ve probably heard the city referred to as “Naptown” and wondered why it got such a mysterious moniker.

According to Radio-Indiana, the nickname has roots back in the 1930s when it was believed to have been popularized by jazz musicians. Apparently, jazz musicians used the term “Naptown” as a unique kind of shorthand for the official city name since Indianapolis can be difficult to say repeatedly in conversations.

Still, whether it’s called Naptown, Indy, Circle City, or Indianapolis, it should simply be known as one of the best locations in the entirety of the United States.

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