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Repeatable and predictable revenue requires a process for continuous, rapid improvement. By operating with our proprietary PACE process below, you will shift from chaos to confidence in your marketing efforts.

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Demandwell uncovers what’s driving traffic now, what’s not, and builds a plan to get your content on page one.


Demand Pages exponentially increase discoverability and traffic for keywords that indicate intent to buy.


Demandwell uncovers the most effective conversion pathways and leans into them – ensuring that web visitors take action.


Our platform reviews plan performance, then makes adjustments and suggestions on what to do next.

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Traffic alone isn’t enough, so we don’t stop there. We help you execute through the funnel, from improving discoverability and organic traffic all the way to your sales team marking the deal “closed-won.”

More Web Traffic

Growth begins with having more people visit your site each month. Let’s create a content plan that will grow the type of users you want to attract.

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Increasing conversion rate at a single point in the funnel creates a tidal wave at the bottom. Let’s A/B test our way to sourcing high-quality prospects.

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Driving high-intent visitors to your site, and optimizing conversion rate of that traffic leads to better prospects for sales, and more deals marked closed-won.

Let’s Grow

As a profession, the 20th century saw marketing truly flourish.  During the 19th and early 20th centuries, marketing and promotional efforts by companies were local and regionally based.  Products were developed to meet the needs of citizens near the manufacturer.  Broad standardization of products to meet the needs of Americans throughout the country did not exist.

With the development of railroads and the active use of the Ohio river, residents of Jeffersonville, Indiana had greater opportunities to trade with neighbors in larger communities.  These companies began to take advantage of trading along the river and with nearby Louisville, Kentucky.  As they traded, they began to collect information that was relevant about their new clientele.  This new information guided how products were developed and promoted within the region.

New methods of communication allowed companies to reach new customers.  One pioneer in market research was Josiah Wedgewood.  He began using direct mail and catalogues to promote his products.  He also demonstrated to customers and investors how with increased production, each product’s cost was lower.  By strategically sharing information, his products were in high demand and revenues soared.

Nationally, larger corporations were exploring new marketing techniques but small manufacturers continued to sell at the local and regional levels.  This trend continued for many years into the 20th century.

History of Marketing in Jeffersonville

The location of Jeffersonville to the Ohio River and Louisville, Kentucky brought many advantages to companies there.  A thriving ship building industry developed there to support the local economy.  Access to the railroad and the waterway meant that companies could ship their products further than most at the time.  Also, during the Civil War, Jeffersonville became an active area for the Union.  A large Union hospital was located there and brought many new workers into the area.

Public Forums

Jeffersonville has been an active trading area since its founding in 1786.  It location and relationship with Louisville has given area companies increase opportunities to share information about their products.  Today, the leadership of Jeffersonville has continued to grow the area by annexing smaller nearby communities.  This has created an increasing potential for marketing to a greater populace for companies.

Market Booths

While always an active area, companies came together to share information with colleagues across the river in Louisville and communities up and down the Ohio River.  The addition of railroad transportation only furthered to increase the levels of communication.  In fact, during 1813-1814, Jeffersonville was recognized as the capital of Indian territory making it a natural trading post even though the community was still small.  It became a pivotal area for sharing information and products.  The Civil War saw increased activity in the area.   While the Depression and World Wars brought new industry to the area.  Shipbuilding, begun in 1819, continued to be a major industry for the area well into the 20th century.


The rise in the popularity and accessibility of automobiles led to the development of billboard marketing.  Area highways, such as I 62 gave companies greater opportunities to market their products to travelers as the went through the region.  This, combined with “Burma Shave” style advertising became very popular ways to reach new customers.  It also gave local small businesses a way to capture drivers looking for a meal or a place to stop.


Radio stations in Jeffersonville and Louisville were popular avenues for companies to advertise their products.  During the 40s and 50s, many companies would sponsor radio programs for the opportunity to highlight their products.  This continues to be a popular marketing tool.

School Marketing

Companies looking to attract a younger demographic often work to support the local school system.  They also use their social media channel to market directly to this group.  Both approaches are a natural fit for marketing to young people.  When companies become directly involved with schools, often they will sponsor a sports team or support a high school’s annual yearbook through advertising.  This gives them recognition in the community, as well as, the opportunity to feature their company’s name, logo and tag line.  There are currently five public elementary and secondary schools in Jeffersonville.  This include Sacred Heart, a highly rated private school.  This bring companies many ways to support the local school system.  Many hold corporate volunteer days as a teambuilding and marketing effort that also produces needed community improvements.

Business Hubs

In smaller communities, many local businesspeople rely on the local Chamber of Commerce.  This brings them into contact with their colleagues to share information.  Newspapers, such as the area News and Tribune and Southern Indiana News, continue to be hubs where area companies share information about corporate developments and advertise new products.


While the Chamber of Commerce supports area businesses, many Commerce, many businesspeople also participate in community organizations such as Rotary and Kiwanis Clubs for the networking opportunities they offer.  Coffee shops and cafes also play an important role for business networking in smaller communities.  Often, there are popular places where business leaders gather mid-morning to discuss the news of the day.  Coffee shops, like Pearl Street Coffee, Heine Brothers and Coffee Crossing are often frequented by the local business community.

Jeffersonville SEO

Traditional communication and marketing methods are still effective today.  Having shifts in the marketplace and access to technology has demanded that companies adopt more modern marketing techniques such as search engine optimization (SEO).  Companies can no longer simply have a website to deliver information about their products.  Even small businesses need SEO services in Jeffersonville to help them reach broader audiences.  Many view this as a leveling of the playing field among small businesses and larger corporations.  Now the small coffeeshop on the corner has the opportunity to grow their online presence and market their products to regional, national and global levels.  Without SEO, potential consumers may never find a small business’ product lines.

Modern website marketing SEO techniques are valuable to businesses of every size.  It allows small businesses to gain traction online and develop a customer following.  This base is essential for business success.  When an SEO professional begins marketing a website, there will be an uptick in the company’s online visibility.  Some companies also use paid search listings.  However, many search engine’s, such as Google, give these lower ratings than organic listing.  Organic listings, however, take some time to develop.

Every company needs the efforts of a professional SEO company for interactive marketing.  In the digital marketing realm, there are many that offer SEO services but relatively few who can demonstrate true results.  It can be tough to determine which company can really deliver but due diligence and research can help identify quality SEO companies.

Jeffersonville SEO Company

A Jeffersonville SEO expert must continually be updating their technical knowledge.   As the parameters used by search engines change frequently, this requires SEO professionals staying on top of these changes and how they impact the traffic to client’s websites.  Many small businesses in the Jeffersonville area are not able to have an SEO professional on staff.  This is something that must be handled outside.  Even if they do have an IT professional that they use, most IT professionals don’t have the necessary SEO background that is needed for effective SEO.  This leaves many businesses looking for an SEO company in Jeffersonville to support their digital marketing efforts.  Our team at DemandWell provides all of the services companies need to expand their presence and efforts in the digital marketplace.

Jeffersonville SEO Agency

While the many marketing and advertising agencies Jeffersonville has offer services in the Jeffersonville area, they offer provide so many services that SEO may not be one of their most popular.  Selecting the right SEO agency Jeffersonville means finding the one that can demonstrate clear results and professionalism.  At DemandWell, our clients know that because of our focus on SEO marketing, they are receiving high quality services.  Also, our team is able to identify online trends across our client base.  This allows us to adjust marketing strategies quickly and apply new techniques when search engines adjust their parameters.  The results are improved performance, lower customer acquisition costs and greater lead generation.  Our clients in the Jeffersonville area have come to trust and rely on DemandWell.

Best SEO

For most business owners, SEO terminology and techniques are unfamiliar.  This can make finding the best SEO company a daunting experience.  Learning basic SEO concepts and language can help identify results-oriented companies.  A professional SEO provider that responds clearly and quickly to questions is what companies need.  Any SEO provider that offers an out of the box solution needs to be avoided.  They are likely churning through client and won’t deliver service tailored to your specific business.

Jeffersonville Web Design

When a business begins working with an SEO professional, they will initially review the business’ website.  This is because with SEO internet marketing, the goal is not only online visibility but also conversion rates that drive sales.  Website enhancements, website marketing and conversion rate optimization improve the conversation rate turning visitors into customers.

Media Companies Jeffersonville

While companies use SEO to enhance their online presence, other digital channels should be considered in a marketing plan.  Social media and video marketing Jeffersonville that agencies provide can be effectively used to demonstrate new products and market them.  Not everyone receives online marketing messages through the same source so multiple channels touches more people.  Our team at DemandWell are successful at combining strategies and converting traffic.

History of Jeffersonville

Jeffersonville has always been an active area since its time as the centerpiece of the Indian nation till today.  It’s placement on the Ohio river and proximity to Louisville has allowed companies to market their wares more broadly than neighboring communities.  The railroads only enhanced this level of communication.  With the ability to market their products on a wider level, companies have continued to prosper in the area.  The long-standing ship building activity has also supported the local economy.  Even the Civil War, World Wars and the Depression has less of an impact on this area’s economy.

When the shipbuilders left the area, the community had grown sufficiently to support other business efforts.  Today, Jeffersonville, Indiana is a thriving community.

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