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Knowing which terms to target from the beginning of your digital content strategy is absolutely critical. How can you find high value terms that you can rank well for, that also will drive qualified traffic?

Take it from the professionals at Demandwell, if you approach keyword strategy in the right way, you can identify the best queries and roll them into your content calendar. In the guide, you’ll get –>

  • How to begin your keyword research through audience understanding and query modifiers, such as pain points and offered solutions
  • How to prioritize keyword intent vs. search volume and competition for a query
  • A free tool to build your own keyword list from scratch
  • Insight into Demandwell’s industry-leading keyword research process

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Real-Time Keyword Intelligence – In One Software Platform

We at Demandwell centered our whole business on one core concept: what you SHOULD be doing with your SEO, not what you COULD be doing. Understanding what work to prioritize today, be it technical or content related, helps keep busy marketing teams focused and yielding organic search results. Our platform is the single source for teams to understand their keyword strategy, catered and guided by our team of experts. Get real-time keyword movement and lifecycle stage prioritization, grouped into clusters, so you know what content will be worth your time to produce.

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Keyword Research Is Part Science, Part Art. Demandwell Shows You The Way

SEO software hasn’t changed much over the past 10 years. Established tools just dump a ton of data at you that competitors are ranking for, but what good is a keyword if it doesn’t engage the right audience? Demandwell’s team of professionals have decades of experience managing marketing systems, and optimizing websites large and small for big SEO gains. That translates to top-tier audience understanding and phenomenal keyword research for content planning.

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The Right Strategy Translates to Organic Gains That Save Your Team Money!

$62,653 /yr

Saved from PPC Budget

“I didn’t have an SEO strategy at all when I walked into the role at Pillar, being the first marketer and focusing on what I knew worked. So really Demandwell helped shape that for us in a very easy way. We’re a start up, so it’s great to see that we have avoided 62k for ongoing traffic. That is a lot that coming from of our small marketing budget.”

Alexa Amatulli

Director of Marketing

$13,276 / yr

Saved from PPC budget

“Our audience is incredibly fragmented, other businesses might not have as many hundreds of thousands of keywords that we do for all these different categories, to get to a volume that makes organic and inbound marketing helpful. But we look back on the last 12 months, just the quality, of our content, the strategy behind it. It’s very different now than it was a year ago, which has to do with our work with Demandwell. So, without a doubt, we’re very pleased with the direction of our organic performance.”

Kevin McCauley

Founder & CEO

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