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As the county seat of Tippecanoe County, Indiana, Lafayette is ideally situated on the Wabash River.  It is also located near Indianapolis (63 miles) and Chicago (105 miles).  Founded in 1825 as a French trading post with a fort, this are has maintained excellent business opportunities for companies.  Though parts of the Wabash River were impassable for riverboats, communication channels still flourished in the area.

During the early years, most business communication remained localized to the general region.  Products were marketed and designed to meet the needs of nearby consumers.  This changed during the late 19th and 20th century as new communication channels opened due to better accessibility to larger areas.  Roads and railroads enable companies to share product information more broadly.

A larger trading area meant that companies were able to attract new clientele.  This broader marketplace made company leaders realize that they were able to collect demographic information on these new customers.  This information allowed them to target their marketing and produce new products that better met customers needs.

One example of this new era of marketing is Josiah Wedgewood.  Seeing new opportunities to market his products, he began producing catalogues.  He also began using direct mail to target customers.  For his investors, he produced figures that showed how they could increase profits by increasing production.  By doing so, the cost per item was lowered.  His insights revolutionized marketing techniques in America.

Large companies began to adopt these new advertising and marketing methods.  Small, local companies continued to focus on the customers in their immediate area.  This trend continued until the early 20th century.

History of Marketing in Lafayette

The location of the trading post on the river and the close proximity to major urban centers have given Lafayette businesses many opportunities to market their products to new clientele.  Nearby Perdue University has also been responsible for building the local economy.  Through the years, many large corporations have been attracted to the area.  These include Caterpillar, Wabash National (semi-truck manufacturer), Subaru, Cargill and Tate & Lyle (makers of Splenda).  These national corporations have brought greater attention to their area through their global marketing efforts.

Public Forums

Businesses in the area found early success through shipping along the Wabash river.  The trading post bolstered the local economy.  When the railroads connected the area in 1850, businesses boomed with new opportunities.  Also, beginning in 1838, the first US Patent Commissioner, Henry Leavitt Ellsworth purchased a large area of land.  He began marketing farm lots to attract new people to the area.  Despite becoming the Tippecanoe Country Agricultural Society president in 1851, many locals resented his efforts to bring in new residents from the east coast.

Market Booths

The area around Lafayette hosts several festivals and markets throughout the year.  This give small businesses new opportunities to market and demonstrate their products to a wider customer base.  While during the early years, business marketing focused on the river trade and the trading post, modern development have opened many new avenues for businesses.


During the 20th century, the increasing popularity of cars and highway development naturally led to billboard advertising.  Along I65, US 52 and 231, along with several state roads gave companies new opportunities to advertise their products to travels in the area.


During the 30s and 40s, radio advertising became a popular way for companies to advertise their products.  Many began sponsoring popular programs as a way to feature their products.  Numerous local radio stations such as WASK, WAZY and WKHY continue this tradition of local marketing.

School Marketing

With a robust local school system and seven private academies, businesses in Lafayette often partner with local schools.  This provides the business with a two-fold benefit.  They are able to publicly support the local school, either through team sports sponsorship or advertising support of the yearbook.  Plus, it gives them name recognition with a younger demographic.  By coupling these efforts with social media, their marketing messages reach a new audience.  To compliment these efforts, many companies also engage in volunteer community projects as a teambuilding initiative.  These types of efforts also build positive community PR for the company.

Business Hubs

In many growing communities, the local Chamber of Commerce is where community leaders come together to share information and support each other.  Local communication efforts are expanded by local newspaper such as the Lafayette Leader, Journal and Courier and the Perdue Exponent from nearby Perdue University.  The many television outlets in the area including CBS, ABC and NBC affiliates also offer opportunities for businesses to market their products.


For successful businesspeople, there are many networking opportunities in the area.  Rotary and Kiwanis Clubs allow businesspeople to interact and share information while supporting community improvement efforts.  Also, it has been a long standing tradition for business leaders to gather mid-morning at local coffee shops.  Java Joes and Star City Coffee are popular spots to meet other business owners.

Lafayette SEO

While many businesses still use traditional marketing outlets including television, newspapers and radio, recent development have moved them into digital marketing Lafayette companies on the internet.  During the 1990s, this meant that companies needed to have a website.  This is no longer true as it has become more difficult for consumers to find particular business websites.  The development of search engine optimization (SEO) allows companies to target their marketing messages through interactive marketing and increase their online visibility.  This is particularly advantageous for small business who can now have a national or even global market presence.

When a company begins an internet marketing campaign, their internet presence will grow.  However, it takes time to develop organic rankings which search engines favor.  Some attempt to shortcut the process by paying for listings.  Search engines automatically downgrade these types of listings in favor of organic ones.  Finding guidance from a qualified Lafayette SEO services provider can be an additional challenge.  But when a company finds someone who can deliver results, it is well worth the effort.

Lafayette SEO Company

The SEO industry is one that is in a constant state of change.  Search engines routinely adjust their parameters.  For Lafayette SEO experts, this means constantly stay on top of these changes and understanding how it will affect their clientele.  While most business require the support of outside SEO agencies, some try to rely on an inhouse IT person.  For most IT professionals, SEO lies outside of their professional knowledge base.  Also, most don’t have the time that is needed to dedicate to SEO duties.  Companies who understand the challenges of SEO marketing rely on digital marketing agencies like DemandWell.  Our team is highly skilled and focused on the bottom line when it comes to digital marketing and SEO.  This makes us the Lafayette SEO firm that businesses rely on.

Lafayette SEO Agency

The search for a quality results-oriented Lafayette SEO agency can be daunting for many company owners.  This is because so many advertising agencies Lafayette has with marketing or advertising expertise also offer SEO as part of their menu of services.  Unfortunately, many can’t deliver high quality results because this is not their core business.  Our team at DemandWell works every day to deliver digital marketing results and lead generation to our clients.  As SEO is our core business, we focus on digital marketing trends and search engine industry adjustments.  This allows us to quickly adjust strategies for our clients so that they are not impacted.  For our clientele, this means better generation of new leads and lowering customer acquisition costs.  This is why we are viewed as an SEO industry leader.

Best SEO

When CEOs begin looking for professional SEO agencies, many are stumped by the basic concepts and lingo.  This is because they are unfamiliar for many.  Learning some basics of SEO can help discern between quality providers and those who are just churning through clients.  SEO companies that offer a standard solution should be avoided as they won’t deliver the individualized results and conversion rate optimization that your company needs.  CEOs need to take the time to look for the top SEO providers in their area.

Lafayette Web Design

One of the first steps that SEO professionals will take is to assess the current website and internet marketing.  With website enhancements and website marketing, they are able to boost new web traffic and bolster conversion rates.  Sales and conversion rates are every businesses goal.  This can be achieved through web design and digital marketing.

Media Companies Lafayette

SEO works to raise the digital profile of companies but it needs to be used in conjunction with other digital channels such as social media and video marketing Lafayette agencies offer.  Working with media companies Lafayette business can see an increase in the effectiveness and a new way to demonstrate their products.  Also, as people receive marketing messages in different ways, having multiple channels increases the audience a product can have.  As a social media marketing agency Lafayette business rely on, our team at DemandWell combines these techniques to enhance conversion rates and traffic for our clients.

History of Lafayette

The Lafayette area was settled by European explorers.  The area was also inhabited by the Miami Indians.  A fort was established in 1717 by the French government along the Wabash River.  A trade post was developed that primarily catered to merchants, Indians and fur trappers.  To celebrate this rich trading history, the community still celebrates the “Feast of the Hunters’ Moon” each autumn.  This festival engages the community and reenacts that early trading conditions.

By 1825, Lafayette was named the county seat of Tippecanoe County.  As a shipping center, area businesses experienced success.  When the Wabash and Erie Canal was developed during the 1840s, the area saw increased trade.  With the additional of the railroads in the 1850s, Lafayette was established as a major regional trading hub.  In a unique piece of local history, Lafayette was the first official site for air mail delivery.  Throughout all of these achievements, Lafayette has continued to grow and provide new avenues for the area business community.

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