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History Of Marketing In Lebanon

Lebanon, Indiana officially received its start in April 1830 but the community that began the town had already been settled in the area years before, like many locations in the state. Early settlers were populating Indiana all along the Wabash River region, and Lebanon was no exception. In fact, a later proclamation made anyone who lived in the area prior to 1835 officially a pioneer of the state. The naming of the town was performed by one of the original county commissioners, Adam French, who noted that the hickory trees in the immediate location fit the description of Biblical cedars.

Public Forums

The found of Lebanon as a city was not the end of the venture. The town’s leadership wanted to also make Lebanon the regional governmental center as well. As a result, Lebanon also became the county seat for the area two years after the town itself was established legally. The land that the government offices were to sit on were donated by local property owners and settlers, and the same pair (Drake and Kinnard) were instrumental in the construction of the town and county’s first courthouse in 1839. That included all the brick and shingle materials to finish the building, which was no small cost at the time. No surprise, the local political leadership were quite aggregable to the arrangement and placing the county seat in Lebanon.

The public forums of Lebanon took a bit of a face change, however, in 1856 when a large fire damaged and destroyed many of the buildings, including the courthouse. By 1911, the third courthouse in town was constructed, and this is the building that is recognized today with large columns at the entrances and the major roof dome.

Market Booths

Lebanon has always had some kind of a farmers market of over its history, especially in the early years when much of the community was based on agriculture and farming the wider area. Today, the town enjoys a regular farmers market ever Tuesday weekly from June to September, reconnecting the population with its agriculture roots and providing an open air market for fruit, vegetables, dairy and meats as well as arts & crafts from local providers.


The modern territory of Lebanon today sits just northwest of Indianapolis, and the town is bisected by Interstate 65 and state routes 32, 39, and 52, making it a bit of a crossroads location for multiple traffic routes. Modern billboard construction and advertising in the area is fairly dominated by Lamar Communications as the major player of most billboard advertising outside of immediate Indianapolis.


Lebanon has only one local radio station (WIRE). Locally known as Radio Mom, WIRE provides a general top 40 music portfolio as well as local and national news broadcasts and special interviews weekly. However, Lebanon is also within reach of 55 different radio station signals, many of the broadcasted from Indianapolis or other regional cities within signal distance.

School Marketing

For educational institutions, Lebanon public school system provides for one high school (Lebanon Senior) and one middle school (Lebanon Middle). In addition, the town school system also incorporates four elementary schools as well. And there are two private high schools in the town jurisdiction as well. All of these institutions are likely willing to partner with business interests for school fundraising and goodwill partnerships in exchange for advertising of sponsors of local school programs.

Business hubs

Boone County and Lebanon in particular represented a natural hub for commerce very early on. The first farming interests saw promise in the combination of a water way, good soil for farming, and unique position for travel connections. Early business was centered around the first mills and water-driven machinery for automated or mechanical production of food goods and similar.

Today Lebanon is still linked to its agricultural roots. The town and county government have significant reliance on the agricultural industry in corn, soybeans, and the biofuel industry as well. A significant amount of infrastructure has been supported and projected as well for utilities, transportation, Internet and communications access and more. And the local Chamber of Commerce is active in promoting entrepreneurs and small businesses with growth support via education, guidance, government benefits on tax status and financing help as well.


Like most towns in Indiana, Lebanon has its share of coffee shops, diners and restaurants which local folks have used for decades for meetings, networking, news-sharing and connecting in person with each other. In addition to these traditional informal venues, the local Chamber of Commerce provides and official channel for businesses to connect with local government as well as each other through Chamber events and meetings.

Lebanon SEO
With the proximity to Indianapolis as well as a direct route stop on Interstate 65, Lebanon businesses would be well served to have an Internet presence designed with a robust interactive marketing plan. The fact is travelers and regional business will be looking for digital marketing Lebanon resources with their mobile devices. However, a business is only going to be “seen” digitally to the extent that its Lebanon SEO is designed correctly on a website and social media presence. DemandWell is a primary provider of SEO services in Lebanon and can get your business visible in regular and local search engines within a matter of hours and days. This is a key factor in the modern age for sustaining and growing a business. The world is a lot more connected, and SEO services Lebanon strategies are what brings customers to your door proactively now. Billboard, print advertising, radio and similar still work, but to a much greater degree the large majority of people looking for a business solution are doing it online, even when traveling. So, let DemandWell help with your SEO marketing Lebanon naptown solution and stay ahead of the pack instead of falling behind in your market.

Lebanon SEO Company
Are you considering setting up or improving your online presence to a far more professional level than what you have currently? Don’t feel alone; you’re in a big crowd. Lots of businesses small and large are realizing that a Lebanon SEO company is a needed tool for doing business in the modern age. Fortunately, finding a competent and professional Lebanon SEO firm is not the hard part. DemandWell has been a recognized Lebanon SEO expert for years, enhancing existing websites for businesses as well as creating new online marketing companies Lebanon websites for others. Granted, there are other providers who will advertise they provide similar services. But when your business really needs an SEO company in Lebanon who knows what they are doing from experience with local businesses like yours, then it’s time to work with Demand Well as your primary Lebanon SEO firm. Most creative companies Lebanon owners have reached the same conclusion.

Lebanon SEO Agency
Your lead generation is essential to maintain and keep going. It literally represents the lifeblood of potential new accounts your business needs to keep revenue maintained and growing. So, when your business needs a Lebanon SEO agency to help craft an online approach, doesn’t it make sense to work with an SEO agency Lebanon expert versus a generic provider halfway across the country? The fact is, advertising agencies Lebanon providers who are familiar with your local market will understand your needs far better than firms completely outside the area and only operating online as a connection. They have no market relevance to your local need. DemandWell provides a local digital marketing agency Lebanon solution in your neighborhood. And it has one of the highest reputations of delivery among marketing agencies Lebanon solutions.

Best SEO
The best SEO work and design isn’t just a splatter of search terms on a web page. In the old days what passed for professional SEO was exactly that, which became annoying spam nobody wanted to read or look at. Today, the top SEO work catching search engine attention when people look for a business solution involves platforms that have viable content and interesting placement of SEO and marketing material – in short, you’re communicating a solution to someone’s need or want. For e-commerce conversion rate optimization today, good SEO is essential. DemandWell can provide this service and much more as one of the top performing public relations firms Lebanon solutions available. Call to find out more and how we can help your business grow.

Lebanon Web Design
What makes a good business website today? Internet marketing and website marketing have dramatically changed this criteria, demanding far more from businesses if they want to be relevant online. Today’s web design and digital marketing has to provide content that is relevant, usable, and adds to the online discourse, not just plain advertising and spamming. DemandWell has years of expertise working with Indiana companies providing great support and smart website creation or redesign. For Lebanon web design interests, DemandWell really should be on your top list of considerations. There are other choices, but DemandWell’s reputation speaks volumes for why it is the best Lebanon web design company to work with.

Media Companies Lebanon
Online marketing involves a combination of activities running on different channels with different audiences. As a result, any viable social media marketing Lebanon plan needs to provide ongoing support and maintain its presence with regular engagement. Many businesses make the mistake thinking online marketing is a one-time event. Instead, a business needs to plan to engage with a social media marketing agency Lebanon provider on a regular basis if not handling the work in-house. Whether the online approach is a video marketing Lebanon strategy or the use of broadband media companies Lebanon approaches, expertise and commitment matters. DemandWell can help.

History Of Lebanon
Founded by General James Perry Drake and an additional military officer, Colonel George L. Kinnard, Lebanon, Indiana, was the result of smart development planning and land speculation in the 1820s. The pair had picked up on the planned creation of Boone County, and they developed a strategy of land purchase where the center of the proposed county would most likely occur. The two then planned the entire layout of the original Lebanon town grid and secured early support from the original county commissioners. By the time the town was officially declared in 1830, Drake and Kinnard had literally sited and constructed much of the local government, which the commissioners happily agreed to. From that earlier point forward, Lebanon grew as an agricultural center and trading point as well as a transportation stop for multiple routes in the area.

Today, it is home to multiple companies and employers, including the following:

• Festool
• American Ultraviolet
• Gander Outdoor
• Hachette Book Group
• Subaru
• XPO Logistics
• Witham Health Services
• D-A Lubricant Company
• Ken Foods
• Hendrickson Trailer Commercial Vehicle Systems
• Maplehurst Bakeries
• Skjodt–Barrett Foods

And as a suburb location for Indianapolis down the road, Lebanon is also home to number of families who work in the bigger urban center but want to live away from the congestion and concentration so common with big cities.

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