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The city of Marion, named after General Francis Marion of the American Revolutionary War, is located in Grant County of Indiana. It located toward the central part of the state. Marion was traditionally known as an agricultural town, but make great technological strides during the 19th century due to the discovery of natural gas. Currently, the major industries in the city include automotive, paper, foundry and machinery. With a growing population and improving economy, Marion has a lot to offer to the business community. Marketing is an essential part of getting the value proposition of any business across to the target audience. This article highlights some key takeaways regarding the marketing landscape of Marion, IN.

Traditional Marketing Channels in Marion, IN

Public forums are a great platform for marketing. They allow access to the local business community. In Marion, there is the Marion City Court and Grant Country Court. There is also the Marion Public Library. For more business-oriented platforms, there is the Marion-Grant Country Chamber of Commerce that has several events throughout the year. The most popular events are the Sales & Marketing Seminar and Business Growth Series. They also offer a membership that can be very useful for networking, education, advocacy, and support.

Trade fairs are another excellent platform to reach customers and network with fellow businessmen. Whether you have your booth or just visit the fair, it is a platform for you to market your business. For trade fairs, the grant country fair is popular amongst the local community. There is also a Marion Open Air Farmers Market on 1500 S. Western Ave and the Grant Country Farmer’s Market located on 100 E. Third St.

The Interstate 69 and Indiana State Road 15 are excellent locations for billboard marketing on highways. Within the city, Western Ave and S Pennsylvania St are most commonly used. For marketing on radio, WBAT 1400 and WCJC 99.3 are most listened to.

For schools within the city, Marion is home to Indiana Wesleyan University. It is the largest evangelical Christian university in the Midwest. With 2800 students, it is also the largest private regional campus in the state of Indiana. Purdue University, Indiana University, and IUPUI are all very close to the city of Marion. A lot of the local population has connections with these universities, therefore, all these universities are a great place to get connected to the residents of Marion. The Marion high school has an 1458 seat community auditorium, which can be used for multiple purposes.

The current mayor of the city, Jess Alumbaugh, is an extremely influential member of the political and business community. Sports are a big part of the local culture. The eight-time state champions of basketball, Marion Giants, are very popular amongst the residents. The 7500 seat Bill Green Athletic Arena is home to the Marion Giants.

Apart from the local Chamber of Commerce, the Indiana Small Business Development Center (ISBDC) is a great place for business networking in the region. The regional office, East Central Indiana Branch, is located at 1208 W. White River Blvd, Suite 129, Muncie, IN, 47303.

Digital Marketing in Marion, IN

In the modern world, digital marketing is one of the most effective and highest returns on investment channels to consumers. What makes it so special is the fact that there is a growing number of people using online platforms in their daily lives. Also, digital marketing can target a more precise audience. The online marketing campaigns can be recalibrated according to the changing needs of the project. This recalibration can be done promptly and possibly without too much extra financial cost.

One of the keys to digital marketing is SEO. You have probably heard of it, as it has become a necessity for most businesses. The objective of search engine optimization (SEO) is to direct the qualified audience to the website and converting that traffic into leads. SEO practice started as being innovative and gave a competitive advantage to the few who started doing it. In today’s world, it has become a necessity. There is an ever-growing number of online users that rely on a search engine for their daily tasks such as reading an online review for a purchasing decision or looking for local services for house repairs. Digital and interactive marketing is influencing decisions in every walk of life. SEO services in Marion could be the game-changer for any business. One of the first steps to a successful SEO campaign is to work with a professional SEO agency in Marion.

Marion SEO Agency

For webpage visibility, there is a cut-throat competition. If you are not on the first page, it is not good enough. For example, if someone is searching for SEO firms in Marion, they might search for Marion SEO expert or Marion SEO services. That will lead to a long list of search results, but there is very little chance that someone will click on any website on the second page or beyond. The goal of an SEO should be to get maximum online visibility for a business.

If you have a team within your organization that does a proper SEO for your online presence, you are lucky. For most businesses, in-house capabilities are not good enough in this extremely competitive landscape of online marketing. Some business makes the mistake of thinking they will be able to do it in-house or their IT and marketing team will eventually figure out how to do it. Not only is this approach going to waste your time but chances are the result of this effort is not going to be as good enough. What you need is to go through a professional digital marketing company specializing in SEO in Marion.

A professional SEO agency will also help in lead generation, which is one of the goals of SEO. DemandWell is a digital marketing agency in Marion that specializes in SEO and web design. They will be able to guide your according to your requirements and educate you so you can make informed decisions regarding digital marketing.

How to choose an SEO Agency in Marion

You need a company that has all the technical skills for digital marketing but what you also need is a company with strong regional experience. A local agency can guide you to what has already been successful for other companies in the region. It will save you time and money in the long run. Look for a digital marketing company that has a track record of success in SEO services in Marion.

The next step is for you to meet the person or team you will be directly working with. It is imperative to make sure that the team is a good fit for your business. This includes being a good match for company culture. You should also use this opportunity to ask about how the company sets key performance indicators (KPIs) for their work and what mode of communication do they use with other clients. You should check if they are flexible in their approach and whether they will accommodate requests that go beyond the initial agreement of deliverables? Is there a maximum number of clients given to a particular team? Is this Marion SEO firm a good cultural fit with your organization?

Web Design for SEO

You must select a company that has the ability and experience for web design and conversion rate optimization. The well-designed SEO should get traffic to your website but the conversion to leads will only happen if the web design is optimized for the visitors. This means having a friendly user interface, needed a few clicks to easily navigate around the website and good page load speeds. Also, the web page should be designed for easy upgrades in the future. If any information needs to be changed, the web design should accommodate that without too much effort. The web page should also be tablet and phone friendly.

Online Media Channels in Marion, IN

Apart from SEO and web design, there are other online channels for marketing that should be used in combination with well-rounded marketing execution. Social media is extremely popular in the modern world with most people using it regularly. Social media includes Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and other platforms. Depending on the type of business, there should be an effort to have an online presence on most social media platforms. Just like search engines, social media platforms are used by people to make important decisions in daily life.

Another useful media channel is video marketing. It is a great channel to communicate the brand image and value proposition of the business. A well-made video can also be very useful to convey a lot of information in less time. Typically SEO, social media marketing and video production can all be done by the same media company in Marion. DemandWell is one company that assists you with all these tasks. The advantage of having one marketing company look after all your different channels is that the marketing messaged is aligned and the brand image is consistent through different channels.

Brief Profile of Marion, IN

Whether you are a businessman looking to invest or a tourist looking for an adventure, the city of Marion has a big for everyone. As the largest city in the county, Marion is poised for economic growth. There is already a General Motors plant and a Wal-Mart distribution center. There is easy and quick access to major metropolitan cities such as Indianapolis, Louisville, Chicago, and Detroit. There is great potential in this city. For visitors, there is an exhibition for arts and science enthusiasts and trade fairs for the businessmen. The Splash House Waterpark, Christmas City Walkway of Lights and the Gardens of Matter Park are hugely popular amongst visitors and residents. There is a local airport and well-connected train and bus network.

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