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History of Marketing in McCordsville

Nestled about halfway between Indianapolis and Anderson, Indiana, McCordsville is the epitome of marketing’s middle ground. Being so close to Indianapolis, McCordsville gets to make the most of digital marketing strategies that use all the state of the art technology. On the other side of the coin, Anderson, offers more traditional marketing strategies. While some digital marketing is used, many of the businesses in Anderson are more old school. Due to not-so-healthy economic state Anderson finds itself in, many businesses are staying with marketing strategies they know and trust. Being in the middle, McCordsville is able to benefit from the best of both worlds. Because of its solid middle ground, it has actually started to draw companies on the Anderson side toward the more technologically advanced side of the aisle.

Public Forums

McCordsville is one of the smaller communities located east of Indianapolis. There are less than 8,000 residents in the town and outlying areas. While the courthouse for Hancock County is located in Greenfield, McCordsville has a Town Hall. Back in the day, town halls were the central gathering area for the community and nearby residents. Town meetings were held there as were elections and other politically based events. This type of meeting was one of the best ways to advertise in the past because literally, everyone in the community attended to hear the latest gossip or find out what was going on in town. You could pass out flyers and actually interact with your potential customers, much like you would at the country fair or other local events.

Market Booths

Farmer’s markets are quite common in the McCordsville area. Although few are held in McCordsville proper, the nearby Fortville Farmers’ Market is sponsored by the Hoosier Harvest Council. The city of Fishers also has a local Farmers’ Market. The Binford Farmers’ Market is located in Indianapolis. Local farmers from throughout Hancock and the surrounding counties sell their produce and other homemade goods at affordable prices. Most of the farmers’ markets in the area are held from mid-summer to late fall and operate on the weekends allowing families to spend quality time shopping for the local foods they love. Local vendors and the shoppers interact with one another sharing information about the produce the sell as well as community happenings. They also share information on other local businesses, providing testimonials and offering recommendations.


The main highway that runs through McCordsville and connects Indianapolis to Anderson is Indiana 36. Highway 234 heads east out of the northeastern section of McCordsville. Although not as prominent at Highway 36, it does receive a fair amount of travel making both ideal for the placement of billboards and other types of signage that can boost a company’s marketing strategies. Signs and billboards along these two highways work well when trying to send a message to local residents who live and work in the McCordsville area.

Radio Stations

Over the years, one of the best ways to advertise throughout the state of Indiana was over the radio. With McCordsville being so close to Indianapolis, radio remains one of the best ways to advertise in the area. Many McCordsville residents work in either Fishers or Indianapolis with a commute time ranging anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour or longer. Fishers offers WFMS (country), while Indianapolis offers WIBC (talk radio), WFBQ (classic rock), and WZPL (Top 40). There are over 40 radio stations between Kokomo and Cincinnati that have the signal strength to reach listeners in the McCordsville area. Other station categories include gospel, sports, hip hop, contemporary, and alternative. Because of McCordsville’s location, no matter where residents are going, they will be a captive audience that is ideal for radio ads and broadcasts.

School Marketing

McCordsville Schools and Mt. Vernon Community School Corporations are the two prominent school systems in the area. Both offer youth teams for almost every type of support. The school systems rely on support from local businesses to make these programs a success. Businesses can sponsor teams by purchasing shirts with their logo and name on them. Local businesses can also buy space on school sports calendars that are sold or given away at local gas stations and other establishments. Companies can also purchase ads for the yearbooks that are published by each school.

Business Hubs

Both Fortville and McCordsville share a Chamber of Commerce. While it is primarily located in Fortville on Main Street, the Chamber offers services to businesses located in McCordsville and smaller nearby communities in Hancock County. The primary newspaper for McCordsville is the Greenfield Daily Reporter, although there are other publications that share news from around the area. When it comes to local television, WTHR Channel 13 is the NBC affiliate, WISH Channel 8 is affiliated with CBS, and WRTV Channel 6 with ABC. All three local channels are well-known throughout the area as leaders in the industry, all having an established reach as far as 75 to 80 miles away.


Networking is key when it comes to advertising in a community like McCordsville. Kinsey’s Italian Care and the Scarlet Lane Brewing Company are located along highway 36 and offer the perfect place to meet over lunch or for a quick beverage. If you want to upscale your networking options, there are several eateries in Fishers, Lawrence, and Indianapolis that allow you to connect with prospective clients. Whether you are trying to establish a network and create new leads or are trying to make the final sale, the small-town feel of McCordsville provides you with a laid back atmosphere that is conducive to sealing the deal.

McCordsville SEO

With digital marketing offering some of the best strategies to McCordsville businesses, it’s important to use the right SEO to make sure the maximum benefit is received. SEO and interactive marketing in McCordsville can help to draw in companies from the larger, surrounding cities and boost its economic growth. The fact that the community continues to grow year by year in terms of population, is a good indicator that digital marketing and SEO services in McCordsville are powerful tools that will be extremely effective. SEO keywords and phrases that are descriptive of your business will help you reach out across the communities to find the right audience.

As more and more companies shift to digital marketing in McCordsville and ‘Naptown” (Indianapolis), SEO will be one of the most powerful tools when it comes to drawing business to the area. The right use of SEO can lead to the acquisition of new customers across the board in terms of demographics and location. No matter where you are located, in a small town or large city, the use of SEO is what brings businesses and their potential customers together. SEO involves using keywords and phrases that are designed to attract individuals who are looking for what you have to offer. Getting the word out through word association and SEO keywords is the most effective way to accomplish this goal.

McCordsville SEO services work both ways. Not only do they work to attract McCordsville residents to businesses in nearby communities, SEO keywords and phrases can also be used to draw potential customers into McCordsville, especially if they are trying to shop local and keep the money they spend within their own communities. In towns like McCordsville, the term “local” or “locally grown” carries a lot of weight. In Indiana, communities take great pride in themselves and what they have to offer. In most cases, they will go to great lengths to showcase their offerings. This includes creating eye-catching and well-thought-out advertising campaigns that are designed to attract everyone from the small town housewife to the big city business executive. SEO can be used to target several audiences in almost any size community.

McCordsville SEO Company

If you are trying to create an effective SEO marketing strategy, you will need to hire an SEO company that specializes in providing content that uses search engine optimization to its fullest potential. Finding an SEO company in McCordsville isn’t difficult. DemandWell specializes in SEO and is easily accessible to companies in McCordsville, Indianapolis, and Anderson. As McCordsville SEO experts, DemandWell can capture the needs of your business, curating content that is both creative and informative. Due to its unique location, it is essential that an SEO company be able to accentuate the positive points of both the small-town aspect as well as McCordsville’s close proximity to Indiana’s state capital and largest city, Indianapolis.

SEO companies often take on a project without getting to know the company or the area they serve. The staff at DemandWell goes over and above to learn as much as they can about the companies they work for. By learning about the company, they will be able to find the right keywords and phrases that individuals will be searching for when making an online query. While this may seem a little tedious to some, it is this practice that drives SEO to be an effective and useful tool that marketers are continuing to utilize to boost search engine rankings.

An effective SEO firm serving the McCordsville/Naptown area will also know the specific demographics in the area. Knowing the specifics about individuals who live in the area and cross-referencing that information with the buyer personas of individuals that are most likely to purchase from your company will help the creative team use SEO to its fullest potential. Curating content based on these types of information means that you will be able to reach the individuals that are most likely to become long-term customers.

With SEO, the marketing companies in McCordsville can expand your reach, taking you much farther outside of the boundaries that have been established by traditional forms of advertising and marketing campaigns in the past. DemandWell can extend your reach regionally, nationally, or even globally if that is what’s needed to boost your business. By using online tools like SEO and various networking strategies, the final results will provide you with the type of coverage area you desire with very few limitations.

McCordsville SEO Agency

Advertising agencies that serve McCordsville and the surrounding communities understand many of the obstacles small companies face when trying to compete in bigger markets. Using SEO and other digital marketing tools helps to level the playing field giving smaller companies an advantage they may not have had with other types of advertising. It allows them to go far beyond their past limitations and find new audiences outside of their usual geographic area.

A McCordsville SEO agency knows the general history of the area. The staff will research historical events, local celebrities, and other types of defining information and data that make the community what it is. Using local history to help build a brand shows a solid connection to the community which is exactly what people look for when it comes to trusting a new product or service. Strong community bonds show that the company is vested in the community and takes pride in being a positive part of it. Focusing on history and heritage can boost a brand in ways that other strategies can’t. It establishes connectivity between the company and the people who both work for it and support.

SEO agencies like DemandWell, understand the intimate connection between a company and its customers as well as the connection to its hometown. Bringing both together takes a unique knowledge of both that can only be gained by learning as much as you can about all three and then finding the common ground that unites them. This is what makes effective SEO so important. SEO can be used to create compelling website content, attention-getting emails, and evergreen ads that will hold their purpose for many years to come. These are the ads that will ground the company and firmly embed it into the minds of the customers the company is trying to reach. In McCordsville, using local elements is a great way to accomplish this.

As a centrally located Indiana community, McCordsville can focus on several elements to solidify its connection to its home. The Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Children’s Zoo are less than an hour away. Central Indiana was a hub for automakers at one time, with many former employees and retirees still living and working in the area. To the north, east, and south, farmers and small-town families still work the land and run local “mom and pop” shops. A good SEO marketing company like DemandWell, can take this information and create powerful content that accomplishes all of the goals a company may have in terms of marketing and expanding their reach.

Best SEO

When you want to find the best public relations firms in McCordsville or the Indianapolis area, you want to explore what makes them who they are. Reliability and professionalism are two key elements to look for when trying to find the best SEO services in McCordsville. Both of these factors will be used to determine how others in your area perceive them. Ask around. Talk to people who have used them to find out if they have what you are looking for when it comes to marketing strategies and effective resources. Find out what they like and what they don’t. Most importantly, find out why they made those decisions.

Reputation and communication are also must-haves. An SEO or digital marketing company’s reputation will be based on its ability to communicate through content as well as with customers they work for. Digital marketing revolves around communication. Every aspect of what they do includes either visual or written forms of communication. To build a solid reputation as a leader in their field, a professional SEO company must be able to produce the highest quality images and SEO-laden content with every project it takes on. They are telling the story of the business and why choosing them is the customer’s best option. Companies who specialize in quality content are actually storytellers who use the facts about a business to build a strong brand that carries with it a rich history and powerful reputation.

Working with a company like DemandWell, you will begin to see results in how effective your digital marketing strategy is working. Conversion rate optimization is just one tool that professional SEO companies use to prove the effectiveness of their digital marketing campaigns. By using the best SEO and creating quality content for ads, social media, your website, and all of your printed materials, they can increase your conversion rate by turning visitors into committed clients who will return time and again to purchase your products or service.

In communities like McCordsville, Anderson, and Fishers, residents prefer to buy local. They prefer using local services and products over sending their dollars to companies outside of their community. By closely monitoring your conversion rates, you will be able to determine the effectiveness of the SEO and other tools being used to captivate your audience’s attention. Once you begin to see what type of digital marketing tools and resources work best, you can use them to their fullest advantage. It will also give you an idea of how you can better utilize other resources and reach wider markets. The stronger each of your tools, the more powerful your digital marketing strategy becomes.

McCordsville Web Design

Web design and SEO-based digital marketing go hand in hand. Both work together to improve conversion rate optimization. Your website and its overall design are extremely important. SEO provides much-needed support, but it doesn’t create new business on its own. It attracts new leads and helps potential customers find you, but it’s your website design and content that work together to seal the deal. Digital marketing brings together a wide variety of tools using SEO as the glue that holds it all together.

Digital marketing increases your potential reach and allows you to attract a much larger audience outside of the boundaries created by more traditional forms of advertising. Social media, emails, and videos are all tools that can be used to entice potential customers, piquing their interest so they click through to the next page of the website. By using online marketing tools, you can interact with your audience in real-time through live chats or instant messaging which feeds into the instant gratification that many new customers want.

Your website is your visual calling card. The graphics and images need to be properly formatted and your content should contain high-quality SEO, as well as being very informative. Not only must your website look professional, it must be easy to navigate and provide information that potential customers are looking for. A good website always offers something of value. This can be information about the company or simply a message to customers stating how much the company appreciates their patronage.

When it’s time to create a new website, companies like DemandWell can take your existing information and combine it with online marketing tools. The result is a website that utilizes all of the resources at your disposal while providing potential customers with exactly what they need to make an informed decision. The use of internet marketing and digital technology can dramatically increase your conversion rate by expanding your reach and drawing new leads in converting them to long-term customers.

Media Companies McCordsville

Media companies in McCordsville use many different tools to create digital marketing campaigns. The type of tools used will be determined, for the most part, by the needs of the business they are working with. Will they need a mobile app? Do they plan on maintaining a strong social media presence? Will including short videos help to relay their message better? When effective SEO is used, how much of an increase can they expect in their conversion rate? Is their current website effective or does it need to be upgraded?

Social media marketing and the use of video are just two ways media production companies are helping businesses in McCordsville expand their reach and attract new customers. By reaching out over platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, they make it easy for potential customers to learn about a business. They get to see first-hand customer comments and reviews as well as interact with the business through posts and instant messaging. Social media posts are also easy to share and designed to encourage interaction between the business and its clients, both present and future.

The primary goal of hiring a media company in McCordsville is to utilize digital marketing to its fullest potential. The staff of DemandWell has the experience that is needed to utilize online resources and provide local businesses with marketing strategies that are both effective and evergreen. Media companies are able to accentuate a company’s strong points and create campaigns that are effective within their local communities as well as in larger, more diverse markets. One of the biggest problems small businesses have is learning how to create effective online ad campaigns that are universal to both small communities and larger cities. A professional media company can help them accomplish their goal of being successful in both.

History of McCordsville

Established in 1865 and incorporated in 1988, McCordsville is one of the primary communities in Hancock County. Named after the McCord family who first settled in the area, it has a population of approximately 7,500 people. As the second-largest community in Hancock County, it continues to show steady economic growth. McCordsville’s close proximity to major cities like Indianapolis, Fishers, and Anderson gives it the best of both worlds in terms of lifestyle and quality of life. Very few, if any households in the McCordsville area actually fall below the poverty line.

Nestled between Anderson and Indianapolis, McCordsville is surrounded by farm communities to the north and east and the suburbs of Indianapolis to the south and west. This unique combination provides residents with the benefits of living in a small community, while still having immediate access to the perks of the big cities. Residents can live comfortably in McCordsville and travel to various types of jobs in the bigger communities. In most cases, commute times are approximately an hour or less, depending on where they have to travel.

When it comes to how McCordsville compares to the rest of Indiana as a whole, it ranks fairly high across the board in many aspects. The value of most homes is above the state average, as is the median household income. The unemployment rate throughout McCordsville is much lower than in other areas of the state. Cultural diversity is also high in McCordsville. The crime rate is also substantially lower than in other parts of the state. Because of its location, McCordsville allows for many of the advantages of being near the big city without having to actually live within the suburbs.

With much of McCordsville’s population earning above the state average, the overall lifestyle borders on upper-middle class. That doesn’t mean, however, that the community has lost its down to earth nature. Many residents who live on the outskirts of town still hold tight to their hometown family values. For the most part, Indiana’s farming community remains strong and intact, even in areas where larger cities are gradually spreading outward. It’s this farming culture that is found in abundance at many of the local farmers’ markets and small downtown shops, like the McCordsville Mercantile.

Indiana as a whole is known for agriculture. It is also known to be a great place to start a small business. McCordsville is no different. Kinsey’s Italian Cafe, Tim’s Pastries, and Scarlet Lane Brewing Company are excellent examples of local restaurants and eateries that are thriving within the community. McCordsville Corner Shoppes and McCordsville Commons offer many different shopping opportunities for anyone who loves to shop in a small-town atmosphere. There are several local businesses that offer a small-town experience combined with a viable online presence that allows them to serve other customers outside of Hancock County and the state of Indiana.

When it comes to education, the Mt. Vernon Community School system and Geist Montessori Academy are the primary schools. Geist Montessori Academy is a charter school that is well-known for its commitment to excellence. Due to its close proximity to Indianapolis, McCordsville is home to many college students who attend class in the area. Ivy Tech Community College has several satellite schools within a 50-mile range of McCordsville, allowing students to choose from a variety of programs to start with before moving on to a larger four-year college.

Entertainment for McCordsville residents takes many forms. The Indianapolis Colts football franchise, the Pacers basketball team and the Indianapolis 500 are just a few of the most popular sporting attractions. The Indianapolis Children’s Museum and the Indianapolis Zoo are extremely popular with families. You can also choose to visit Harrah’s Hoosier Park Racing and Casino located in Anderson. Horse racing combined with the excitement of a casino makes for a quick trip if you don’t want to go away for an entire weekend.

The beauty of this small town/big city blend is that local businesses located in McCordsville are able to thrive. Residents who live in Indy can easily make the trip to McCordsville if they want to shop in a less commercialized atmosphere. Small ‘mom and pop’ businesses can expand their marketing campaigns into the larger more commercial areas by utilizing digital marketing. This gives them an opportunity to compete in a larger market and expand their committed customer base to include individuals who may not have otherwise considered shopping with them.

McCordsville is not your average Midwestern city. It brings together the perfect blend of affluence with small-town charm. It combines professionalism with hometown values and offers a quality of life that can only be found in areas where there is a unique sense of balance. As it continues to grow, small business owners and residents who live in the area will continue to work together to maintain that delicate balance that earned central Indiana the nickname, “The Crossroads of America”.

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